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Shelby Snow | Kyle Hayes | Ashley Bonner | Tanya Srivastava | Erica Doty PowerPoint Presentation
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Shelby Snow | Kyle Hayes | Ashley Bonner | Tanya Srivastava | Erica Doty

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Shelby Snow | Kyle Hayes | Ashley Bonner | Tanya Srivastava | Erica Doty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shelby Snow | Kyle Hayes | Ashley Bonner | Tanya Srivastava | Erica Doty
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  1. Shelby Snow | Kyle Hayes | Ashley Bonner | Tanya Srivastava| Erica Doty

  2. “Making shopping fun for everyone” since 2005 Brands La Di Da sells: Toms Shoes, Reef Flip Flops to Judith March, Atenti, Cutting Up to mainstream clothing lines such as FreePeople, Scrapbook and many other apparel lines

  3. Target Market: La Di Da’s target market is middle class women, 18-30, who are looking for fashion within a set budget. These target consumers have an eclectic, bohemian style and like clothing with a unique Denton flare • Value Proposition: La Di Da offers its customers a unique mix of clothing that uses Denton’s eclectic music scene as a guide. Their slogan is “where fashion is fun for everyone” they strive to offer a place where customers can have a “truly unique fashion experience.”

  4. Current Marketing Strategies • Traditional: Full page advertisements in College Guide Magazine, Word of Mouth • Digital: Facebook page, Twitter page, blog, basic website and email. • Facebook and Twitter are the main avenues used to create and maintain a relationship with customers. • Sharing pictures, commenting on products, reviews, promotions and new products

  5. Deficiencies in the Current Marketing Strategy • Traditional: Advertisements in College Guide, Word of Mouth • Not many people ever look at the College Guide, often goes straight into the trash • The College Guide (obviously) only targets college students, so it has a narrow audience • WOM may be a big help, but no business can rely entirely upon it to keep high store traffic

  6. Deficiencies in the Current Marketing Strategy, cont. • Digital: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website • Blog has one entry, made in 2009 – it is a good idea that has not been developed • Website is very spartan, only contains bare-minimum location, store hours, address, and links to Twitter and Facebook • No way to browse clothes, accessories, or even the brands they carry • Cannot make purchases online • Facebook could be updated more often, host promotional events

  7. New Digital Strategy • First and foremost, improve their website • User friendly experience • Upgrade mobile app to go along with the website • Offer special deals for just their online business to keep customers coming back • Seasonal specials • Build hype for their brand and products

  8. Why include Digital Tools? • Keeps the consumers interested in the website they are on; better user experience • Personalized shopping experience • Helps company keep track of customers activities to further strategize

  9. Implementation plan • Immediately upgrade website • Heavy advertising and marketing • Billboards, flyers, word-of-mouth, TV ads, flyers, online marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), etc. • Create an active online presence and communicate with customers on social networking cites to find out what they like and dislike

  10. Strengthening Consumer Relationships • These changes in the companies digital and marketing strategy will attract more customers • Build a better relationship with the consumers • Personal and friendly • Increase customer loyalty • New and better brand image and reputation will be created • As sales increase, stockholders will want to invest more

  11. Helpful Harmful Internal External