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General Safety

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General Safety. A critical piece for a safe working environment. Why can’t we have any fun?.

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general safety
General Safety
  • A critical piece for a safe working environment.
why can t we have any fun
Why can’t we have any fun?
  • Practical jokes, horseplay, scuffling, fighting and other such acts frequently lead to injury and will not be tolerated. Engaging in such acts will be cause for the instructor to cite the student for a safety violation and disciplinary action.
when can we cut something
When can we cut something?
  • Never enter a shop area without the proper permission. Equipment is to be used ONLY when the instructor is in the shop. You may not work in the shop when there is a substitute teacher.
why do we have to take all these tests
Why do we have to take all these tests?
  • Do not use any equipment until you have been shown how to use it correctly and safely and passed the safety test with 100% correct. Do not use a machine unless you understand the instructions. Ask for assistance if you do not understand any process or operation of power equipment.
why can t i use it
Why can’t I use it?
  • Do not use defective, broken, or dull tools or equipment. Any sub-standard condition, practice, machinery, tools or materials that may affect the safety of individuals should be reported immediately to the instructor.
what if there is an accident
What if there is an accident?
  • Report all accidents, near accidents, or injuries to the instructor immediately.
  • The instructor will care for the injured person until the nurse arrives.
  • The tool room attendee is to call the nurse and the main office.
  • Everyone else go to class area.
what if i need to leave during class
What if I need to leave during class?
  • NEVER leave the shop area without first reporting to your instructor.
  • This includes trips to the restroom or drinking fountain.
no tobacco products duh
  • Students are not permitted to use any tobacco products in or near the shop areas.
  • Anyone caught using any tobacco product will be reported to the office immediately.
what if a machine is broken when i go to use it
What if a machine is broken when I go to use it?
  • If a machine is in need of repair or does not seem to work properly, report it immediately to the instructor. Do not attempt to use the machine or repair it yourself.
why can t i wear what i want
Why can’t I wear what I want?
  • No loose apparel or clothing. Loose clothing can get caught in a machine and cause injury. Remove or fasten any loose clothing.
  • Pants or shorts must be worn at the waist. Long shirts must be tucked in.
why can t i wear flip flops
Why can’t I wear flip flops?
  • Wearing proper footwear (tennis shoes or work boots) is mandatory in all shop area. Do NOT wear sandals in the shop.
why can t i wear my jewelry
Why can’t I wear my jewelry?
  • Remove rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and neckties before doing any work in the shop. Watches and jewelry should not be worn in the shop.
why do i have to wear safety glasses
Why do I have to wear safety glasses?
  • Wear Z87 approved eye or face protection at ALL times in the shop as required by Iowa Law Statute 280.10.
why do i need hearing protection
Why do I need hearing protection?
  • Wear hearing protection around loud, noisy equipment as required by Iowa Law Statute 280.11.
when should i wear a dust mask
When should I wear a dust mask?
  • Wear a dust mask when working around a lot of wood dust. Wood dust can be harmful if inhaled in excess.
why do i have to tie my hair back
Why do I have to tie my hair back?
  • If your hair is long, you must tie it back or wear a cap. Long hair can be caught in a moving machine.
why shouldn t i hold nails in my mouth
Why shouldn’t I hold nails in my mouth?
  • Do not put nails, tacks, and other non-digestible materials in your mouth.
why should i make sure my hands are dry
Why should I make sure my hands are dry?
  • Be sure your hands are dry and you are standing on a dry surface when using electrical devices.
why should i care about proper lifting
Why should I care about proper lifting?
  • Lift with your legs, not with your back. Lifting improperly or carelessly can cause severe back injuries. Do not attempt to lift objects that exceed your safe weight lifting capability. If an object is too heavy or long, ask for assistance.
why do we need safety zones
Why do we need safety zones?
  • Respect safety zones around machines. Stay away from anyone operating machines. Do not talk to or distract them in any way.
why should i use the guard it gets in my way
Why should I use the guard, it gets in my way?
  • Use all recommended guards and safety devices on equipment. NEVER remove a guard without the instructor’s permission.
why should i tell others when they are being unsafe
Why should I tell others when they are being unsafe?
  • Caution any student you see violating safety regulations. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • If someone is behaving in an unsafe way in the shop it could cause you to be injured too.
why should i warn others of possible danger
Why should I warn others of possible danger?
  • If a student is operating a machine particularly dangerous to observers, the student is obligated to notify observers of the possible danger or remaining in the area of the operation.
why do i have to wait until a machine stops completely before leaving the area
Why do I have to wait until a machine stops completely before leaving the area?
  • The power must always be turned “off” after using a machine and you must stay with the machine until it comes to a complete stop. Do not leave a machine unattended if it is running.
why can t i just turn it off
Why can’t I just turn it off?
  • Disconnect power equipment at the source anytime major changes or adjustments (e.g. blade changes) need to be made.
why should i turn it off it s just a minor adjustment
Why should I turn it off, it’s just a minor adjustment?
  • Turn off machines and wait for a complete stop before making any minor changes or adjustments. NEVER adjust equipment while it is running.
why do i have to clean up my spills
Why do I have to clean up my spills?
  • Avoid spilling liquids. This may cause others to slip and be injured. If liquids are accidentally spilled, be sure they are reported to the instructor and cleaned up immediately.
why should i have to clean up the tables
Why should I have to clean up the tables?
  • Keep workbenches clean & organized. Keep tools and materials from protruding over the edges of benches whenever possible.
why do we have to sweep up the floors
Why do we have to sweep up the floors?
  • Walkways must be kept clear and free of litter, scraps, and materials. Do not leave anything on the floor that could be tripped over or slipped on.
why can t i just use my hand to brush off the sawdust and woodchips
Why can’t I just use my hand to brush off the sawdust and woodchips?
  • Always use a brush or rag to clear away sawdust and scraps. Never use your hands to wipe off a surface.
why should i check power cords
Why should I check power cords?
  • Check condition of power cords. Do not use equipment if cord insulation is damaged, cut, or frayed. Report damage to the instructor.
what do i have to know about finishing
What do I have to know about finishing?
  • Use finishing materials, thinners, or other oily flammable liquids only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Keep used rags in an approved, covered metal container. Damp, oily rags can ignite through spontaneous combustion.
where are the fire extinguishers
Where are the fire extinguishers?
  • Know where the fire extinguishers are located and how to use them in the event of an emergency.
why can t i leave the vise cranked out
Why can’t I leave the vise cranked out?
  • Keep cabinet doors and drawers closed and always close the vices when not in use.
if i don t feel well and can t concentrate what should i do
If I don’t feel well and can’t concentrate what should I do?
  • Concentrate on what you are doing; give it your FULL attention. If you do not feel well and cannot concentrate for some reason, tell your instructor.
i really want to get done why shouldn t i work quickly
I really want to get done. Why shouldn’t I work quickly?
  • Always work at a safe speed. Do not rush or hurry through a project.
  • Working too fast is dangerous and it WILL result in poor craftsmanship.
  • Quality is more important than quantity.