Ufo contact to planet iarga in the 60ths
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Click enter, mouse or space for next picture. Ufo-contact to Planet IARGA in the 60ths. A dutch industryleader’s contact to an extraterrestrial race . Withness / the author. Dutchman, was 43y when this happend.

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Ufo contact to planet iarga in the 60ths l.jpg

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Ufo-contact to Planet IARGA in the 60ths

A dutch industryleader’s contact to an extraterrestrial race

Withness the author l.jpg
Withness / the author

Dutchman, was 43y when this happend

  • wellknown (then) dutch industryleader/engineer living in Haag with many factories in many countries experienced this in the 60ths but he publ.the book under the authorname ”stefan van derErde” (stefan from Earth).

  • Book came out in Holland in -69 and was 10y later sold in 11 editions - but publisher claimed to give it out as ”fiction”

  • but the whole story is truth and his wife and children became part-withness to the happening

  • BUT: He promised his contacts to never try to prove this to people -as the ET’s knew that the ripe ones, would out of inner recognition understand the truth in this.

  • Wendelle Stevens who investigated the case and translated the book to english, described the withness as very confidient and honest

Slide3 l.jpg

Map where the contact happend

The meeting

  • the compass on the boat hang and soon the boat stroke

    something floating just below surface and he saw that this

    was a kind of metal-thing

Then saw something floating in the water - took the dinghy and discovered that the ”something” was a kind of man - but not a ordinary such

  • a similar creature appeared on the object which floated in

    the water and soon a conversation was started!He was very

    surprised as ”it” could converse understandably

  • they told that they was here in the purpose of observing earth,

    and our development and invited him onboard the fellowing day

The conversations onboard the craft the fellowing day l.jpg
The conversations onboard the craft the fellowing day

  • It was both a scaring and thrilling moment to meet them face to face the next day in the lock-room

  • He later engaged an artist which patient tried to illustrate after

    his descriptions, because he could not draw himself

Soon he was shown a holograhic film from their homeplanet, along with their comments and descriptions; ”We will let you see what the word 'civilization' really means”.

  • They had a form of electronic imprinting

    of the wisdom and knowledge directly into the brain, together

    with the 3d-pictures - (possible strait into the astralbody?)

  • They very strong underlined that with the FREE WILL - not to force a

    conviction into anybody - and esp.not to a lowered developed race

Their homeplanet iarga l.jpg
Their homeplanet IARGA

  • Has most oceans and little land-areas, and therefore a very

    dense population-density.

  • Has dense clouds of white and pink color + rings as Saturn - but it is smaller

  • Bigger gravitation and much denser

    atmospfære than Earth

A moon was hidden of the cloudy atm. And this dense atm.made very little difference between day and night.

Strong winds and violent weather

  • Also strong earthquakes was common, therefore the houses was made

    very strong

Slide6 l.jpg

More on the society on IARGA

  • Very dense populated - and ALL LIVE in ringformed ”blocks”

    which every rooms 10thousand. 36 ringblocks forms a square of

    ca 10x6km. 360.000 people per 60km2.

    It means 6000/km2.

Every ringformed ”block” was ca 300m in diam.+ high of 135m - rotated slowly on a centeraxle and the ”flats”of 50m2 each- was replaceable from outside. All was covered with ”glasplastic” which could regulate the heat/temp. by variation of light-penetration

Inside the ”ring” was a protected green/garden-region. Covered with arched glass-roof. Here was also art-galleries, and other cultural activities.

They ment the Earth’s density of people was a trifle&nothing, compared to IARGA, and that we with inbetween cooperation of nations, could make out our many problems here

Slide7 l.jpg

They were experts in effectiveness

All was planned for optimal utilization and effectiveness

A lot of areas was needed for foodproduction

  • They used automatic magnetic overhead track-trail-

    train system, as it was more effective than planes

6tracs in upper plane could transport 1mill./hour - much more effective than aeroplanes

  • They also had ”cars” which could be used in cities, and those could

    be connected to the tracksystem in separate tracks

One could also rent a wagon on those tracks which was programmed for recreation- trips around the big planet

  • Here we see the train and the tracksystem over the big oceans

    - they floated submerged on floates - unaffected by the waves

Slide8 l.jpg

Automatic farming

The restricted landareas had to be utilized optimal

  • Automatic ”travers-cranes” ran along the fields and handled,

    sowed, wet, harvested og beamed the cultivated fields

  • They also ate fish which they caught in the big water inlets

    for the heatexchanges/-pumps which draw earthenergy.

Here we see the big fields outside the ringblocks

Their race and social life l.jpg
their race and social life

  • They are of a race which is connected to water - as

    ”otters in human form” - very group thinking

There was less outer differnce between the sexes- but the women had finer features

  • They expressed their sympaties with hugs and had much closeness

    in their relationships and was very cleanly. Their propagation-

    life was not ruled by instincts as by earthmen

  • They work all time to improve the life-circumstances for all on


  • They also have a total spiritual and evolution-understanding,

    and have a ”reincarnation-selection” - that means that they can

    control WHO is coming back/incarnates to IARGA

Moneyfree society l.jpg

Moneyfree society

  • They have a effective production-system, which produces enought food

    and ”things” for everybody - again everybody have to contribute a small

    part of worktime to the fellowship, but this is only a micropart compared

    to the workingtime neccessary to live normal on earth. .

