by michael k matt s andrew p alex b n.
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By: Michael K, Matt S, Andrew P, Alex B PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Michael K, Matt S, Andrew P, Alex B

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By: Michael K, Matt S, Andrew P, Alex B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Michael K, Matt S, Andrew P, Alex B.

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One very sunny day, with the smell of fossil fuels in the air their was a complaint. Bert the gasman made a very evil move. He raised the price for gas by $10 everyday to get more and more money. No one could afford the gas so Bert would get no business. He would only get a few customers a day because they needed to drive.


The people were so mad, they started a riot against Bert. The riot was about the gas and how they couldn’t afford it. The civilians wanted to drive again. But, just as they cornered Bert, there was a flash and he was gone. Everything was going good in the carbon cycle until the sun vanished stopping photosynthesis.


The next day they realized Bert was not a normal human being. As the people were trying to get the sun back from behind Bert’s planet, Bert made a sneaky move when nobody was paying attention to him. He was underground using combustion to burn all of our fossil fuels.


Our carbon supplies was low, the Carbon cycle will be destroyed at this rate. Even though respiration is happening the animals can’t live without the sun. But, then comes Super-man, the day will surly be saved. As Bert is burning the last fossil fuel, Super-man is running at full speed but then Bert trips him into the fire and he dies.


All civilians are petrified after what has happened in the last couple days. Decomposition is what Bert is doing to Super-mans body so he can absorb all of the carbon he needs. When he flies away he doesn’t realize he is leaving a trail of burning fossil fuels. Our best detectives are on the case, Dr. Phil and Ellen De Genres.


When they are inspecting the scene of the crime Ellen brings a special guest, Jimmy Neutron a super smart kid. They all get in the ship and follow the trail. As they approach they realize Bert’s hometown was the planet Mars. They were ready to risk their lives for planet Earth.


Earth was in a bad situation. We needed some carbon fast unless the Earth would come to an end. Then comes Bill Gates. As we all know, he is very rich, powerful, buys a lot of things and donates a lot of money so the Earth can survive. But, we still need the sun back very badly. Earth was willing to fight.


Just as all of the Army and Navy were gathered together Bill gates made a decision. He volunteered to buy the sun back from Bert. He offered Bert a offer he couldn’t refuse, $20,000,000,000. As the action was underway Bill handed over the money and Bert gave the sun back. Bill Gates has saved the day for the entire Earth.


As Bill puts the sun back in its right position, he installs a security system that will blast anyone who tries to steal it. While he is at it he invents Sun Chips and all the extra money he earns helps him get his $20,000,000,000. All is going well on the Earth now.


Except… that Bert was still alive and planning to steal something very valuable by the end of the year. All of our water will soon be in danger and maybe another carbon incident to.

  • Fossil Fuels: a nonrenewable energy resource that forms in the Earths crust over millions of years from the buries remains of once-living organisms
  • Combustion: the burning of fossil fuels and carbon is released
  • Respiration: when carbon is returned to the atmosphere as animals exhale
  • Photosynthesis: producers that use carbon dioxide from the air to make food for themselves.
  • Decomposition: when bacteria and fungi are break down dead materials to release carbon