Aboriginal and torres strait island education
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education. Creative Pathways for Students. Acknowledgements.

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Aboriginal and torres strait island education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education

Creative Pathways for Students


  • The successes that I have seen, and been involved in, are due to the very passionate and committed staff I have worked with. They have educated me and guided me and I would like to name these key people:

  • Sue Gould and Jennie Cartmill – RPSHS

  • Vanessa Butler – Woodcrest State College

  • Marjorie Elworthy and Christine Magey – BPSHS

  • Sigrund Neilson – Met Region

  • Lyndall Hill – Dare to Lead

Focus areas of my presentation today
Focus areas of my presentation today

  • Relationships -students and families

  • Preparation for success

  • Pathways for students

  • Support for success

Today s message
Today’s Message

  • Collage of learnings from my journey, particularly the past 10 years. My apologies for restating the obvious in some cases.

  • Experiences from 4 different settings

  • Redbank Plains State High School 2001-2006, March 2011……

  • Woodcrest State College P-12 - 2006-2010

  • Browns Plains SHS – Sem 2 2010

  • Boronia Heights SS – Term 1 2011

Relationships with students and families
Relationships with students and families

  • This is the core to everything we do – “know your students”

  • If there is no connection between the family and the school, there is no progress!






First impressions
First Impressions

  • When a new family to the community arrives at your school, what do they see?

  • What are the signs, the cues, the artefacts they see that speak to them about this community’s awareness of indigenous education?

  • What flags are flying out front? 1,2 or all 3?

  • Who meets them and how is this done?

  • When do they get to meet the CEC, Indigenous Support worker? How soon?

  • What artefacts might be obvious to them?

The role of the principal in this
The role of the Principal in this!

  • A clear focus on the expectation of high quality performance from all indigenous students.

  • A clear role statement for the indigenous workers within the school and then empowerment, resourcing and support for them to do their job.

  • A connection with the students and families so that they realise that I know them, I expect high performances from them and that I will provide whatever support and encouragement I can to see them succeed.

  • In all my schools, my indigenous staff play a pivotal role in making / facilitating this connection.

Successful strategies i have employed
Successful strategies I have employed!

  • Collegial Snapshot Process – Run by Dare to Lead

  • EATSIPS process facilitated by EQ

  • Development of a Indigenous Education Strategic Plan for my School.

    • Kirwan SHS template

    • School and community consultation and dialogue (who?)

    • Engagement of Elders, families and students in the process

    • Development of school community “Dreaming Statements”

Successful strategies i have employed1
Successful strategies I have employed!

  • At Browns Plains SHS last year:

  • BER building provided some extra spaces

  • Previous indigenous T/A room was barely a small storeroom (message of importance of the role to families????)

  • Through reorganisation, created an Indigenous Learning Centre:

    • @ the front of the school – easy access, welcoming, overt statement

    • Beside a large indigenous art mural

    • Resourced and decorated appropriately – new laptop donated for workers

    • Space to hang large map of Traditional owners – students know their mob and their country.

Outcomes -

  • Students knew that they, and their culture, was visible and valued in and by the school

  • Parents knew who the principal was, and were much more comfortable in contacting the school and talking to staff and admin about their student’s education – they knew the school valued this relationship

  • Parents had input and connectedness to the direction of education in their school for their students

Preparation for success
Preparation for Success

  • Once the relationship is solid and in place and we know the student and the family, we then spend time on:

  • determining dreams and aspirations for their future

  • Building a student profile for our indigenous students around these aspirations

  • Facilitate exposure to experiences for students to build their aspirations, sample ‘dream jobs’ to enable informed decision making – build confidence!

  • Keeping a log of all career conversations, career development or sampling opportunities provided, sampling, work experience etc – OnePortal Document

@ woodcrest state college
@ Woodcrest State College

  • Vanessa Butler knew the students so well

  • Vanessa had fantastic links and knew all the families in our community

  • The school had excellent links through the local universities, the A.E.S. and a variety of other WEX providers

  • Students provided with variety of stimulus ops depending on their career aspirations.

  • Ops narrowed as they progressed into senior school to a clearer, sharper focus, working towards enabling and embedding success.

