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Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, dell’Ambiente e del Territorio PowerPoint Presentation
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Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, dell’Ambiente e del Territorio

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Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, dell’Ambiente e del Territorio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, dell’Ambiente e del Territorio Università degli Studi di Genova. DICAT. Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. Head of Department: Paolo Blondeaux. Via Montallegro 1 - 16145 Genova – DICAT.

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Presentation Transcript

Dipartimento di Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, dell’Ambiente e del Territorio

Università degli Studi di Genova


Department of Civil, Environmental

and Architectural Engineering

Head of Department: Paolo Blondeaux

Via Montallegro 1 - 16145 Genova –



Founded in 2007 bythe

civil, environmental, building and architectural researchers

of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Genova

DICATconsists of

49 faculty members

24 technicians and administrative staff

16 contract researchers

19 post-doctoral researchers

25 PhD students

Educational activity:

The teaching activity of the DICAT faculty members covers degrees in:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Building Engineering and Architecture
  • and fundamental courses for other Engineering degrees
  • DICAT is the centre of the doctoral courses in Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Engineering Processes and Structural and Geotechnical Engineering in the Doctoral School of Science and Technologies for Engineering


Research activities of DICAT

Mechanics of Solids

and Materials

Conservation and Earthquake Engineering

Design and Construction of Marine Structures



Port and Coastal


Wind Engineering

and Dynamics

Fluid and Bio-fluid Mechanics

Geotechnical Engineering

Building Technology



Energy and Process Engineering


Architectural Design


Group of Morphodynamics

A research team of DICAT works in the field of morphodynamics, which is the study of the evolution of landscapes and seascapes in response to the erosion and deposition of sediment. 

The main interests of the group are in morphodynamics associated with rivers, coasts and estuaries.


Coastal Morphodynamics

People: Prof. P. Blondeaux – Prof. G. Vittori – Dr. G. Besio - Dr. N. Tambroni


Utrecht University - Granada University - HR Wallingford – UPC Barcelona - Twente University – Delft University of Technology - Cambridge University – Naval Postgraduate School Monterey – M.I.T – Politecnico di Bari – Oxford University - Technical University of Denmark - University of Nottingham – University of Ancona

River and Estuarine Morphodynamics

People: Prof. G. Seminara – Prof. M. Colombini – Dr. A. Stocchino - Dr. M. Bolla Pittaluga Dr. V. Garotta – Dr. N. Tambroni – Dr. J. Costa

University of Firenze – University of Padova – University of Trento –University of Urbana-Champain - University of Minnesota - Imperial College - University of Bristol - Florida State University - University of Tokyo - University of Kyoto – University of l’Aquila


Fluid and Bio-fluid Mechanics

People: Prof. A. Bottaro – Prof. P. Blondeaux – Prof G. Seminara – Prof. M. Colombini – Prof G. Vittori - Dr. A. Stocchino – Dr. D. Biau – Dr. H. Wedin – Dr. J. Favier – Dr. A. Dauptain


University of Toulouse – University of Salerno – University of Nancy – Imperial College - CERFACS



Rainfall-runoff modelling

Hydrologic requirements for hydropower design

Hydrologic measurements


Rainfall-runoff transformation.

ARMA and Neural Network modelling of hydrologic time-series.

Hydrology and Hydroelectric Power Plants.

Water Resources management.

Soil-water relationships.

Hydrologic measurements.






Colorado State University.

The University of Arizona.


Hydrological processes in natural and urban watershed

Topics: analysis and modeling of extreme hydrological events, geo-morpho-climatic characterization of the hydrological response of natural drainage network, space-time structure of intermittent rain field, error estimation in tipping bucket rain gauges,metals partitioning and speciation inrainfall-runoff process,storm water runoff pollutionmonitoring and modelling, sustainable urban drainage systems…

Collaborations & highlights of group work:


P. La Barbera L.G.Lanza

Hydrology 2006 “Correlation Patterns and information flows in rainfall field”; Urb. Wat. 2007 “Hydrologic influence on stormwater pollution…”; Hydrol. Proc. 2004 “The impact of TBRs measurement errors on design rainfall for urban-scale applications,,

WMO Laboratory Intercomparison of Rainfall Intensity gauges

A. Molini

C. Berretta

I. Gnecco

A. Palla


Port and Coastal Engineering


Port and maritime structures.

Specification of design wave for maritime structures.

Seismic vulnerability of port structures.

Devices for energy production from wave motion.


Prof. L. Rebaudengo Landò

Prof. S. Stura

Dr. R. Gentile


University of Lecce.

University of Padova.

University of Roma.

Ligurian Region.

European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering.


