girl scouts of greater chicago and northwest indiana girl scout gold award n.
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Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scout Gold Award PowerPoint Presentation
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Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scout Gold Award

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Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scout Gold Award - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scout Gold Award
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  1. Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scout Gold Award

  2. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn.

  3. Since 1916, Girl Scout’s highest award has stood for excellence and leadership for girls everywhere. Soon, you will be joining the ranks of generations of young women who have made a difference in their communities and beyond.

  4. Prerequisites Complete 2 Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR Complete 1 Senior or Ambassador Journey & Earn the Silver Award ( A Journey is completed when the award(s) within the Journey have been completed.)

  5. Step One: Choose an Issue • Decision-Making Tips • What inspires you? • What skills/talents do you have to offer? • What would benefit your community immediately and long-term? • How do you want to make a difference? • Refer to pages 8 - 9 of the Guidelines booklet

  6. Can’t See Road Signs Poor Visibility Main Issue: Car Accidents Main Cause DistractedDrivers Main Cause Animals in Roadway Main Cause Bad Weather Using Cell Phone Drunk Driving Icy and Slick Roads Step Two: Investigate Mind Mapping Tool

  7. Step Two: Investigate • Interviewing Tips • Make Arrangements • Preparation • The Interview • Reviewing/Follow-up • Making Your Pitch • Make it memorable • Target your audience • How you will help • Personalize it • Do it • Refer to pages 10 – 12 in the Guidelines booklet

  8. Step Three: Get Help • Seek out and recognize the value of the skills and strengths of others. • Respect different points of view and ways of working. • Build a team and recruit a Project Advisor who will bring special skills to your Take Action project. • Refer to pages 12 – 13 in the Guidelines booklet

  9. Step Four: Create a Plan • Set goals. • Create steps to meet your goals. • Develop a timeline. • Think about money earning/set a budget. • Establish a global link. • Ensure your plan is: • Sustainable • Measurable Refer to pages 14 – 17 in the Guidelines booklet

  10. Step Five: Present Plan & Get Feedback • Submit a Project Proposal to your council that is concise, comprehensive, and clear. • Work with council to schedule an interview. • Project Proposal paperwork can be found on the • council website – search “Gold Award”.

  11. Step Five: Present Plan & Get Feedback • At your interview, you will be expected to: • Describe your plan including: • the Girl Scout Leadership Outcomes you want to achieve. • the impact you plan to make on your identified community. • your goals for personal growth and development. • Articulate your issue clearly and explain why it matters to you. • Accept constructive suggestions that will help refine your project. • Find proposal forms on the council website – search “Gold Award”.

  12. Girl Scout Leadership Experience Outcomes Discover: • Develop a strong sense of self. • Develop positive values. • Gain practical life skills. • Seek challenges in the world. • Develop critical thinking. Connect: • Develop healthy relationships. • Promote cooperation & team building. • Resolve conflicts. • Advance diversity in a multicultural world. • Feel connected to your community, locally & globally. Take Action: • Identify community issues. • Be a resourceful problem solver. • Advocate for self and others locally & globally. • Educate and inspire others to act. • Feel empowered to make a difference in the world.

  13. Step Six: Take Action • Take Action to address the root cause of an issue, so your solution makes a measurable and sustainable impact. • Actively seek partnerships to achieve greater community participation and extend the impact of your Take Action project. • Challenge yourself to try different ways to problem solve. • Use resources wisely. • Speak out and act on behalf of yourself and others.

  14. Step Seven: Final Interview Tips • At your Final Interview be prepared to: • Reflect on what you have learned. • Summarize the effectiveness of your project and the impact it has had on you and your community. • Explain how you shared the project beyond your local community and inspired others to take action in their own communities. • Share details of your project through photos, video, journals, scrapbooking, etc.

  15. Gold Award Ceremony • All work must be completed, including your Final ReportInterview (with approval) by MARCH 15, for participation in this fiscal year’s ceremony. • Award recipients will receive an invitation about 1 month before the ceremony, typically in JUNE. • Award recipients will be asked to bring a display to share about their project.

  16. Points to Remember This award is individually completed. The award suggests a minimum of 80 hours from the start of step one to the end of her project. The Take Action Project focuses on the community (outside of Girl Scouting). The Take Action Project must have council approval. The project must be sustainable and measurable.

  17. Call the Awards Helpline at: 312-912-6382 or send an email to: QUESTIONS???? Call Out Example

  18. Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scout Gold Award