specialized populations when is oras not enough n.
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Specialized Populations: When is ORAS not enough? PowerPoint Presentation
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Specialized Populations: When is ORAS not enough?

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Specialized Populations: When is ORAS not enough? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Specialized Populations: When is ORAS not enough?. The Corrections Institute Center for Criminal Justice Research University of Cincinnati. The Ultimate Goal. To develop the most comprehensive view of the person

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specialized populations when is oras not enough

Specialized Populations: When is ORAS not enough?

The Corrections Institute

Center for Criminal Justice Research

University of Cincinnati

the ultimate goal
The Ultimate Goal
  • To develop the most comprehensive view of the person
    • Incorporate actuarial assessments, structured evaluations, and professional judgment
best practices the use of a actuarial assessment
Best Practices: The Use of a Actuarial Assessment
  • Medical
  • Automobile
  • Insurance
  • Mechanical
  • Economics
  • Healthcare
effectiveness of the qwerty v dvorak
Effectiveness of the QWERTY v DVORAK
  • Some dispute findings but most accept
    • DVORAK 33% fewer errors
    • Guinness Book of World Records
      • 212 words a minute with DVORAK
    • 30 times less stressful to hands
    • Ergonomically superior
    • Alternate hands
    • 70% of the keys used are on one row
why qwerty over dvorak
  • QWERTY was more effective for typewriters
  • Why was it not adopted once technology advanced?
    • We already know what we are doing.
    • We have been doing this for so long.
    • It works the way we are doing it.
    • It is too expensive to change.
    • It will take too much to relearn what I am doing.
goal of assessment
Goal of Assessment
  • To capture a true picture of the person we are working with regarding his or her strengths, areas of general need, crime producing factors, and support networks
creating a true picture
Creating a True Picture

Criminogenic Needs

Specialized Population


Need Specific Assessments

Social Support

Structured Professional Judgment

criminogenic needs
Criminogenic Needs
  • Assess offenders using a valid instrument for the purpose of gathering a composite risk score/level
the utility of the oras
The Utility of the ORAS
  • Broad measure of criminogenic needs
    • Overall risk level
  • “Red Flags” for domain specific needs
    • Low
    • Moderate
    • High
specialized populations
Specialized Populations
  • Sexual offenders
  • Domestic Violence
  • Operating Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated
  • Violent offenders
  • Women offenders
  • Veteran offenders
assessing specialized populations
Assessing Specialized Populations
  • Consider general risk
  • Concentrate on areas that are problematic for that type of offender
  • Remember, composite risk score relates to the overall likelihood
who is more likely to reoffend
Who Is More Likely to Reoffend?
  • 1st time DUI
  • Drinking at a bar with friends
  • Crossed the double yellow line
  • .12 BA
  • Employed
  • Has a driver’s license
  • States “The cop was just doing their job”
  • “It is not ok to drink and drive”
  • Family that supports sober lifestyle
  • 1st time DUI
  • Drinking at a bar with friends
  • Crossed the double yellow line
  • .12 BA
  • Unemployed
  • Driving w/o a license
  • States “The cop was out to get me”
  • Everyone gets one DUI
  • Family who engages in alcohol use on a regular basis
duis omvis
  • Not highly related to how much you drink
two typologies of duis
Two Typologies of DUIs
  • Problem drinkers who drive
  • Problem drivers who drink
offender types
Offender Types
  • Sexual offender assessments
    • Rapid Risk Assessment of Sex Offense Recidivism (RRASOR)
    • Minnesota Sex Offender Screening Tool (MnSOST-R)
    • Static-2002R
    • Sex Offender Risk Appraisal Guide (SORAG)
violent anger
  • HCR-20
  • Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG)
  • Hostile Interpretation Questionnaire (HIQ)
  • Hostility Inventory
domestic violence
Domestic Violence
  • Spousal Assault Risk Assessment
  • Danger Assessment
individualized needs within each domain
Individualized Needs within Each Domain


Targets for Change

Individual Needs

targets for change
Targets for Change
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial Situation
family and social support
Family and Social Support
  • Family of origin
  • Current family
  • Community support networks
  • Housing
substance abuse
Substance Abuse
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
    • Type of drugs
substance abuse1
Substance Abuse

Issue with peers?

Physiologically Addicted?

Poor emotional regulation?

  • Prosocial networks
  • Antisocial networks
criminal attitudes and behavior problems
Criminal Attitudes and Behavior Problems
  • Prosocial/Antisocial Attitudes
  • Empathy/Compassion
  • Aggressiveness
  • Risk Taking
attitudes values and beliefs
Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs
  • Criminal Sentiments Scale-M
  • Circumstances, Motivation, Readiness, & Suitability
  • Jesness Inventory
  • Navaco Anger Scale and Provocation Inventory
drug alcohol
  • Addiction Severity Index
  • Adult Substance Use Survey
  • Alcohol use disorders identification test
  • Level of Care Utilization System
mental health
Mental Health
  • Brief Jail Mental Health Screen
  • Diagnostic Interview Schedule IV
  • MMPI-2
  • Personality Assessment Inventory
  • Traumatic Symptom Inventory
  • Ecomap
  • Genogram
  • Norbeck social Support Questionnaire
education employment
  • Adult Basic Learning Examination
  • Basic English Skills Test
  • Burns/Roe Informal Reading Inventory
  • Slossom Oral Reading Test
  • Tests of adult Basic Education
professional judgment
Professional Judgment
  • Within each target—why is this an issue of this individual?
  • How does the environment the person interacts within help, hurt, have no impact?
social support
Social Support
  • What resources does this person have or is available that can be leveraged to meet his/her needs?
  • On-going process
    • The more we know, the more we can tailor our interventions
    • One level of assessment is not enough