Material Engineering and Interfaces

  • Topics:
  • Ceramic Material sintering and stress analysis. (Instron, Dynamic Laser Young Modulus)
  • Porous Material, Polymer Composites, Ceramic Functionalized Biomedical Cements
  • Powder Engineering, Surface Area (BET)
  • Wetting and Interfaces analysis at Macro-Micro size (Static, Dynamic Wilhelmy, Viscosimetry)


Marco Capurro

Luigi Barco

Fabrizio Barberis

Paolo Cirillo

  • Collaborations:
  • University of California, Berkeley CNR
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – LBNL ENEA
  • National Institute of Standard and Technologies – NIST ANSALDO

Process Engineering Research Team - PERT

Topics: Chemical and electrochemical heterogeneous kinetics, chemical and electrochemical reactors, steady-state and dynamic simulation of process engineering systems, programming and accomplishment of experimental tests, data analysis and identification problems, equipment scale-up and dimensioning, environmental themes, …


Elisabetta Arato

Barbara Bosio

Paolo Greppi

Nicola Di Giulio

Michela Mazzoccoli

Daniele Bernocco

Zaida Chavez Romero

Daniela Pellegrini

Green hydrogen and syngas from biomass or sludge

Energy production from fuel cell

systems and CO2 capture


Univ. Politecnica de Valencia

Univ Catolica Toribio de Mongrovejo

Università di Trento CIRPS


Ansaldo Fuel Cells ENEA

Ansaldo Ricerche ERG



Water treatment

(desalination and conditioning)

Gas-liquid interaction in high-

temperature metallic systems


Architectural Urban Design


Projects of revaluation and compatible reuse of industrially interesting buildings.

Reintegration with new technologies and materials, environmental sustainability.


ARCH_IN Industrial Archaeology Laboratory

(responsible S. De Maestri)

Collaborations :

A.I.PA.I. (Associazione Italiana per il Patrimonio Archeologico Industriale),

T.IC.C.I.H. (The International Commitee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage)

Regione Liguria

Soprintendenza ai Beni Ambientali e Architettonici della Liguria

Direzione Regionale per i Beni e le Attività Culturali della Liguria

Fondazione Ansaldo

survey and knowledge for the historical architecture

The scientific activity turns to the assertion of the drawing, not only regarded as an instrument of communication but, principally as an indispensable instrument for the analysis of the environment and the existing historical manufactured based on thematic of: survey, architecture  city drawing representation, as well as on the typological characters. The principal study-thematics are: buildings and public squares, materials and constructive techniques, for the conservation of the cultural properties besides for the cataloguing and the reclaiming of monuments.

Survey and knowledge for the historical architecture

Collaborations :

U.I.D. (Unione Italiana per il Disegno)

CRUIE (Centro di Ricerca in Urbanistica e Ingegneria Ecologica),

Regione Liguria

Soprintendenza ai Beni Ambientali e Architettonici

della Liguria


G. Guidano

M.C. Cigolini

M.R. Croce

E. Merello

G. Pellegri


Urban and territorial planning


Natural Risks and Territorial Safeguard, Town Requalification and social and economic Revitalisation, Mobility and Infrastructural and harbour planning, Environmental Sustainability at different scales (neighborhood, territorial and urban planning, urban design), Strategic Environmental Evaluation

Sustainability Map

Infrastructural planning

Mobility Analisys

Risk scenarios



P. Ugolini (Director CRUIE)

A. Chirico

Regione Liguria, Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Savona, Provincia di Cuneo, Comune di Genova, Dip. DICATA Brescia, ESRI/Galileian Plus, CSTB (FR), BRGM (FR)

F. Conelli, F. Cumbo,I. Delponte, F. Pirlone, R. Rovida, I. Spadaro, P. Tirelli


Group of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Mechanics of Solids and Materials
  • Soil and Rock Mechanics - Geotechnical Engineering
  • Seismic safety and Preservation
  • Building Technology
  • Wind Engineering and Structural Dynamics
  • Laboratory for Material Testing (established in 1904, enacted in 1936):
  • Experimental research and tests for a third party on material characterization, diagnosis of existing structures and damage; analysis of structural and geotechnical systems; …





Mechanics of Solids and Materials

Topics: analytical and computational mechanics, elasticity, fracture and damage mechanics, contact mechanics, constitutive modeling, composites, interfaces, biomechanics, masonry mechanics.


structural composite

Biaxial Strength of brittle materials –

project for the Italian MIUR

Collaborations & highlights of group work:

2 mm

multiple delamination

- Scienza delle Costruzioni, McGraw-Hill, 2003.

- Nonlinear models for nonmetallic materials, Kluwer, 1999.

- Publications in: JMPS, IJSS, J. Biomechanics, Int. J. Fracture, Int. J. Engrg. Science, J. Elasticity, J. Applied mechanics, Eur. J. Mech.

- Northwestern Univ., IL, Univ. Of California at Santa Barbara, CA, Univ. Of Arizona at Tucson, AZ, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, WI, USA; Rockwell Scientific, CA, USA.


