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CIMES Education, Dissemination & Outreach PowerPoint Presentation
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CIMES Education, Dissemination & Outreach

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CIMES Education, Dissemination & Outreach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CIMES Education, Dissemination & Outreach
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  1. CIMES Education, Dissemination & Outreach José Colucci-Ríos, PE, PhD CIMES EDO Director

  2. Agenda • General & Administrative • Accomplished • Workshops, Conferences, Proposals (2), DHS – COEs potential collaborations study, etc • In progress • Proposals (2), Proof of Concept Sites (Jobos, UH Acoustic spinoff, Cayo Santiago, Caguas, Tortola/Saint John, Ponce), SirLAB development, Summer Institute (with CSR) & Summer Interns

  3. IRISE Administration Maribel Feliciano Soliris Maldonado JoséColucci Site Director Education, Dissemination & Outreach Research Hector Carlo Stakeholders Liaison Miguel Vélez, VidyaManian and Domingo Rodriguez Satellite Sensor and Acoustics WIP Hector Carlo (Ports) Victor Rivera (Comm) Samuel Rosario CIMES & DHS Ed Liaison Victor Rivera Puerto Rico EDO Coordinator

  4. Education/Dissemination/Outreach priorities defined per site.

  5. Accomplished

  6. DHS-CIMES funded Undergraduate, Graduate students and Post Doctoral.

  7. Day summer camp, Twelve 8-12th grade students. • CIMES collaborated with the Jobo’s Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve • K-12 PR Workshops • Southwestern Educational Society and Bella Vista Adventist School Academy • UG student workshops (Cosponsored by DOE-CIVIS) • 20 – 25 students/month

  8. Preparing Rural and Alaska Native Students for HS-STEM Careers • Essential to the homeland security mission in rugged and sparsely populated maritime regions is a highly trained American workforce with local knowledge. • Incorporates DHS, NASA and other agency examples • Accomplishments: • Distance education physics course is currently in its 4th year, • 14 locations for course delivery from Adak, AK to Baffin Island • 34 students have taken the course • Of these, 14 are enrolled in a university or community college, and 5 of these in STEM degree programs • 1 MS in physics

  9. January 20, 2010 CIMES and CSR seminars at the Puerto Rico Professional Engineers headquarters. Drs. Roy Wilkens, Miguel Vélez, Jorge Corredor (CSR) and José Colucci presented.

  10. September 10, 2010 CIMES hosted the South Harbor Safety Committee meeting held at Biotechnology Training and Development Center in Mayaguez. • Presentation topics included safety, security, safe commerce after natural disaster and technologies. • Encouraging collaboration between agencies. • More than 60 attendees from the academy, government, coast guard, border patrol.

  11. Leads from SCHSS Meeting • Cpt. Eduardo Pino • Monitor maritime traffic between • Tortola (BVI) • St. John (USVI) • Scheduled meeting mid-Jan. 2011 • Mr. Luis R. Torres • Discussed potential collaboration regarding the use of radars to protect critical infrastructures in the South Coast of Puerto Rico • Contacts via email, kickoff meeting pending

  12. Multi-campus video conference, 5/11/10 • Web conferencing site by: • Dr. HajoEicken • PhD. student Josh Jones

  13. DHS Career pathways conference • CIMES new Director Margo Edwards gave a general presentation about the Center and opportunities (October 23 @ Washington, DC) • In the career fair (Samuel Rosario) • more than 70 students visited the CIMES booth, • information package was provided to students with CIMES research areas. • graduate studies opportunities

  14. Convergence of Research Thrusts: MIREES and other DHS COEs • CAMRA • FAZD • START • PACER • CREATE • C2I

  15. Ed.-related Proposals Submitted • “DHS-STEM Career Development Program: A New Path for UPRM Students” • Submitted to DHS Career Development Program 2/2010 • Establish a Maritime Domain Awareness Curricular Seq. • Received “Very Good” Reviews but was not recommended for funding • “Education and Training of Students on Maritime Domain and Port Security at UPRM” • Submitted to DHS Scientific Leadership Awards for MSI Granting Bachelors Degrees on 7/2010. PENDING • Develop a coordinated undergrad ed. program on Maritime Domain and Port Security

  16. 2010 DHS Career Development Program • “Very Good” rating • Main Strengths: • Proposed program “strong and well designed” • UPRM – partners, reputation • Support 15 students • Main Weaknesses: • Courses not yet developed • Assessment details / outcomes assessment matrix • One individual responsible of running the program

  17. Places of interest In progress

  18. Ed.-related potential BAAs • Bachelor Scientific Leadership Awardfor MSI • Due Jan. 31, 2011; ≤$500K • Support the development of a coordinated program of education in HS-STEM • Support early-career faculty • DHS Career Development Program(Undergrad) • Due Feb. 22, 2011; ≤$200K • Support the development of a coordinated program of education in HS-STEM

  19. CIMES Educational-Research Test Bed Initiative • The Underwater Acoustic Data Acquisition System (UADAS) will be deploying at the Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve: • Start with acoustics education. • Migrate to research and data acquisition station . • Survey/monitor high/strategic visibility, sensitivity, maritime traffic flow areas and marine ecosystem. Buoy to install UADAS

  20. Data collection • Joint HI and PR background noise experiment • Around 3GB data collected • Studying the snapping shrimp behavior

  21. Data acquisition Deployment places Expanding the areas of land acoustics data for studying and monitoring bullfrogs (sapoconchoi.eBufo lemur), other amphibians and birds. Places of interest

  22. SIRLAB: A Tool for Research and Education • SIRLAB stands for SIgnalRepresentation LABoratory • It is an open-source-based tool developed at the University of Puerto Rico for the representation of acoustic signals using time-frequency spectrograms. • Allows a user to enhance temporal, spectral, or combined temporal-spectral resolution, through proper sampling, windowing, and overlapping. • It is a research tool for scientists to conduct time-frequency analysis of bioacoustics signals. • It is an educational tool for students to learn about the spectral content of bioacoustics signals. • “Similar” remote system strategy will be validated with Caguas JardínBotánico existing 5 kW Fuel cell system and Cayo Santiago Renewable Energy systems monitoring.

  23. Cayo Santiago is a population of free-ranging rhesus macaques devoted to observational research. The original population was established in 1938 as a field site for behavioral investigations. • Future Remote Renewable Energy Showcase. • Strategic location in the PR west coast.

  24. SIRLAB: Running on Any NetSig Node CIMES Monitoring Network Monitoring Network NetSig: is a Linux-based computer with Ethernet access capability Spectrogram Displays SIRLAB Framework

  25. Time Frame Magnification

  26. Frequency Frame Magnification

  27. Time & Frequency Frame Magnification

  28. CIMES Summer Institute Program, preliminary • In discussion with CSR to join program • Training student in multiples DHS domains • Harbor safety, acoustics, radars, remote sensing • 4-6 weeks • Around 10-18 students • Program participants participate in the DHS career pathways conference.

  29. Hosting 2010/2011 Summer Interns • 3 CIMES projects submitted to host summer interns from various DHS Education Programs • Coastal ice radar: Monitoring of coastal maritime traffic and support of disaster response and mitigation (Alaska) • New HF Radar Technology (Hawaii) • Detection of ships in MODIS images (Puerto Rico)

  30. ¿Preguntas? ¡Muchas Gracias!