Emperor penguins by mae torrance
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Emperor Penguins by Mae Torrance . The Emperor penguin is the biggest penguin. Lives 20-50 years Black, white, and yellow Webbed feet and long beaks Have flippers that help them swim. Basic Facts. The Emperor Penguin lives in Antarctica Antarctica is an icy and cold land

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Emperor penguins by mae torrance
Emperor Penguinsby Mae Torrance

Basic facts

Basic Facts



Emperor penguins by mae torrance


Place in the food chain

  • Emperor Penguins are omnivores

  • Sea lions are above the Emperor Penguin

  • The Emperor Penguin is not that high because they don’t only eat meat they eat plants too

Place in The Food Chain

Why is this animal endangered

Why is This Animal Endangered?

Things we can do to help

Things we Can do to Help


  • ENDANGERED SPECIES pollution: a species of animal or plant in danger of becoming extinct.

  • WEBBED: having or joined by a web or webbing.

  • FLIPPERS: a broad, flat limb.

  • PREDATOR: an animal that only eats meat.

  • CRUSTACEANS: a type of fish.

  • FOOD CHAIN: a chart that shows what animals eat.


About the author
About The Author pollution

My name is Mae Sylvia Naomi Torrance. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I love to write books and I also love to study animals. I am in gr. 3 and I am 9 years old. I have always been a school girl and I love to make my friends laugh! I also love art and sports. My favorite animal is a panda but I feel like studying an Emperor Penguin. I love animals so much!

Hope you enjoyed my presentation

Hope You Enjoyed My Presentation!! pollution

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