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Welcome To Academy Sports + Outdoors Vendor Seminar Yusen Logistics Session June 10 & 11, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome To Academy Sports + Outdoors Vendor Seminar Yusen Logistics Session June 10 & 11, 2008. AGENDA. Opening Remark Introduction by Academy Sports+Outdoors Introduction by Yusen Logistics Yusen Logistics Role and Responsibilities Standard Operation Procedures eBooking System Demo

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Welcome ToAcademy Sports + Outdoors Vendor SeminarYusen Logistics Session June 10 & 11, 2008


  • Opening Remark

  • Introduction by Academy Sports+Outdoors

  • Introduction by Yusen Logistics

  • Yusen Logistics Role and Responsibilities

  • Standard Operation Procedures

  • eBooking System Demo

  • Q&A

Introduction By

Academy Sports+Outdoors

Introduction By

Yusen Logistics (OCM)

Origin Cargo order & vendor Management

Introduction of nyk group

Largest Japanese Shipping Company with 120 years history

Annual Turnover about USD 18.3 billion for year ended March 31, 2007

Ranked 391th of World’s Largest Corporations by magazine’s 2007 Fortune Global 500 in terms of operating incomes for 2006

Stock listed in stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Frankfurt.

Introduction of NYK Group

Overview of nyk group

Business Breakdown:

Bulk and specialized Carrier 29%

Container 25%

Logistics 21%

Others 12%

Terminal Harbour Transportation 6%

Tanker 5%

Cruise 2%

Real Estate 1%

The NYK Group operates approximately 742 (as of March 31, 2007) major ocean vessels as well as planes, trains and trucking fleets.

262 office locations, in 32 countries, warehouses in every continent and harbour operations in Asia, North America and Europe

Overview of NYK Group

Yusen logistics hong kong

1969 -- Orient Consolidation Service (OCS) Inc. was founded

1973 -- OCS (HK) Ltd was established as Asia Headquarters of OCS Inc.

1980 -- Taiping Cargo Service Limited was established

1998 -- Name changed to New Wave Logistics (H.K.) Ltd.

2004 -- Established NYK Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd. by joining 2 well established logistics companies:

Orient Consolidation Service (HK) Ltd.  INSD

New Wave Logistics (HK) Ltd.  DSD

2011 -- Name change to Yusen Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Yusen Logistics - Hong Kong

Origin cargo order vendor management
Origin Cargo order & vendor Management

  • Global Company covering 161 cities and ports in 66 countries

  • OCM was formerly named as INSD; OCM Hong Kong was established in 2011

  • OCM Hong Kong being the OCM Global Headquarters

  • 3 Operation Hubs – HK, London, Secaucus

  • Sales & Customer Service Offices in Secaucus, NJ; London, UK

OCM (Shenzhen)

Establishment: APR 2005

Fund: US$ 1.4 Million, NYK100%

General Manager : Jackie Lin 

Staff: 80 (July 01,2007)


25/F, Excellence Times Square,4068 Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, PRC

Office Tel No: (86) 755-2583-8406

Office Fax No: (86) 755-2583-8411 / 8413

Warehouse : Futian Warehouse, Yantian Warehouse

Service Summary

1.Using H/B of NYK Logistics

2. Warehouse Service

3.Transportation for Cross Border & Domestic,

Haulage and Truck

4.Import and Export Logistics Consulting Service

5.Buyer’s Consolidation service

OCM (Shenzhen)


1. NYK Logistics purchased 10 haulages in 2006.

We have established cargo transportation and

control centre in order to supply professional

logistics solution.

2.NYK Logistics cooperates with over 15

subcontractors closely. We have owned powerful

control network with 1000 haulages and 500

trucks. Spread up more services scope to serve

our customers better.

3.NYK Logistics has established powerful delivery

network in order to serve our customer timely

effectively with high quality.

OCM HK – Dedicated Service Team for

Academy Sports+Outdoors

  • Local Contacts for Hong Kong, Shenzhen (I.e.Yantian, Shekou), Guangdong Province Bookings

  • Operational Hub and Communication Window with Academy for Asia Origins

  • Global Service Quality Control Center for all Academy Origins














Logistics Flow of Academy Sports+Outdoors

Yusen Logistics

Role and Responsibilities


Role and Responsibilities

We work according to the instructions of Academy.

We book with Academy’s nominated carrier.

We are Neutral.

We measure performance of all parties in the Academy's supply chain, including ourselves.


Role and Responsibilities

Supervision of vendor on time & accurate delivery.

Coordination of FCL booking.

Coordination of LCL cargo.

Handling of all necessary documentation received from vendors.

Preparation of documentation for Sea waybill / Bill of Lading.

