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Kinergetics & RESET STRESS 27 testimonials PowerPoint Presentation
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Kinergetics & RESET STRESS 27 testimonials

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Kinergetics & RESET STRESS 27 testimonials
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Kinergetics & RESET STRESS 27 testimonials

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  1. Kinergetics&RESETSTRESS 27 testimonials

  2. TRAUMA Since these testimonials were written there has been a major breakthrough in the depth of the stress corrections. This new Trauma Balance is taught in the Kinergetics Master Class (from 2007) and uses homeopathic adrenalin and cortisol vials to access more information and correct to a deeper level.

  3. DEMONSTRATIONS I have done many public demonstrations where I ask for the person with the biggest stress to volunteer. I ask them to rate their stress on a scale of 1-10 and then proceed to change their reaction to the stress. Most of the time it takes 5-10 minutes to make a significant difference, say from an 8 to a 2. In workshops I have totally changed one lady’s reaction to a traumatic rape, and balanced another lady over the death of her daughter. With the new adrenalin balance it is often even faster! Philip Rafferty 08.

  4. Anxiety Attacks It's kind of funny, I had a session with my counsellor yesterday. I had thought about talking with him about these little anxiety attacks, but I had no desire to. It's funny, my thoughts were... I didn't want to talk it over with him because with counselling, you have to talk and talk and talk to figure out where it comes from, and then you have to spend months counselling to overcome it. That just takes toooooooo long. I would much rather have a balance session and be DONE with it. Thank you for introducing me to such a powerful tool. Lori

  5. PSYCHOLOGIST I am a psychologist and I have been adding Kinergetics progressively to my counselling processes. The results are nothing short of real magic. Where previously it may have taken a couple of sessions to get through to an issue, often Kinergetics has allowed us to get straight to the point in the beginning of session allowing the rest of the session to deal with issues rather than exploring or searching for them. As a result, my clients walk away with enormous amounts of new self-knowledge and self-understanding as well as a deep sense of empowerment to make changes in their lives and some really profound changes do happen! Cont…..

  6. PSYCHOLOGIST ……Having had lots of Kinergetics balances myself over the past two years my life has changed beyond words. To cut a very long story short I can now truly experience the magic of consciously creating the most beautiful realities in my life every step of the way. If you are ready to receive the most perfect life for yourself, get into Kinergetics, clean up your patterns and live in ecstasy! What are you waiting for? J S 1998.

  7. STRESS Recently, I met a friend at a local Cafe for a coffee and a chat. She arrived half hour late and was very distressed. She had been for an energetic healing session the previous day and left that session feeling so spaced out she could barely remember making her way home. When I saw her she was feeling no better in fact she had almost been hit by a tram on the way to meeting me. We took a quick visit to the toilets where I did an integration balance, just using K2 Fast Fix and within a few minutes she was feeling focused, clear headed and smiling again. JM Switzerland 2003.

  8. STRESS A female client arrived with the intention of having a massage. Whilst taking her history it became evident that she had quite a few emotional issues affecting her life. I suggested that perhaps Kinergetics would be of more benefit to her. Over a period of a few months we balanced issues around her feelings of inadequacy, inability to relate to the members in her team at work, lack of money, feelings of insecurity and inferiority, and her inability to speak her truth. After identifying issues of child abuse, and many sabotages relating to success and abundance and self esteem, she is now very successful in her work, has been promoted, received a raise in salary and been given more responsibility with public recognition of her abilities. S 2002.

  9. STRESS My life was in tatters. I could find little pleasure in any part of my life. It became a challenge to take myself from morning to night, and night to morning. My stress levels were so high that I felt nauseous most of the time, couldn't eat properly, and had no energy or enthusiasm. My early visits helped settle the nausea and give me the energy to keep going. As the weeks passed I began to find a strength building inside me. This enabled me to begin to deal with problems, which had seemed insurmountable. As I dealt with each situation, my confidence built and I stood firmly on my own two feet and took control of my own life. JH.

  10. STRESS After a visit to the dentist I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to eat and talk-a situation my family was OK with. Nevertheless my jaw was very painful and uncomfortable. I also worried I would do more damage by moving my jaw. RESET allowed me to open my jaw with ease. My subsequent visit to the dentist was just as uncomfortable, my dentist was being as gentle as possible, my jaw was in better shape. I then had RESET and Kinergetics and was able to gentle release emotions and beliefs I didn't realise I had. I remember as a child being asked to do something and told to eat all my dinner when really I would have preferred not to. Now I can say 'No thank you' and it's OK. AC 99.