Because they hadn’t converted the time to the ”exchange-measure” money, everything could be made with the highest possible quality - which could last for 1000years - to avoid doing any kind of maintance.

  • They said;” Personal property is an indication of a very primitive

    level of culture. ”. Nothing was paid for - only registered.

Quotation from the book: "Although I had only just begun to become acquainted with this distant culture, I understood that everyone here had equal rights. They lived in the same houses, rode in the same cars and stepped into the same trains. There were neither rich nor poor; there was no separation between nationalities, races or colors.”

Product manufacture on iarga l.jpg
Product manufacture on Iarga personal

  • total production of goods and services is, on Iarga, in the hands of a

    very small number of huge companies, the "trusts."

  • There exist more such in the same tradeline, which compete on the

    best idea. Those are then tested against the others on funtion,

    quality etc, and only the best one being produced.

  • He was shown some examples of those automatic factories, where

    people are only necc.to overview the macines. Ex.of such a starformed

    factory is drawn below - it was kilometres in extension.

  • "In fact you are asking about the production level per head of the

    population, and compared to Earth's standards, this is very high. The

    answer is, we are all rich. The universal economic system that exists

    by a great many intelligent races, does not concern itself with money,

    possession, or payment. The aim of this system is to free the people

    from material influences and motivation; and in contrast to the Earth's

    economy, this system is very simple, it can be explained in a couple

    of minutes."

Goods distribution system l.jpg
Goods distribution system personal

Nothing is paid for on Iarga - only REGISTERED

  • ”enpensive things” as houses, cars, boates,etc. can only be rented

    /managed - and everything is registred in computers which are

    linked together in a planetary network.

  • Smaller things is only reg. but ALL will be delivered back

    when a person ”leaves”- i.m. die

  • It is not possible or allowed to ”gather more things on store”

    than what seems reasonable

Picture not from book, but could

illustrate inside a mothership hangar

Their ships crafts l.jpg
Their ships/crafts personal

  • Standardship was ca 30m in diam.- antigrav.craft

    riding the gravitationwaves of the planet.

    Transport crafts could not fly outside of gravitation-field of the


  • Their REAL SPACESHIPS was Stefan not allowed to see –

    at least not the details - because they thought he would not

    understand it anyway

  • Here we see some of their ships which is linked together by a kind of tube, so one could pass between the ship such - because they had not the more advanced system of teleportation between

    the ships etc

Slide14 l.jpg

their ethical doctrine personal

  • Only a race with a high grade of unselfishness or real LOVE


  • Only a race which is out of the material slavery, can be

    true happy and free

  • …”Iarga is a planet where the people love each other, where people are happy to meet each other and where they find it a pity that they can only take one person at a time in their arms.

  • ” A large dose of unselfishness can only exist in an environment

    that is protected from evil”

Slide15 l.jpg

Leave-taking personal

  • Their last desire was that he

    should not try to force or prove

    those learnings and happenings

    onto other persons

  • Therefor he voluntary took out the

    film of his camera, and destroyed it

    in their view in the chamber

  • But they stayed in touch with him

    and transferred a lot of information

    into him - consciousness and uncons.

  • He felt a natural obligation

    to hand/pass on this information

    -and so he published this book

Slide16 l.jpg

These communications continued and ultimately developed into a sort of mechanical transmission

from a technical device aboard the spacecraft to the mind of the witness, something like the way

it was done during his visit aboard the spacecraft in the Oostscheld, except that now the pictures

were transmitted to his mind instead of viewing them on a screen.

Unknown to the witness however, and this will be news to him when he now (in the publ.from the 80hts)

-sees it in print for the first time; Communications experts working with

NATO in defense systems had picked up a strange incoming RF

(radio frequency) electronic signal in the vicinity of a high security NATO defense installation in the

Netherlands, and became very disturbed about the nature and purpose of this transmission.

”it was in an unusual bandwidth and had a strange character. It also was only detectable within a limited area in Den Hague (The Hague near where the sensitive installation is located and Stefans home. NATO Intelligence, believing this may be an attempt to interfere with the defense installation and its equipment, moved hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of highly sophisticated detection equipment into the area to try to find out what was happening.)

It seems that this strange signal would begin about 4:00 PM and continue for an hour or more several days each week. Now, before this information came to light, my interviews with the witness had shown that his contacts were coming in several

days each week on a more or less regular basis. The witness's habit

was to come home from his office about 3:00 PMdaily, read his

personal mail and relax in his living room for a while. Often, when

he was contacted, the "telepathic”transmission would begin about 4:00 PM,

and would continue for an hour or more. This strange coincidence became of

paramount importance when I learned that the search for the strongest signal

was taking them only a few blocks from this man's home where he was receiving the contacts

This contact report can be studied on http galactic no rune iarga html or search on iarga on google l.jpg

This contact-report can be studied on http://galactic.no/rune/iarga.htmlor search on ”iarga” on Google

It is also made a report in sounfile on this contact where it is discussed in norwegain:


here link directly to the file in mp3:


asf-format: mms://srv7.galactic2.net/iarga.asf

realformat: pnm://galactic.to/iarga.ra

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