Collection of all local charges.

Issuance of a Forwarder’s Cargo Receipt (FCR), to the vendors, after ALL documents and local charges have been received.

Origin Consolidation Operations


Yusen Logistics/INSD


Issue PO to the Vendors

Receive PO


Receive PO from Academy


YL checks PO status with Vendors (14 days prior to Earliest Vessel Ship Date)

Vendor advise PO status to YL

Cargo Status

Booking Info

Place Booking to YL

YL checks booking against PO

YL places booking with Carrier and YL stuff the container

LCL delivered to NL & FCL delivered to Carriers

Receiving, Container and Vessel Info

Cargo Shipped

Prepare commercial documents and send to YL

YL prepares and issues FCR to the vendor

Loading Info

Vendors receive the FCR

YL prepares container manifest and provides document images to CHB for Customs Clearance.

Booking Procedure and Control

Booking Procedure and Control




Submit bookings to

Shipping Order

Shipping Order Information

YL via eBooking

downloaded to Yusen Logistics

system at least 14 days


prior to Early Ship Date

YL System will verify

Shipping Order Info against

Academy PO file

PO Verification

Obtain Shipment Approval



Discrepancy ?

from Academy

Advise Vendor to correct the


discrepancy and submit


booking again

Booking Confirmation


YL S/O# for CFS

delivery and Carrier

Booking status available in

S/O # for CY

YL ebooking system


Definition of academy shipping window

ESD (Early ship date)

=Academy Ship date in the PO

LSD (Last ship date)

=Academy Cancel date in PO

Definition of Academy Shipping Window

5 - 7 DAYS

Last Ship Date

(Cancel Date in PO)

Early Ship Date

(Ship Date in PO)

Cy flow

Vendor Doc. Submission

On-Time Definition

CY — Container onboard the vessel within the

ship window.

CY Flow

Max. 5 Days

Cargo Production

Max. 3 Days

14 Days

5 -7 Days

2 Days

3 Days

2 Days

CY Cut-off

Start Cargo Production

Submit CLP to NYKL

NYKL CLP Cut-off = NYKL S/I Cut-off

Carrier S/I Cut-off

Container Delivery CY)

Document Dispatch by NYKL

FCR Issued

Port Of Discharge

Regional DC (RDC) Arrival

Vessel Departure (On Board of the vessel)

Book with NYKL

Early Ship Date (Ship Date)

Last Ship Date (Cancel date)

Cfs flow

Vendor Doc. Submission

Cargo Delivery from Vendors (on/before NYKL S/I Cut-off=CFS cut-off)

Cargo Delivery from Vendors

On-Time Definition

CFS — container is onboard the vessel within the

ship window.

CFS Flow

Max. 5 Days

Cargo Production

Max. 3 Days

5 – 7 Days

14 Days

2 Days

3 Days

2 Days

CY Cut-off

Start Cargo Production

Carrier S/I Cut-off

FCR Issued

Document Dispatch by NYKL

Port Of Discharge

Regional DC (RDC) Arrival

Container Delivery (CY)

Container stuffing = NYKL submit S/I to carrier

Vessel Departure (On Board of the vessel)

Book with NYKL

Early Ship Date (Ship Date)

Last Ship Date (Cancel Date)

Booking Requirements

Booking Timeline:

Vendors must submit bookings via YL eBooking systemat least 14 days inadvance of the Early Ship Dateon the Academy’s Purchase Order (Ship Date).

On time booking


JUN 16

14 days

Remark :

LBD = Latest Booking Date

ESD = Early Ship Date

LSD = Last Ship Date

Purpose: ensure adequate space and equipment from carrier

Shipping Window


JUN 30


JUL 07

On-time Shipment

Full Container Loaded Cargoes

Container onboard the vessel within

shipping window.

On-time Shipment

Less-than-container Loaded Cargoes

Container onboard the vessel

within shipping window.

Booking Information

  • Information required for bookings:

  • Shipper Name / Address / Contact person / phone, email address/ fax number

  • Consignee Name / Address

  • Notify Party

  • Port of Loading

  • Destination

  • Academy PO Number & Academy Sku#

  • Shipping Marks

Booking Information

  • Description of Merchandise

  • Number of Cartons / Piece Count Quantities per Sku#

  • Weight (kgs) and Volume (cbm) per Sku#

  • Container size and number of container requested (Factory load cargo)

  • Estimated Cargo Ready Date (CFS): cargo available to be delivered to YL warehouse or dedicated NVOCC facility

