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sexy spooky makeup ideas you can try out this n.
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Sexy & Spooky Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out This Halloween PowerPoint Presentation
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Sexy & Spooky Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out This Halloween

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Sexy & Spooky Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out This Halloween
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Sexy & Spooky Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out This Halloween

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  1. Sexy & Spooky Makeup Ideas You Can Try Out ThisHalloween Halloween can very well be termed as the most creative holiday of the year as this when everyone ranging from your next-door neighbour to the top makeup artists in town try to showcase their absolute best by coming up with never-seen-before looks and attires. This is that one time when the fashion police goes on a break and you can actually let your imagination run wild for celebrating the spirit of pagan folklore. Today we are going to take you through some of the best halloween looks as revealed by the top industry mavens for turning heads at this year’s party. Wild Cat– All you will need for nailing this look is a black eyeliner, red lipstick and an old broomstick for creating realistic looking whiskers which is bound to transform you into the pick of the litter in no time. Witch– There was a time when witch makeup was stereotyped to a green and ugly face with gigantic nose and a nasty mole. But modern day witches are sexy and you can also ooze out vampy-glam by sticking to shades of purple and plum. The key here is to focus on your Halloween eye makeup in the form of smoky eyes and arched eyebrows. The look can be completed with bold lip color and a badass attitude.

  2. Doe– You can transform into a graceful female deer this Halloween with some simple makeup tricks which gives most importance to eye makeup. The wide–eyed does can be channelized in your look by defining your eyes with warm brown tones which can look either seductive or cute in accordance with your preference. Wonder Woman– Make your inner hero take the center stage this Halloween and banish all evils as you transform yourself into DC’s Wonder Woman having silky locks, arched brows and bold lips. Vampire– This timeless trend has been sported by celebrities in innumerable Halloween parties given its sheer ease of creation. And if you are in the mood of being a sexy vampire this Halloween, then you can also do the same by opting for a figure hugging dress in black and giving special importance to your halloween eye makeupwhich needs to be accompanied with dark circles and coloured lenses to portray your blood lust. You will require a foundation which is a shade lighter than your everyday staple and accentuate the contours of your face using a dark powder for those chiselled cheekbones. The look can be completed by drawing some veins tricking down the cheekbone for imparting a realistic feel to your look.

  3. Doll– In spite of being a favorite of children, innumerable movies have been made on dolls being possessed by evil spirit. You can also be an Anabelle or Chucky Bride this Halloween by sporting wholesome sweet cheeks, porcelain skin, heart lip and drawn-in eyelashes. Zombie– Become a zombie this Halloween by layering brown, red, black and grey eyeshadows all over your face, along the sides of your nose and under your eyelids for a sunken-in look. Frankenstein– Add a dash of femininity to this classic monstrosity with some red lipstick and smoky Halloween eye makeup. You can start by covering your neck and face in white face paint and outline the contours of your nose, forehead, cheekbones and neck using various shades of green eyeshadow. However, the main point of attraction here will be your eyes which you need to coat in black and purple. Finally, you will be required to draw stitches along your forehead, down your throat and face for tying the look together. Halloween makeup can be super fun especially when you start planning months ahead with your friends and family. And with the vast array of options, you can definitely have your pick whether you wish to be downright tacky or supremely stylish.