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Welcome to HPW. Psssst…..What in the world is HPW?. Name: Beau Williams Born: June 5, 1983 in Colorado Springs Live: Grand Jct. Married: Kara. Family: Dad and Mom in GJ, 2 Brothers. One brother is married with two children. But first…. Yours Truly: Mr. Williams. Music: Christian

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welcome to hpw

Welcome to HPW

Psssst…..What in the world is HPW?

Name: Beau Williams

Born: June 5, 1983 in Colorado Springs

Live: Grand Jct.

Married: Kara

Family: Dad and Mom in GJ, 2 Brothers. One brother is married with two children.

But first…

Yours Truly: Mr. Williams

a little more about mr williams
Music: Christian

Favorite Food: fruit, pizza

Coaching: Track

Love: Being active, hanging out with family and friends, and teaching. I almost forgot, I also love chocolate!

…a little more about Mr. Williams

Something you need to know…

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hpw human performance and wellness
HPW = Human Performance and Wellness
  • What is the main goal of a PE, or in this a case, a HPW class?
  • Get exercise, but is the exercise you get in this class going to keep you healthy the rest of your life?
i want to give you tools
I want to give you tools!
  • Our goal in HPW is to acquire tools to be active for life.
    • Understand the different areas of fitness.
    • Understand healthy habits.
    • Understand other areas of health:
      • Substance abuse, emotional, intellectual, etc.
        • It’s really about making good choices!!!
what will we be doing in hpw
What will we be doing in HPW?
  • Activities/Sports
  • Fitness/Fitness Components
  • Journaling: wide range of topics
  • Having Fun!

Activities We Will Be Doing

  • Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee
  • Juggling
  • Volleyball
  • Softball/Whiffleball
  • Pickleball
  • Football/Speedball
  • Hacky-sack
  • Lacross
  • Volleyball
  • Team Games (db, capture the flag)

Cardiovascular Endurance

Muscular Strength/Endurace


  • Preparation Requirements
  • Expectations
  • Consequences
  • Ways to earn your grade!
  • Absent
preparation requirements
Preparation Requirements
  • 1. Students must dress out each day in the SMS PE shorts and shirt (see order form).
        • You will have to wear regular shorts/t-shirt until they are delivered.
    • Sweatpants and sweatshirts can be worn on cold days.
    • Proper shoes must also be worn.
    • Students without clothes will need to sit out of the days activities.
      • They will need to complete a exercise make-upform on their own outside of school.
preparation requirements1
Preparation Requirements
  • 2. Students will be issued a lock that they are responsible for all semester.
    • If the lock is lost during the semester a fee will be charged to replace it.
    • We are not responsible for lost items.
    • Make sure to lock your lock at all times.
      • There has been known to be a…
6 th grade note on locks
6th grade note on locks
  • Dress out if you want, but new locks will not come in for a week or two.
preparation requirements con t
Preparation Requirements Con’t
  • 3. Bring a spiral notebook and a few pencils to put in your PE locker.
    • You will give at least one pencil to me that I will keep for later use.
  • 1.  Let the teacher teach and the students learn.
  • 2.  There will be writing assignments, and possibly library /computer work during the semester.
  • 3. Behave in the locker rooms, change quickly, and be ready to participate.
expectations continued
Expectations continued
  • 4. Take care of the equipment.
    • Use of the equipment is a privilege, it can be taken away.
  • 5. Focus on positive and encouraging comments towards others.
    • My goal is for all to have a great physical education experience.

Equipment Care

  • Walk equipment in when turning it in!
  • Do not kick basketballs or volleyballs!
  • Simply put, treat equipment with respect, it’s expensive!
  • 1. Students may be given a warning, however, expectations should be clear and safety is key.
    • Students that do not follow expectations will receive discipline action.
    • The schools RTI (Response To Intervention) policy will be used in the classroom.
ways to earn your grade
Ways to earn your grade!!!
  • Participation/Behavior
  • Unit Packets
  • Writing Assignments
  • Activity Worksheets
  • Test and Quizzes
  • Notebooks will need to be turned in at mid-terms and the end of each quarter.
  • You might say…
  • If absent, you must fill out a make-up form and have a parent/guardian sign it.
    • Even with excused note or sick note, the time needs to be made up some time.
    • Those papers can be picked up from me or printed off from the school web site linked to the HPW class.*form*
lock down
Lock Down
  • Level 1
    • Something outside
  • Level 2
    • Something inside
      • We need to lock doors
how will you have the best semester possible


How will you have the best semester possible?


On task




equipment room
Equipment Room
  • You should only be in the equipment room when I ask you to get or put away equipment.
put away something you have just played with

Something that

really bothers me...

Put away something you have just played with.



  • One Whistle means and listen.
  • Two whistles means come in a wait for further instructions.
    • Panther lines
restroom use is a privilege
Restroom use is a Privilege
  • You are free to use the restroom when needed.
    • Please see me first.
      • I need to know where you are.
pe store
PE Store
  • After School
  • At the end of your class
  • .50

Art Work

  • If you have any art that you would like to add to my office art collage, I will take it.
when i am gone
When I am gone
  • Behave just as I am here.
  • I need student leaders to help guide class.
    • If you are interested in this please come talk to me.