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IBM's Environmental Management System- ISO 14001 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IBM's Environmental Management System- ISO 14001. NC DPPEA Workshop August 24, 1999. IBM's Business.

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Presentation Transcript
Ibm s environmental management system iso 14001 l.jpg

IBM's Environmental Management System- ISO 14001

NC DPPEA Workshop

August 24, 1999

Ibm s business l.jpg
IBM's Business

  • Develop, Manufacture and Sell Information Technology Products, Including Computers and Microelectronic Technology, Software, and Networking Systems and Information Technology-Related Services Worldwide.

Ibm s business cont l.jpg
IBM’s Business (Cont.)

  • IBM Product Units

    • Server Group

    • AS 400; RS 6000; System 390

    • Personal Systems Group

    • Printing Systems Company

    • IBM Microelectronics Division

    • Networking Hardware Division

    • Storage Systems Division

    • Retail Store Solutions

    • Display Business Unit IBM Product Units

Rta s manufacturing and development mission l.jpg
RTA's Manufacturing and Development Mission

  • Manufacture/assembly of computer and networking hardware products

  • Computer refurbishing operations

  • Hardware/software development activities

  • Human Resources for US

  • Customer call centers for software/hardware support

Ibm s ems l.jpg

  • IBM has one EMS with a tiered approach


Provide Feedback for Continual Improvement

Develop Common System

Locations and/or Division Operating Units

Ibm s ems6 l.jpg

  • Corporate's Role

    • Set environmental policy

    • Develop IBM WW environmental strategy

    • Define requirements of IBM's EMS

    • Establish environmental Corporate Instructions and Environmental Practices

    • Set Corporate level environmental objectives and targets

Ibm s ems7 l.jpg

  • Corporate's Role (cont.)

    • Provide guidance to locations and/or

    • Division/Operating Units

    • Measure environmental performance

    • Perform environmental affairs audits at locations

    • Review status of environmental affairs with top management

    • Communicate environmental affairs progress to interested parties

Ibm s ems8 l.jpg

  • Location and/or Division/Operating Units' Role

    • Develop and implement programs to conform with IBM's EMS

    • Identify legal requirements and apply for permits

    • Develop location and/or Division/Operating Unit procedures

    • Monitor compliance to legal and IBM requirements

Ibm s ems9 l.jpg

  • Location and/or Division/Operating Units' Role (cont.)

    • Report compliance to agencies

    • Perform self-assessment

    • Review EMS with Location and/or Division/Operating Unit management

    • Report key characteristics to Corporate

Ibm s ems control l.jpg
IBM's EMS Control

  • Primary control point of environmental management for Locations and/or Divisions/Operating Units:

    • Locations control manufacturing processes, activities, and services

    • Divisions/ Operating Units control products

Core elements of ibm s ems l.jpg
Core Elements of IBM's EMS

  • Environmental Policy

  • Corporate Instructions

  • Environmental Practices

  • Worldwide EMS Manual

Ibm s environmental policy l.jpg
IBM's Environmental Policy

  • IBM has a single corporate-wide environmental policy, which

    • Commits IBM to Environmental Affairs Leadership

    • Contains 11 elements addressing a wide array of environmental concerns for IBM's business activities, products and services

    • Commits to striving for continual improvement of the EMS and performance

    • Requires every employee and every contactor on IBM premises to follow it

Ibm s corporate instructions l.jpg
IBM's Corporate Instructions

  • Applicable to all business units and locations

  • Specify broad requirements on environmental subjects, such as:

    • energy management

    • hazardous materials transportation

    • environmentally conscious product design

    • supplier evaluation of environmental considerations

    • incident reporting

    • environmental impact assessment

    • and others

Ibm s environmental practices l.jpg
IBM's Environmental Practices

  • Applicable to all business units and locations

  • Specify detailed requirements for air emissions, water discharges, waste management, transfer and storage of liquids, and chemical management

Ibm worldwide ems manual l.jpg
IBM Worldwide EMS Manual

  • Aligns IBM's existing EMS with ISO 14001

  • Re-emphasizes and delineates EMS requirements for Corporate Environmental Affiars and Locations and/or Operating Units

  • Used ISO 14001 as a tool to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency of IBM's EMS

Additional core elements at rta l.jpg
Additional Core Elements at RTA

  • RTA EMS Manual

  • Product EMS Manuals (RSS, NHD, PSG)

  • Program Manuals

  • Emergency Planning Manual

Environmental aspects l.jpg
Environmental Aspects

  • Process

    • Team of environmental experts

    • Criteria used for identification of significant environmental aspects

      • Environmental impact of the aspect

      • Legal /regulatory requirements

      • IBM environmental requirements

      • Good neighbor (activities and services)

      • Customer views (products)

Examples of environmental aspects l.jpg
Examples of Environmental Aspects

  • Activities and Services

    • Chemical use

    • Hazardous waste generation

    • Air emissions

    • Waste recycling

    • Hazardous materials transportation

    • Energy consumption

    • Groundwater/soil remediation/cleanup

Examples of environmental aspects19 l.jpg
Examples of Environmental Aspects

  • Products

    • Product energy consumption

    • Recyclability/reuse

    • Product chemical emissions

    • Recycled/recyclable materials

    • Product protective packaging (shipping)

    • Supplies/consumables

Significant aspects focused at rta l.jpg
Significant Aspects Focused at RTA

  • Product Aspects

    • Three product groups: Networking Hardware, Personal Systems Group, and Retail Store Solutions