Modeling multiple delamination due to impact –

project for the Office of Naval Research, USA


L. Gambarotta, R. Massabò, I. Monetto, R. Sburlati, A. Cavicchi, G.M. Andrews, A. Bacigalupo, A. Brencich


Slope stability-Risk assessment



Large scale model testing

Geotechnical structure modelling

Soil and Rock Mechanics - Geotechnical Engineering

Topics: Mechanics of saturated and unsaturated soils; mechanics of rocks and rock masses; soil-structure interaction; foundation engineering; slope stability and risk assessment; soil reinforcement techniques; physical model testing.

Collaborations & highlights of group work:

Papers published on international Journals (Geotechnique; J. Geotech. Eng. (ASCE);ASCE GSP; Proc. of ICE; Soils & Foundations; etc..)

Technical Univ. of Turin and Milan; City Univ. of London; Italian Geotech. Society; Int. Technical Committee ITC18 of ISSMGE; Industry; etc..


R.Berardi, G.Dalerci

R.Passalacqua, R.Bovolenta

A.Baretto, G.Mercurio


Earthquake Engineering Conservation Engineering

Seismic Damage Assessment

Modeling of existing buildings


Seismic analysis

Experimental tests

Risk Analysis

Monitoring and Diagnosis


Collaborations & highlights of group work:

  • Research collaboration with ReLUIS, INGV, Eucentre (Pavia), UPC Barcelona (Spain), UNAM (Mexico City), BRGM (France), Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage.
  • S. Lagomarsino served in the drafting panel of the “Guidelines for evaluation and mitigation of seismic risk to cultural heritage” (GU n. 24, 29/1/2008) and the Italian seismic code (OPCM 3431/05 – NTC 2008).
  • Papers published on International Journals (Earthquake Spectra, ASCE, JEE, EESD, IJAH )
  • Development of a software for the seismic analysis of masonry buildings (TREMURI)

People: S.Lagomarsino S.Podestà C.Calderini S.Cattari E.Curti S.Parodi S.Resemini


Group of Structural Health Monitoring

A team of DICAT is active on Structural Health Monitoring research. Research topics include: application of innovative sensor technologies (fiber optics), data analysis and interpretation for damage identification from static and dynamic monitoring, diagnostics and decision support tools.

Main applications on bridge, heritage and maritime structures

Team members: A. Del Grosso, F. Lanata


Arup & Parteners

Building Technology

Topics: building materials and technology, experimental characterization, sustainability of constructions, …

Physic, mechanics and

chromatic characterization

Architectural concrete elements

for roof and façade

Sustainability of Constructions

Collaborations & highlights of group work:

Collaboration with: Magnetti Building, Italy; Quality Building, Italy; …

E. Dassori, reviewer for European Standard, Precast Concrete Products – Wall Elements: Product Properties and Performances (CENTG229/WG1/TG8 – N.349).

R. Morbiducci, member of European Commission COST, Action C25, Sustainability of Constructions


E. Dassori

R. Morbiducci


Wind Engineering and Structural Dynamics


G. Solari

G. Piccardo

L.C. Pagnini

L. Carassale

M.P. Repetto

F. Tubino

A. Freda

Wind field simulation


Collaborations & Key Positions:

IAWEInternational Association for Wind Engineering

Wind tunnel tests

Wind & Structures. An International Journal

Centre of Excellence on Wind Effects on Buildings and Urban Areas, Tokyo

Masterin Wind Engineering, Genoa-Milan


Fatigue cycles


Design and Construction of Marine Structures


Enrico Rizzuto


Loads and responses of marine structures

Structural reliability of marine structures

Risk based design of marine structures

Structure-borne noise propagation, acoustical planning on board ships

Noise emissions from ships

Unconventional materials and joints for marine applications

Present memberships

International Ship 6 Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC) 1998-2012 Committees:

Extreme Hull Girder Loading, Fatigue Loading, Risk Based Design, Design Principles &Criteria

International Forum on Engineering Decision Making (IFED) Advisory council

Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS)

Off-shore, Marine & Artic Engineer.Conf.(OMAE) Symp. Org: Structures,Safety & Reliability

Ongoing projects

MARSTRUCT Network of Excellence in Marine Structures (2004-2010)

E.U. COSTAction TU601-Robustness of Structures (2007-2011) Manag.Comm.&WorkG1

SILENV-Ships oriented Innovative soLutions to rEduce Noise&Vibrations (2009-12) VII FP


RINA,CETENA, FINCANTIERI, D’Appolonia, IST-Lisbon, DNV-Oslo, NTNU-Trondheim

DTU-Copenhagen, ETH–Zurich, Univ. of Strathclyde-Glasgow, Newcastle Univ.,........