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My environment . By: Jimmy Doherty. Origination. East Earl settled in 1851 as a division of the County Earl along with West Earl. The name “Earl” is German. Earl originated in 1729, with Lancaster County also originating in 1729. . My environment . 3 thing I like -nice neighbors

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My environment

My environment


Jimmy Doherty


  • East Earl settled in 1851 as a division of the County Earl along with West Earl. The name “Earl” is German. Earl originated in 1729, with Lancaster County also originating in 1729.

My environment1
My environment

3 thing I like

-nice neighbors

-Medium sized of a development


3 things I don’t like

-houses close together

-too many rules

-pot holes in street

Plants animals
Plants & animals

  • Native PlantsBirds

    -Maple Trees -American Goldfinch

    -Pine Trees -Ruffed Grouse

    -Plum Trees -Northern Cardinal

    -Oak Trees

    -Wintergreen Trees


    -Whitetail Deer

    -Striped Skunk


Environmental problem
Environmental Problem

  • My development, before houses were built and the land was sold, it was a farm. As the land was sold, houses were built taking away natural habitats of bugs, and mammals. It also took away land for farming.

Watershed power and sewage
Watershed, power, and sewage

  • Watershed – Mill Creek, which flows into/from Lake Erie.

  • Power – PPL Electric is the power we use in our house.

  • Sewage – Blue Ball Water Authority is the water/sewage company our household uses. The sewage goes down to a pumping station in our community, and the sewage then gets treated sent out.

  • Trash – Eagle Disposal is the trash company that takes our trash, which then goes into a landfill.

  • Recycling – Eagle Disposal also takes our recycling and recycles it. (website didn’t have anything on it.)

Favorite foods and origination
Favorite foods and origination

  • Hoagies – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Jambalaya – New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Pizza – Italy

  • Sloppy Joe – Iowa

  • Chicken - Asia

3 habitats around my environment
3 Habitats around my environment

  • Bushes – bushes are one of the habitats where I live (ex: Cherry Bush). It is home to bugs and insects as well as a nesting place for birds.

  • Plants – there are some plants around my house like the yucca and a cherry bush (m&f) which are home to bugs and insects.

  • Oak Tree – nesting place for birds and places to live for bugs and insects.

  • (we keep the habitats well kept so its always a clean and good place for the insects and other animals.)

Weather patterns and interesting facts
Weather patterns and interesting facts

  • The weather is normal, nothing exotic or unusual. The weather is as the seasons go, hot in the summer, cool in the fall, cold in the winter, and warm in the spring.

  • #1 interesting fact – Lancaster, PA is the largest Amish settlement in the world.

  • #2 interesting fact – in 2007 there were approximately 5,462 farms in Lancaster County and about 425,336 acres of farmland.


#1 - One way that humans don’t hurt our watershed is that there are no oil wells or waste product going into our rivers and lakes.

#2 – Another way our watersheds are being kept well is that there’s been no reports of any kind of products or illegal products being illegally poured into our watershed.

#1 – I don’t know any reasons/ways humans hurt our watershed.