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Social Studies Chapter 6

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Social Studies Chapter 6

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  1. Social Studies Chapter 6 By: Lauren Gimbor, Kassandra Macaya, Daniel Au, Tyrone Valdez and Alyssa Argenbright

  2. Think about it? Why is New England so rocky? Why is New England’s waters so full of fish?

  3. New England’s Rocky Coast The glaciers that had covered New England thousands of years earlier had swept the Earth like bulldozers, taking away rich soil and leaving a thin, rocky layer of dirt.

  4. New England’s Fish Waters Ocean waves chipped away at the land, forming hundreds of harbors. In the water away from the shore were banks, or mounds of dirt, and millions of fish came there to feed.

  5. The Hingham Meetinghouse The Hingham Meetinghouse is important to Puritan Village because Puritans made the meetinghouse the center of their religion and government. On Sundays, the whole community gathered there to worship. In some towns people also used the meetinghouse as a school.

  6. Thomas Hooker Thomas Hooker was another dissenter. He was not banished, but he and his followers, disagreeing with Puritan leaders, decided to leave Massachusetts. They founded their own settlement in Connecticut in 1636.

  7. At home children needed to help make food and household items. Girls, and sometimes boys, wove clothing for their families. The Mason Children Colonial children did not have much time for playing. Children had to do chores such as bringing in fuel for the day, cutting potatoes for the sheep, feeding the swine, watering the horses, picking berries and gathering the vegetables if you lived on a farm.

  8. Jonathan Edwards In the 1730s, young ministers such as Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield began preaching fiery sermons all over New England. Because of this, the movement was known as the Great Awakening, or a waking up to new faith.

  9. This is his Auto-biography. Olaudah Equiano Olaudah Equiano was captured by slave traders and brought on a sickness among the slaves, in which many died. Many years later he bought he freedom and wrote a book describing the terrible middle passage.

  10. Vocabulary Words These are the vocabulary words for Chapter 6. NOT ALL OF THESE ARE GONNA BE ON THE TEST!

  11. Vocabulary • Wilderness- A wild and unsettled land. • Meetinghouse- The center of the Puritan’s religion and government. • Self-sufficient – To provide for all of their own needs. • Banish- To force someone to leave. • Magistrate- The people that made laws dealing with town affairs and people’s relations with one another. • Dissenter- People who disagreed with the views of their leaders. • Wampum- The Native American form of money, made from polished shells that were put onto strings.

  12. Vocabulary 8. Import - Items bought from distant places. 9. Triangular Trading -that went from North America to Europe to Africa to The West Indies which made a triangular shape. 10. Middle Passage - Enslaved Africans trip across the Atlantic Ocean. 11. Industry - A business to make and sell a product or service. 12. Shipyards - Places where ships are built and repaired.

  13. THANKS FOR WATCHING BY: Alyssa Argenbright, Lauren Gimbor, Kassandra Macaya, Daniel Au and Tyrone Valdez