tire installation how to learn the basics of replacing a flat tire n.
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Tire Installation How to Learn The Basics of Replacing PowerPoint Presentation
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Tire Installation How to Learn The Basics of Replacing

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Tire Installation How to Learn The Basics of Replacing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tire installation means removing the old wheels and replacing the wheels with new ones. It is a common task that most of the car owners has to go through once in a while.

Normally they would go to the nearest auto mobile repair centres or garages to repair or install new tires. Where the work is done by the professionals. The mechanics have the right tools and they can ensure the safety and stability of the vehicles. But every once in a while during a long drives there are cases of flat tires. That is when knowledge about installation of tires comes in handy.


Tire installation is a simple process but needs to be learned very carefully. Because if the bolts or valves are loose then they can cause catastrophic accidents that may lead to serious injuries even death.


That is why even after installing the tire by themselves one must go to the car service centres to check if there are any more problems.


Now there are few important tools that are required in-case of tire installation. They are a spare tire, a hoist, a jack, jack stands, a four way wrench and a torque wrench. Each of these tools has different functions but equally important.


You must always carry a spare tire no matter what. Then to install the tire you need to move the vehicle upwards. To do that you need the jack which uses hydraulic pressure to lift up the vehicle.


Then it is positioned under the vehicle and one side of the vehicle is lifted up. In most cases hoist is used to lift up a vehicle which is found in mechanic shops. As it is huge it cannot be carried. So jack is used instead.


The jack stand is there to support the jack and balance the vehicle so that the weight of the vehicle does not break the jack. Four way wrenches is the wrench which looks like the plus sign.


It is used to remove the lug nuts from the old tires. Lastly the torque wrench is used to place the lug nuts to the new tire installation. This part is really very important, because if the nuts are loose the tire might role out.


So in order to learn about tire installation one must know proper uses of the tools and their functions. First of all you must learn how to use the tools one by one. After learning about the tools you must practice replacing the tires of your vehicle.


Using jack to lift up a side of the vehicle, it is important to notice that while replacing the tire the vehicle must stand on an even surface, or else it might role over.


Now use the four way wrench to remove the lug nuts form the old tire, remove the tire, place the new tire, lock the new tire with lug nuts and lastly screw it up with torque wrench. Practicing it several times will make you better.


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