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Portrayal of Women in Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Portrayal of Women in Media

Portrayal of Women in Media

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Portrayal of Women in Media

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  1. Portrayal of Women in Media

  2. Women • As we unfortunately see in all forms of media, the roles of women in advertising are stereotypical and limiting. • The association of women and specific domestic roles has been solidified all over media outlets. • Women have been portrayed as domestic providers who do not make significant decisions, are dependent on the men in their lives, and are essentially portrayed as sex objects. • The messages of the media reflect the multiple roles that women have to play in western society. • Many of the roles involve a woman domestic roles—caring for children, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries and making meals for a husband.

  3. Women in TV -Television has become the most popular form of entertainment in our society. -Stories provided by television programs can be very influential to our society due to their captivating plot lines. -I will go over: how women are portrayed ontelevision, in a world where social change in attitudes is occurring…..

  4. Ratio of Men to Women on TV • Have you ever notices the ratio of Men to Women in TV? • FACT: While slightly more than half of local television news anchors are now women, women still make up only 28% of local news directors and 16% of the general managers at TV stations that air local news. • FACT: On the broadcast networks' Sunday morning political talk shows, male guests outnumber female guests by an average ratio of four-to-one. • FACT: On primetime cable news programs, more than three-quarters of the hosts are white men and less than a quarter are white women. The typical guest on these shows is white and male; overall, 67 percent of the guests are men and 84 percent are white. • FACT: The premiere news program on network television, CBS's 60 Minutes, currently boasts 10 regular correspondents and contributors, of whom three are women.

  5. The “Unreal” Women of TV • Why women on reality TV have to be good-looking, dumb and desperate • We will examine “The Step ford Wife,” a movie that has glorified the stereotype of the perfect women

  6. The Step Ford Wives -The Stepford Wives, a horror movie made in 1975, addressed the issue of the role of women with a fearful and unhappy look at the perfect woman. -Women in the movie are: impossibly thin, impeccably dressed, intellectually vapid, exist for no other reason than to cater to their husbands every desire, stay home all day and bake cookies -In The Stepford Wives men forced their dominance by creating "new and improved" versions of their wives in the shell of a robot. The robot serves as man's ultimate fantasy, a beautiful and subservient wife with the perfect figure and an a never ending sex drive. -Nearly every night, on every network, dating, mating and makeover shows routinely glorify the same stereotypes lampooned in Stepford.

  7. The Bachelor • TV show where pretty and thin women compete for the love of a wealthy, handsome, smart man • Depicts that women need beauty over brains to succeed • Female viewers see an array of personas, identifying with some and rejecting others, as they calibrate what kind of woman succeeds in a world where appearance and personality still powerfully determine a woman’s fate. • The show perpetuates an idea from The StepfordWives: that women should be judged first and foremost by their bodies, faces and personality traits, rather than their brains, integrity, or talents.

  8. The Swan • The show risks the health of women by transforming “Ugly Ducklings” to go through a series of plastic surgery to be beautiful, hence the name “ The Swan.” • The show has been criticized for promoting plastic surgery and portraying a view of beauty packaged and marketed by the fashion industry, and a lack of ethics in preying on vulnerable women.

  9. Concerns These TV series give viewers of all ages the false notion that women who are young, stereotypically beautiful and reliable on men with money will be successful and live a happy life.

  10. Women in Advertisements Images of female bodies are everywhere. Women—and their body parts—sell everything from food to cars. Popular film and television actresses are becoming younger, taller and thinner. Some have even been known to faint on the set from lack of food. Women’s magazines are full of articles urging that if they can just lose those last twenty pounds, they’ll have it all—the perfect marriage, loving children, great sex, and a rewarding career.

  11. Advertisements

  12. Women in Advertisements • Advertising has many effects on society as a whole. The ads that females are in are mostly those that portray them as them and thin and beautiful while some how also being subservient to men. • The negative effects of advertising on women fall into a huge range of problems. The most common would effect women’s struggles with dieting and eating disorders. • Women in advertisements are often portrayed as unrealistic and unattainable figures. These images have brought many girls into depression or have brought many girls to resort to eating disorders. • The inner struggles of keeping the pain in cause some girls to want to commit suicide before ever wanting to be fat.

  13. Advertisements are Everywhere • We live in a society of extremely thin models and very lean celebrities.Todays popular magazine covers are titled “Best and Worst Beach Bodies” and “Too Thin for TV.” • Weekly tabloids feature stories on who has lost the most weight and who needs to cover up. • The idea is: thin is in is everywhere, and is hardly escapable from the advertising industry. Although the messages are damaging and often untrue, young girls everywhere are suffering the consequences of constant exposure to overly thin models and movie stars • What young girls need to understand is that these images are false and technology can make someone who is overweight look skinny with a simple click of a button on photoshop.

  14. Conclusion • Women's obsession with beauty is so evident in our society today, as a result of mass consumptions of TV and other media outlets. Sadly, more and more women aspire to become the stereotypical and ideal women. Women are preoccupied withgetting thin and staying thin. This obsession starts for many young girls as early as elementary school. 
 • Excessive dieting can not only lead toy starvation by taking away the nutrients the body needs to survive, therefore, damaging the organs, which can lead to death. 
 • The violence we can do to ourselves if we unknowingly accept these stereotypes can be very subtle. Young girls need to realize that they don't have to look like their favorite models of actresses to be beautiful. These people put a huge amount of effort into maintaining a certain look, and they get paid lots of money for their trouble. • We are leading normal lives in the real world, yet for some reason young women are striving to be like them.