  11. STRESS Feeling much better and can handle things a lot easier. Arguing goes over my head. Stress levels (out of 10) reduced from 9 to 3. M.H. Kinesiology helped me immensely with emotional problems which I found (to be) directly associated with my physical problems. L H.

  12. STRESS After untold years of being extremely over-sensitive about having my knees touched to the point of feeling physically ill and faint at the sight of touching someone else's knees or at the thought of me having to touch someone else's knees, a short session with Philip seems to have amazingly and painlessly overcome all this. LG 1995.

  13. STRESS When subsequently I was able to give RESET to a client this women was able to experience a massive clearance of stored trauma in her legs, both of us being surprised by both of her legs 'leaping' up off the table, in unison! She had had both legs in irons as a child, for 3 years, due to some abnormality, and the release seemed to let go of the last cellular memory of this traumatic time in her legs. This was such a positive result, and as the method is so very gentle, and also nurturing, it is a delight to give and a delight to receive. So, all in all, I am delighted with RESET. P 99

  14. STRESS I went to see Annette with the intention of working on a money issue. The consequences were that I attended a job interview and was selected for a position that pays more than the position I originally applied for. Because I'm less stressed, I sleep better, work more effectively and deal with problems as they arise. L.

  15. STRESS In my ten years as a massage therapist, I have always been curious to find out what is behind people's physical problems. In 95% of cases stress, emotions and life experiences are contributing to the physical manifestation of pain and discomfort as well as largely causing it. Kinergetics is a deep and profound experience. I have found it has improved my quality of life immensely. I don't experience the physical pain I used to years ago and feel more in control of my life and where I am going. The reasons why my problems exist are now much clearer and therefore more quickly resolved. I am constantly amazed at the results Kinergetics can achieve with physical and emotion problems. TS 1998.

  16. STRESS I came to see Annette with bad neck and shoulder pain. After only one Kinergetics consultation, I have felt enormous relief from the pain and clearer emotionally. Now I can observe day to day frustrations and emotions without becoming completely involved in the drama – N.

  17. STRESS Having tried various treatments, I felt a little sceptical. I now no longer feel this way at all. The greatest benefit has been in the area of emotional stability and clarity of thought. The ability to get to the root of many of my health problems has enabled me to move more freely. My love of life (which was always there) has increased tremendously and the feeling of bliss and happiness is so wonderful. BT.

  18. STRESS The power of this particular correction continually amazes me as I have seen it pull people out of anxiety attacks, dizzy spells, energy slumps, blurred vision, headaches, lower back pain, and suicidal situations. It is a tool I use frequently in my practice to counteract the dehydrating effects of looking at the underlying emotional causes of a physically manifest condition. I use it both on my clients and on myself, to ensure the continual protection by the body's energy field. MB 2001.

  19. NIGHTMARES – BEDWETTING An 11 year old boy had great fear and stress around travelling in a car after being involved in a car accident at age 10. He was experiencing nightmares and occasional bedwetting. He also believed he was going to be in another accident. First session we did RESET. Second session Hydration, TMJ Suppression and released Masseter and Temporalis. I also used an affirmation to help hold the correction. He no longer has nightmares or wets the bed. The stress has cleared around travelling in a car and he no longer thinks he is going to be in another accident. LJ 03.

  20. NIGHTMARES My son is mildly intellectually disabled and attends a workshop for the disabled. He is now almost 40 years old and about 20 years ago began having violent nightmares, until he was having between 5 to 12 nightmares each night. Finally it was discovered about 2 years ago that he has a severe type of sleep apnea. He now sleeps with an oxygen extractor machine and canulla to help his breathing. However, for some time he had great difficulty adjusting to this, though his sleep did improve quite a lot. After a couple of treatments his sleeping improved greatly, and after a few more, he now mostly sleeps well through the night. His Kinergetics treatments have given both my son and myself a whole new peace and enjoyment of life. JD 1999.

  21. PANIC ATTACKS Client has been having panic attacks for a period of two months every night. After two sessions of Emotion Balance, Hydration Balance and TMJ releasing Masseter and Temporalis her panic attacks ceased and have not returned. That was a year ago. LJ 03.