  • Key Significant Aspects Related to Activities and Services

    • Solid waste mgmt/recycling

    • Air emissions (including employee vehicle emissions)

    • Energy consumption

Objectives and targets l.jpg
Objectives and Targets

  • Objectives and Targets established at both Corporate and Location/Division levels

    • Locations/divisions may establish additional product specific targets, but must adopt Corporate's

  • Primary Considerations

    • Legal / regulatory requirements

    • IBM Corporate requirements

    • Other requirements (e.g., Energy Star)

    • Significant environmental aspects

    • Technological options

    • Financial, operational & business requirements

    • Views of interested parties

  • Ibm corporate objectives and targets activities and services l.jpg
    IBM Corporate Objectives and Targets (Activities and Services)

    • Hazardous waste reduction

      • Year to year overall reduction

    • Energy Conservation

      • 4% overall consrvation savings

    • Nonhazardous waste recycling

      • 67% solid waste

      • 35% industrial waste

    • Perfluorocompounds Reduction

      • 40% reduction by YE 2002

    Ibm corporate objectives and targets products l.jpg
    IBM Corporate Objectives and Targets (Products) Services)

    • Energy efficiency

      • Energy Star

      • Power consumption per unit of function

    • Materials Recovery Centers landfill reduction

      • 10% reduction in 1999 versus 1998

    • Plastics recycling

      • Purchase 10% recycled plastics by 2001

    • Design for Environment

      • Assessments on at least 80% of products released in 1999

    Engineering center for ecp rtp nc l.jpg
    Engineering Center for ECP Services)(RTP, NC)

    • ECP design, assessment & metrics

    • Material selection

    • Plastics recycling

    • Regulatory tracking& interpretation

    • Product end-of-life management programs

    • Support of materials recovery, reutilization

    • operations

    • ISO14001 support

    • Life cycle assessment studies

    • Environmental packaging

    • ECP communications

    Slide26 l.jpg
    Goal Services)

    • Achieve Single Worldwide Registration to ISO 14001 Covering IBM's Manufacturing and Hardware Development Locations Across All Business Units

      • Complete registration audits at 30 Locations in 14 Countries Plus Corporate Environmental Affairs

      • Location populations: <1,000 to 20,000

      • Business Units include Microelectronics, Storage Systems, S/390 Servers, AS/400 Servers, RS/6000 Servers, PC Servers, Personal Computers, Networking Hardware

    Reasons for goal l.jpg
    Reasons for Goal Services)

    • It Reinforces the Integration of Environmental Considerations Throughout IBM's Business

    • It Positions IBM to be Competitive

    • It is Consistent with Our Quest for Environmental Leadership

    • A Single Worldwide Registration is Consistent with Our Long-standing EMS and it is the Most Efficient Approach

    How we proceeded l.jpg
    How We Proceeded Services)

    • Completed Worldwide Gap Analysis

    • Published Worldwide EMS Manual Consistent with ISO 14001

    • Developed Common Solutions

      • Training

      • Identification of Significant Aspects

      • EMS Audit Methodology

    • Retained a Single Worldwide Registrar

    • Transferred Existing Site Registrations (through Surveillance) and Began Audits at New Locations

    Advantages of our approach l.jpg
    Advantages of Our Approach Services)

    • Capitalizes on IBM's Existing Global EMS

    • An Outstanding Way to Help Ensure We Execute the Same EMS No Matter Where in the World We Do Business

    • Consistency Yields Efficiency and Effectiveness

    • Least Cost Approach

      • Avoids Multiple Registrations by Multiple Registrars

      • Enables Ongoing Audits to Proceed According to Sampling Plan

    Challenges with our approach l.jpg
    Challenges with Our Approach Services)

    • Significant Worldwide Coordination Required

    • Would be Very Difficult to Integrate with Existing ISO 9000 Registrations

    • Single Registrar Expects a Well-Structured, Mature, and Consistent EMS at all IBM Locations -- Even those that are New in the Business

    Current results l.jpg
    Current Results Services)

    • Earned First Edition of Worldwide Registration in December, 1997

      • Supported by successful registration audits at 11 of 26 (original number) locations plus Corporate Environmental Affairs staff

      • 12 Months from decision to proceed

      • 3 Months ahead of plan

    • To Date, all 30 M&D Locations Worldwide are on our Registration

    Value to our business l.jpg
    Value to Our Business Services)

    • Environment is Clearly Being Further Integrated -- Employees and Managers are Much More Aware of the Environmental Policy and Their Role in it

    • EMS is "System Dependent" rather than "Person Dependent"

    • It Helps Drive Continual Improvement

    • Customer Inquiries are Handled Efficiently

    • Strengthening our Record of Leadership

    Continual improvement activities l.jpg
    Continual Improvement Activities Services)

    • Integration of functions traditionally not thought of as having a major environmental impact:

      • Procurement

      • Transporation and distribution

      • All on-site contractors

    • The list of significant aspects has been expanded and objectives and targets are being enhanced

    Continual improvement activities34 l.jpg
    Continual Improvement Activities Services)

    • Off-site suppliers are being encouraged to implement and register to ISO 14001

    • IBM is working with the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to TC 207 on ISO 14001 revisions

    • On-line environmental training is being developed for environmental professionals new to IBM

    Slide35 l.jpg
    End Services)