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Advantages of Sports massage

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Advantages of Sports massage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advantages of Sports massage


A type of massage therapy that was developed especially to serve the sports person is referred to as a sports massage. Because of the too much physical activity involved in many kinds of sports, several body parts of the athlete undergo injuries and pains. Along with relieving pain, a sports massage is very advantageous in different ways including:


Prevents DOMS: DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS can develop in an athlete within 12 to 24 hours after undergoing severe fitness training and this can lead to great pains within 72 hrs. Sports massage therapy encourages blood flow in the body, hence preventing DOMS.


Reduces stress:On receiving a sports massage, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released in the athlete’s body. These help in reducing stress from his/her body.


Relieves pain:While playing or practicing different kinds of endurance sports, an athlete might suffer with a stiff neck, muscle pain or any other body aches. A massage therapy that helps to release endorphins that act as a natural pain reliever and hence alleviate pains.


Provides relaxation: The strenuous activities that an athlete bears lead to release of the stress hormones called cortisol. A sports massagetherapy helps in reducing these stress hormones from the body of the athlete thus providing relaxation of body and mind.


Lowers the blood pressure: It is often seen that the players who undergo strenuous activities often have a higher blood pressure levels. A sports massage can help decreasing the blood pressure levels and thereby recommended to many athletes.


Relaxes muscles: While undergoing exercises and other physical activities involved in a sport, the athlete is liable to suffer with muscle injuries and stiffness. A massage therapy often helps in relieving these muscle tensions and injuries and allows them to relax.


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