  • Estimated Cargo Ready date (CY) : laden container delivered to carrier CY

  • 1. Production completed

  • 2. Inspection passed

  • CY : Container stuffing completed Laden container delivered to carrier CY

  • CFS: Cargo can be delivered to NL warehouse or dedicated NVOCC facility

Definition of

Cargo Ready Date

PO Verification

YL needs to make sure all bookings comply with Academy PO info :

  • PO number

  • Academy Sku #

  • Onboard a vessel within Shipment Window

  • Quantities (except for Apparel which has +/-5% tolerance)

  • FOB point

  • Can meet minimum load requirement (CY)

All discrepancies must be approved by Academy

Sample of Carrier Booking Confirmation


Carrier booking number

YL CLP cut-off time

Factory Load Requirements

Academy Container Load Standard:

20’ FT Min 21 cbm Max 13,000 kgs

40’ Dry Min 52 cbm Max 20,400 kgs

40‘ High CubeMin 59 cbm Max 20,400 kgs

45‘ Dry Min 69 cbm Max 20,400 kgs

Any loading measurement not meeting the container utilization requirements or any possibility of overweight must be report to Academy before empty container collection

Factory Load Requirements

  • Load Merchandise by PO number and by Sku number.

  • A purchase order should never be split into two containers unless the volume exceeds one container.

  • Must submit Container Loading Plan (CLP) to NL on/before YL CLP cut-off time after cargo stuffing with complete and accurate information.

Container Loading Plan (CLP) Requirements for Factory Load

CLP Information:

  • Container number

  • Seal Number

  • Size of Container

  • Port of Loading

  • Final Destination

  • Container Arrival Date at Terminal

  • Vessel Name/Voyage Number

  • Ocean Carrier

  • Carrier Booking Number

  • PO & Academy Sku #

  • Precise cargo description: generic description such as “General Cargo”, “Freight All Kind” is not allowed

  • Carton & Piece Quantity (lowest visible packing)

  • Weight & CBM

Container Loading Plan Sample


Submit to YL on/before

YL CLP cut-off time

CFS Cargo Delivery Requirement

  • Vendors need to present YL Shipping Order for cargo delivery

  • Cargo must be delivered to YL warehouse by the CFS cut-off stated on the booking confirmation sheet

  • Cargo must be sorted by P.O. and by Academy Sku in advance

  • Cargo must be delivered to warehouse in sound condition

Documentation Requirements

  • Vendor should submit YL Complete and Accurate documents within 72 hrs or 3 business days after vessel sailing, 1 original copy

  • The required basic documents :

    • Signed Commercial Invoice

    • Packing List

    • Academy Sports & Outdoors Document Checklist

    • Manufacturer’s Certificate

    • Final Quality Audit Report/ Inspection Certificate

    • Certificate of Origin (if applicable)

    • Container Manifest

Documentation Requirements

  • Visa Cargo

    • Textile Export License (w/ visa stamp or visaed document)

    • Textile Country Declaration (Single or multiple)

    • Quota Charge Statement

    • Other applicable requirements (if any)

  • Footwear

    • Footwear detail sheet IFI

Documentation Requirements

  • Sunglasses

    • Impact Resistance Certificate

      ( FDA Listing #, Medical Device #)

  • Rawhide Dog Chews

    • Veterinary Certificate

    • Production Process List

    • Certificate of Irradiation

  • Ammunition

    • Shipping specification

    • Multimodal Dangerous Good Declaration

Documentation Requirements

  • Forwarder Cargo Receipt (FCR) will be released to vendor upon YL receiving all required documents and local charges from vendors.

  • If vendor fails to submit documents to YL within 72 hours or 3 business days after vessel sailing, YL will issue Document Delay Notice to vendor.

Vendors responsibilities

Timely delivery of products and documentation

Accuracy of information

Condition of cartons

Proper packaging to avoid damages

Vendors Responsibilities


Vendor must submit booking to NL at least

14 Days Before

Early Ship Date

To get adequate Equipment and Space from shipping carrier

YL CLP Cutoff

Shipper must submit

Complete & Accurate

Container Loading Plan

to NL before YL CLP Cutoff

YL has to submit information to Carrier before Carrier SI Cutoff. Otherwise, the container may be detained in loading port

Carrier SI Cutoff

YL must submit

Shipping Instruction (SI)

to Carrier before Carrier SI Cutoff

Carrier has to submit Advance Manifest Information to US Customs 24 hours prior to loading onto the Vessel.

Vessel Departure

Complete and accurate information

Containers can be loaded on vessel as booked

Commercial Document Submission

Shipper must submit

Complete & Accurate

Sets of Commercial Documents

to NL

within 3 business days after Vessel Departure

YL has to prepare and send all the necessary documents to Customs Broker for Customs Clearance. Otherwise, the container may not be delivered on time.

