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john wayne gacy jr n.
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John Wayne Gacy Jr. PowerPoint Presentation
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John Wayne Gacy Jr.

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John Wayne Gacy Jr.
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John Wayne Gacy Jr.

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  1. John Wayne Gacy Jr. By: Priyanka Prasad

  2. Type of killer • Process focused- he took his time killing his victims • Lust killer • He would lure teenage boys and then sexually assault them. • To cover up the screams of the boys he would stuff cloth into their mouths and kill them by pressing their throats as he raped them. • He would sometimes keep the bodies for several hours before burying them.

  3. Childhood/ Behavioral factors • Gacy had a normal childhood except for the relation with his father this is probably why he did not attack women because his relationship with his mother and sisters was normal • His father was a abusive alcoholic who physically abused his wife and verbally abused his children this may be the cause to why Gacy abused boys when he grew up • Gacy really loved his father and wanted to gain his attention but he never did this could be why he liked to gain the trust of his victims • Gacy’s father died while Gacy was in prison

  4. Crimes and victomology • Organized killer • He carefully chose when to abduct the victims they would just suddenly disappear • He preferred certain types of victims they were mainly teens around a certain age • He would approach his victims with conversations making them feel safe • He presented himself as a nice person with a stable job • He would hide the bodies carefully around his home • Souvenirs • He would keep their rings and he also kept 2 drivers licences

  5. Psychological phases • Aura- His social life was completely normal but he had fantasies about boys • Trolling- He would notice the boys and wait till they were approachable • Wooing- He would contact them with a job offer and talk to them • Capture- He would eventually handcuff them after he has gained their trust • Murder- The actual process where his presses his victims throats with boards • Totem- He would keep their rings or drivers license to remember the experience • Depression- He will not be satisfied because his fantasy is not fulfilled so he will start all over