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12: Interpersonal PowerPoint Presentation
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12: Interpersonal

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12: Interpersonal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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12: Interpersonal. Relationships: Friends, Spouses, Family . Intimate Relationships. Are marked by high degrees of warmth and affection, trust, self-disclosure, and commitment, and are formalized through symbols and rituals. Characteristics of Intimate Relationships. Warmth and affection

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12: Interpersonal

Relationships: Friends, Spouses, Family

CA 104 (Aitken)

intimate relationships
Intimate Relationships

Are marked by high degrees of warmth and affection, trust, self-disclosure, and commitment, and are formalized through symbols and rituals.

CA 104 (Aitken)

characteristics of intimate relationships
Characteristics of Intimate Relationships
  • Warmth and affection
  • Trust
    • Dependable
    • Responsive
    • Effect at conflict-resolving
    • Faithful
  • Self-disclosure
  • Commitment

CA 104 (Aitken)

types of intimate relationships styles
Types of Intimate Relationships & Styles
  • Male Relationships
  • Female Relationships
  • Male-Female Relationships
  • Marriage and Long-Term Committed
  • Family Relationships

CA 104 (Aitken)

Relationships are based on shared activities

Generally have topical conversations

Intimacy is based on physical nearness

Use covert intimacy

Conversations focus on personal and relational topics as well as topical

Intimacy is based on talking, disclosure of feelings, secrets and insights

Male Relationships



CA 104 (Aitken)

male female relationships
Male-Female Relationships
  • Female intimacy is often expressive, male intimacy is often instrumental
  • Older people are less likely to have cross-sex friendships
  • Men are more likely to report cross-sex friendships than women
  • Women more than men report that dating and marriage negatively affect friendships.

CA 104 (Aitken)

types long term committed relationships
Types Long-Term Committed Relationships
  • Traditional –share a traditional ideology but maintain some independence
  • Independent –share an ideology that embraces change and uncertainty, but are interdependent and apt to engage in conflict
  • Separate –share traditional ideology, but engage in less emotional sharing


CA 104 (Aitken)

keys to long term marriage
Keys to Long-term Marriage
  • Mutual respect
  • Comfortable level of closeness
  • Presence of a life plan or vision

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CA 104 (Aitken)


“A group of intimates who generate

a sense of home and group identity, complete with strong ties of loyalty and emotion and experience a history and a future.” (Galvin & Brommel, 1996)

CA 104 (Aitken)

family communication
Family Communication
  • Contributes to self-concept formation
  • Supplies needed recognition and support
  • Establishes models of communication behavior

CA 104 (Aitken)

improving family communication
Improving Family Communication
  • Opening the lines of communication.
  • Confronting the effects of power imbalances.
  • Recognizing and adapting to change.
  • Respecting individual interests.
  • Managing conflicts equitably.

CA 104 (Aitken)

problems associated with intimacy
Problems Associated with Intimacy
  • Loneliness – desired level of social interaction is higher than the level achieved
  • Relational uncertainty – feeling of doubt about the nature of the relationship
  • Jealousy – the suspicion of rivalry or unfaithfulness
  • Sex-role stereotyping

CA 104 (Aitken)