Forwarders’ Cargo Receipt (FCR) Issuance

  • FCR draft will be available in the eBooking for review or checking once full set of commercial documents with cargo is received whichever later.

  • Forwarders’ Cargo Receipt (FCR) will be released to vendor upon receiving confirmed draft FCR copy, required sets of document and all local charges from vendor.

  • FCR will be issued per booking, per vessel, per Academy’s destination and per origin.

  • Commercial Document should be prepared per Sea Way Bill.

Upper part of FCR

NOTIFY PARTY: NYK Logisitics France

Parc de Chesnes - Quatre routes

7, rue des quatre routes-BP 35

38291 St Quentin Fallavier Cedex














PO NO: 31693

ITEM NO. 518486(HL6208BN)






Lower part of FCR


June 01, 2008


Vendor Performance

& Compliance

Key Performance Indicators for Vendors

  • Booking Timeliness

  • Booking and Container Loading Plan Accuracy

  • Container Loading Plan Submission Timeliness

  • Commercial Documents Submission Timeliness

Vendor Scorecard will be prepared for Academy’s Reference






Yusen Logistics

eBooking System

Yusen Logistics e-Booking


eBooking Benefits for Vendors

  • Avoid delay caused by inaccessible fax transmission

  • Higher visibility in booking status, e.g. booking approval status.

  • Minimize typo errors as there is alert in ebooking system

  • Reduce Paper Usage

  • Avoid back and forth clarification for unclear or missing information

  • Minimize redundant input e.g. Cargo description can be downloaded from PO transmission

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

How to Apply for Login

  • Go to NYK Logistics e-Booking web-site

  • http://griffin.hk.yusen-logistics.com/ebooking/

  • Download Registration Form and save to your own PC.

  • Fill in the form and email to :

  • [email protected]

  • Login ID and password will be informed within 1 working day by email.

  • e-Booking Registration

  • Form

  • 1 administrative user and up to 3 operation user logins can be requested per vendor / factory.

  • Administrative user has the right to maintain user profile (name, password etc) of all login ID and define template.

First time Login:

Vendors are required to double check whether the information of the Users is correct.

  • On-line Booking

  • More flexible to submit booking 7 days a week.

  • Improve accuracy by real-time validation on PO and Sku #

  • Allow booking to be made on Academy’s PO No.

  • Save time to enter item details.

  • Reduce processing time.

  • Shipping Order

  • Let you to keep your own copy.

  • Shows Yuse Logistics Shipping Order No. if booking is confirmed.

  • The printed copy of Shipping Order must carry “YL Shipping Order No.” for cargo delivery to CFS warehouse.

  • PDF format

  • Submit Load

  • Plan

  • View Academy min loading requirements.

  • Container No. check digit validation.

  • Eliminate redundant typing and speed up SI submission.

  • Real Time

  • Tracking

  • Booking status.

  • Shipment & Sailing info

  • View FCR (draft) content


  • On-line Help screen for all functions.

  • Contact NYK Logistics local office

Frequently Asked Questions

Which login (administrative user login / operation login) should vendor used to create the eBookings ?

Depends. The administrative user can see all the bookings created and a operation user can only see the bookings created by herself.

How long will NYKL confirm the eBookings submitted ?

CFS:1 working day if no discrepancy and no Academy’s approval is required.

CY : Depends on when the nominated carrier by Academy release bookings to NYKL (YL will closely follow up with carriers and report carriers’ performance to Academy constantly.)

Frequently Asked Questions

3. Is it allowed to submit 1 eBooking with many POs ?

Yes, if the final destination & estimate cargo delivery for the POs are the same, they can be submitted under 1 eBooking.

Note : No. of FCR = No. of commercial invoice = No. of eBooking

If vendor request more FCRs to be issued per PO basis,

vendor should request by email on or before submission of CLP.

4. Is it possible to release FCR in Hong Kong for cargo out of Xiamen and how much does it cost ?

Yes, vendor only need to declare the FCR release location at the time of booking, and pay “Offshore FCR release fee” USD30 per FCR for such arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions

5. Is it possible to print the Original FCR from the eBooking system ?

No. Only non-negotiable copy of FCR can be printed for supplier checking. Original FCR will be released once draft FCR is confirmed, documents are submitted and local charges are paid.

6. Will there be any Letter of Credit discrepancy during this transition period ?

Academy will accept the Letter of Credit discrepancy caused by the change of Logistics company, as long as the Forwarder’s Cargo Receipt is issued by NYK Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited.

Academy / NYK LogisticsVendors Seminar

We hope this meeting has been informative & beneficial

Thank you all for attending.

This presentation materials can be available via the following FTP site for download :

ftp://academy:[email protected]