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Gun System Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Gun System Update

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Gun System Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gun System Update. Rich Andrews. Gun System. Solenoid Magnet. Gun Cavity. Compensator Magnet. Coaxial coupler. Overall Status. Coupler drawings : complete, assembly process reviewed in house, detailed questions developed, ready for approval

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Gun System Update

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gun system update

Gun System Update

Rich Andrews

Gun System Update

gun system
Gun System

Solenoid Magnet

Gun Cavity

Compensator Magnet

Coaxial coupler

Gun System Update

overall status
Overall Status
  • Coupler drawings: complete, assembly process reviewed in house, detailed questions developed, ready for approval
  • Cavity drawings: nearly complete, assembly process to be reviewed Tuesday @ 1:00 PM
  • OFE Cu: The Hitachi order is due 21SEP07
  • Solenoid Magnets and Power Supplies: Sole Source Purchase Request has been submitted. Can expect a delivery 7 months ARO.

Gun System Update

gun cavity
Gun Cavity
  • DESY Cavity (note from Klaus; 16AUG07)
    • The first brazing of the cavity, i.e. the cooling channels of the inner iris is already done.
    • The company wants to start with the final turning of the cavity cells and they want to do all three parts in a row.
    • They need the design for the cathode area now!
    • If we don't release it now, the whole production needs to be delayed.
    • I think we have discussed enough.
    • All points are made.
    • It will be your cavity, so you just have to decide.
    • Please let me know how to proceed!
  • Fermi Cavity
    • Plan to begin construction of the cavity in October
  • Coupler/Waveguide Assembly
    • Should also be ready to begin construction in October
    • May need to procure some additional OFE Cu (but not the Hitachi Grade)

Gun System Update

existing cathode configuration
Existing Cathode Configuration

Canted Coil Spring Type

Watchband Type

Gun System Update

mockup of cathode version 3
Mockup of Cathode: Version 3

Mockup of Cavity Backplane

Mockup of spring retainer plate



Gun System Update

cathode status
Cathode Status
  • Detailed plan for cathode configuration received from INFN 12JUL07
  • Later note from Carlo expressed the need to have details of the spring design and groove to proceed with productive discussions.
  • Detailed information was sent to Bal Seal on 25JUL07, and required several exchanges to make sure they understood our needs.
  • Bal Seal is proceeding with their 104 series spring in 316SS, gold plated, keeping the cathode diameter at 17 mm., and adjusting the groove to fit
  • I am expecting this information from Bal Seal as early as today (after out last discussion yesterday)
  • Once we have the groove data, we can complete Prototype 3 in the shop (by Friday if we have the groove data today)
  • Bal Seal is also trying to get a spring for us (of any material but correct geometry) on a similar timescale
  • It makes sense to me to complete this step before proceeding at DESY

Gun System Update

other gun system elements
Other Gun System Elements
  • Structural Support
    • We are only beginning to think about this
    • Plan to use Lucy Nobrega to develop this element
    • The scope of this task should be expanded to include support of both Gun and Cathode Systems
    • Should provide for ability to move both systems either together or independently
    • Will need to develop the interfacial supports between cathode boxes, solenoid magnets, gun cavity and coupler
  • 10 Way Cross
    • Have asked Lucy to handle this as well
    • She will start by understanding the role of each port
    • I plan to discuss this with Klaus during next trip (drawings, procedures)
  • Micromover
    • Little has been done with this to date
    • We have the general write-up describing the concept
    • Have a few photos from last trip
    • Plan to develop a contact and obtain drawings during next trip
    • Have discussed this a little with Klaus
  • Dark Current Kicker
    • We have made a contact with Frascati, and they understand our desire to take a look at their design and obtain drawings of the kicker and especially the feedthru.
  • Absorber
    • Initial studies only
    • Could look at the DESY design as well if it would be helpful?

Gun System Update

cathode system
Cathode System
  • Preparing to ship 4 ion pumps, 2 dual channel power supplies and associated cables, along with the 5 VAT valves purchased last October
  • I have received no status updates from INFN.

Gun System Update

laser mirror in the diagnostics cross
Laser Mirror in the Diagnostics Cross

What about this seal?

How is this piece made, installed and sealed?

Gun System Update

10 way cross and absorber
10 Way Cross and Absorber

Gun System Update