  • 2010 Grads – all proceeded to Apprenticeships, Banks or Uni.

  • Orbiting role-models back through school

@ bpshs

  • Students closely supported by the Gold Coast Titans initiatives.

  • This program was expanding rapidly and this was BP’s first year in the South East Region.

  • Leadership and futures camp – networking opps for students

  • All Students completed their QCEs at end of year 12

  • All students engaged in a pathway post year 12 for 2011

@ rpshs

  • Students have variety of stimulus opportunities

  • A.R.T.I.E. Program

  • Weekly visits by program rep – Steve Walters plus significant others

  • All students have worked through and set goals each term with incentives / rewards for them achieving these (100% Attendance plus ‘C’ or better in Behaviour and Effort for all subjects)

  • Regular visits from Broncos players or Qld Coach

  • 1:1 Tutoring to start in 2012 with UQ students

@ rpshs platters on willow
@ RPSHS – “Platters on Willow”

Indigenous catering initiative

  • Cert II in Kitchen Operations

  • Endorsed by local community members

  • Using traditional meats, fruits vegetables, herbs and spices

  • Flexible and creative menus that demonstrate to students the use of natural, native ingredients

  • Students now identifying ingredients in the school and community

Platters on willow
“Platters on Willow”

Students learn cultural fusion cooking

  • Crocodile Sushi

  • Tempura Barramundi

  • Marinated Kangaroo on Asian noodles

  • Emu and Kangaroo Chipolatas

  • Various Spiced Dampers

  • Baklava with indigenous jams and fruits

Pathways for students
Pathways for Students!

  • Positive self-talk when working with students and parents

  • Consistent support, checking, partnering with student

  • Provision of mentors / support / liaison staff vital

  • Strong connections for students at destination

  • Realistic, valid conversations with students and parents around aspirations from year 8

  • Support around getting Learner’s Permit – KAMBU

  • Clear mapping of pathways – Pathways Document

Pathways @ rpshs
Pathways @ RPSHS

Role of Snr Schooling Team

  • Handover every student at end of Yr 12 to next destination – Not left to chance

  • Universities – USQ, UQ (Ipswich / St Lucia), QUT

  • TAFE – TBIT, MSIT, Logan, Sunshine Coast

  • Aboriginal Employment Service – Banks, Admin

  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships – local ops – Qld Rail, Gov’t Dept ops

  • Work - Origin Alliance Students (next)

Platters on willow 40 functions local regional state and federal dept catering
“Platters on Willow” 40+ functions Local, Regional, State and Federal dept catering

Croc Breakfast Burgers, Emu and Kangaroo Chipolatas, Dampers and jams

Nerima Schools visit 2011 – Japanese and Indigenous food fusion

Indigenous Culture Promotion, Awareness and Pride

Origin alliance students
“Origin Alliance” Students

Unique community based opportunity – what ops are available locally???

  • $1 Billion Ipswich Motorway Project

  • 8 students doing SATs with this project

  • Students working 1 week on, 1 week at school

  • Extra support in place at school supporting their academic program

  • National Partnership funds assisting here

Student support
Student Support

  • Financial – ABSTUDY, QATSIF

  • School CECs, T/As, Mentors

  • External Program Staff – ARTIE, FOGS,

  • PASS Program (Cert II in Recreation) students are paid for their work with local primary schools

  • PaCE staff and connections

  • KAMBU medical centre

  • Local ISSU

F o g s support
F.O.G.S. support

Steve Walters and Justin Hodges

School visit 2011

FOGS Career Expo 2011

Our journey continues
Our journey continues………..

  • Sharp focus on enhancing student aspirations

  • Building belief within the families and students

  • Strategic focus on building partnerships with our community

  • Constant focus on surrounding students with nurturing support and guidance to empower them to succeed

  • Constant focus on networking with industry to create fluent pathways for our students

To follow up on any thing
To follow up on any thing ……

  • Contact the school on

  • 34321222

  • Me on

  • Llew.Paulger@eq.edu.au

  • Jennie Cartmill – C.E.C. jcart44@eq.edu.au