  22. PHOBIA A 12 year-old boy had such incredible fear of “things” in the river, he could never join in the school sailing lessons. Most “sailing” days he was too physically sick to go to school. After one Kinergetics balance, with this fear in circuit, and many emotions and chakras cleared, he was able to join in a sail happily on the river. He hasn’t missed a sailing lesson since. EC Aug 03.

  23. LIFE CHANGING WORKSHOP WOW! I have just completed an eight day Kinergetics Intensive workshop and can definitely say that this workshop is LIFE CHANGING. I saw myself as living a healthy balanced lifestyle but I had no idea how much suppressed stresses and emotions I had been holding in my body and how this affected me. Much of these stresses and emotions have been released throughout this workshop in a very loving supportive environment. In these past 8 days I have cried and I have laughed. I have given support and I have been supported and I have met many new friends. R 1998.

  24. LIFE CHANGING WORKSHOP I urge any Dentist and/or staff member learn RESET and be curious to find its usefulness. Generally speaking, I've noted the clients are more at ease in the chair and according to the reports from our clients, the reparative work our client's body needs to accomplish after dental treatments proceeds faster and more comfortably. A 10 minute investment of time to reduce pain and stress sounds like a winner to me! CH, Registered Dental Hygienist, Idaho, USA.

  25. PERSONAL GROWTH I have just completed Kinergetics and the clarity of mind I feel at this moment is greater than I have felt for many a year. My senses have sharpened unbelievably. My heart feels wide open and my appreciation of life at this time is overwhelming. My eyesight has improved, my body posture is more erect, I feel taller and lighter. A sense of calm emanates through my whole being. Concentration is sharp and I am living more in the moment. RS 1998.

  26. PERSONAL GROWTH I have been wandering around a lost soul for as long as I can remember. I was given the gift of Kinergetics in April 1998 (four months ago), where for the first time in this life I felt an unrelenting purpose. This is something I never felt from stone masonry - mechanics, spray painting, landscaping, car detailing, the list goes on. I can't remember who I was 4 months ago and I don't want to remember. Life is now fantastic and getting better all the time. WM 1998

  27. PERSONAL GROWTH I first experienced Kinergetics in June 1997. This enabled me to cope positively and lovingly with the stressful and emotional separation from my loving wife. I have personally found improvement in my confidence, in every part of my life's work, relationships, ability to cope with stress and emotions, family, sporting ability, improved vision, balance and co-ordination, injury prevention. Not to mention a fantastic improvement in my writing ability, reading skills and retention of information and comprehension. Life is now a Celebration thanks to Kinergetics. BJC 1997.

  28. PSYCHOLOGIST I have recently completed a Kinergetics Intensive and Hyperton-X Sports course and clearly state that this is one of the most profound life changing courses I have ever attended, leaving me with a clear vision to my future in both Healing and Art. I was able to address and release many deep-seated stresses in my emotional make-up using Kinergetics that would have taken me years to release using my Psychology training. After one of the most stressful years of my life due to many personal tragedies I leave refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle anything that might come my way. MB 1998.

  29. PSYCHOLOGIST As a professional counsellor and therapist working with a wide range of issues including self esteem, anxiety, relationships, chronic pain, job related stresses and personal development, I have found Kinergetics to be of immense value in finding faster, more efficient ways of helping people find long term solutions to their problems. By combining Kinergetics with traditional psychological methods and perspectives, I am able to quickly identify issues which are relevant to the presenting problem and support the client in developing new ways of dealing with these issues. Feedback from my clients also indicates that this combination achieves faster, more lasting results than many other forms of therapy. LH 1999.

  30. SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE I am a SRA Survivor and through the process of Kinergetics (especially Kinergetics 7 & 8 and my own booklet) I had the necessary tools to deal with my unresolved childhood issues. I had a myriad of suppressions and denials and through Kinergetics and my own scan booklet (devised by my Inner Healer), I have had the experience of self-empowerment to gradually heal my disconnected parts of myself. In my case Kinergetics stress diffusions were more powerful than traditional counselling. Ritual Abused Survivors require specialized support for recovery as they have suffered the most extreme of experiences/trauma/abuses. The Kinergetics protocols gave me the specialized support I needed for recovery. Kinergetics gave ME the foundation stone of a method of healing that allowed, supported and enabled me to access the deepest sub-conscious (at times unconscious) pain/issues that I needed to deal with. A 1999.

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