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High Heel Sandals,Leather High Heels Sandals,Ankle Strap Heels,Celebrity High Heels Sandals,Suede High Heels,Platform Runway Shoes,High Heel Leather Sandals,Peep Toe Shoe\'s-new_c9\n

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$169.00 SALE$62.00

$169.00 SALE$62.00

$169.00 SALE$62.00

$169.00 SALE$62.00

$169.00   SALE$62.00


Hello everyone

Here is sale on high heel sandals at cheaper price. Shopjessicabuurman is deal all type of sandals boots shoe etc.

$159.00   SALE$69.00

$169.00   SALE$62.00

High heel sandals
High Heel Sandals

  • High heel sandals are best sandals to wear in all season. Nowadays in the world so many trends are come. Which are the high heels sandals is one of the most famous trends in the sandals.

$149.00   SALE$99.00

Leather high heels sandals

Leather High Heels Sandals

You can leather high heels sandal wearing in winter season. Because this sandals making only for winter season. In these sandals is a so many good material add on. you can wear this by roughly. So many colors available in the market but I have different colors from the market.


Ankle strap heels

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels are the best for every lady who loves to wear these heels. So many lady to love heels but they don’t get as per choice. So don’t worry I have all type of model are available. Just click in the website shopjessicabuurman and get the material. So you can get the entire type model at discounted price. Just order the heels and get offer.

$162.00 SALE$129.00

Celebrity high heels sandals
Celebrity High Heels Sandals

  • Celebrity high heels sandals buy the different look from jessicabuurman. In the world so many famous Hollywood actors like to high heels sandals. They are using the entire type of celebrity high heels sandals in all occasion. Because the look wise very good to another high heels sandals.


Suede high heels
Suede High Heels

  • In suede high heels the material used is very good for the entire brand. Looking wise high heels is very good all over heels. So many ladies choose just high heels in all season. Because here is comfort that way they choosing it. So many women going to office time and etc just like high heels.


Platform runway shoes
Platform Runway Shoes

  • That was the amazing launch by Jessica burrman categorized as a platform runway shoes. This is the highly trending shoe in these days liked by every women who belongs for any age.


High heel leather sandals
High Heel Leather Sandals

  • High heel leather sandals are very famous in the market. Every girl wants to go with only high heel sandals. Because these type of sandals you can wear in school time college time. So many ladies just want to buy high heel leather sandals. New generation lady just favor in sandals.


Peep toe shoe
Peep Toe Shoe

  • There are lots of different designs of shoes available in worldwide, but the most important thing is that which is more loveable by you. Here jessicaburrman the fastest developing online store presents a new design called peep toe shoe. Specially only made for women. This shoe has an attractive and designer look that is why it’s wearable by everyone without any age matter.

$169.00 SALE$99.00


All SalItems





All Sale Items

$115.00 SALE$95.00

$139.00 SALE$99.00

$159.00 SALE$109.00


Hi everyone get the shoes in discounted price. Sale only limited time if you want to buy different type of shoe. So don’t be late to buy this type of shoe.

$99.00 SALE$69.00



Shopjessicabuurman is offering sale on clothing in all design. If you want to buy all type of clothing in cheaper price. So don’t be late to buy this type of cloth. We are deal only high profile cloth in market

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Hi friend we dealing bags in market . Here are both type of bags in all quality. Lady are like to high level of bags. We are deal only high level of brand.


All accessories for ladies . Here are deal all type of accessories of ladies in the market. We are deal clothing, shoes, bags etc.

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