the challenges of litigating minor life impacting injuries n.
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The Challenges of Litigating Minor, Life-Impacting Injuries

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The Challenges of Litigating Minor, Life-Impacting Injuries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As a personal injury and insurance claim attorney in the Denver metro area, I feel it’s important to explain why the nature of the impact is challenging in automobile cases.


First off, it’s important to understand that it’s highly unlikely that a jury in a civil trial involving automobile collision will have a juror who suffered injury as a result of minor or minimal impact (jury pool/preemptory challenges).


Therefore, the jurors won’t adequately relate to your case. Accordingly, the plaintiff will bear the burden of proving to those who likely doubt the premise that minor-impact caused injury.


There are numerous insurance-company-funded studies that suggest injuries cannot or are unlikely to occur in minor-impact accidents. Some insurance companies have developed specific file-handling protocol to aggressively defend these claims which will result in increased litigation expenses.


In this regard, I personally considered purchasing and installing a dash camera in a vehicle so that in the event of an accident, the jury can appreciate the driver’s perspective (in the event of an injury).


The best evidence of the impact are visual images. However, the existence of a dash camera will cut both ways and may be used against you in the event you are responsible for the accident (something to consider).


If you have a automobile-accident related injury and questions about your case, contact us as soon as possible. I’m Attorney John J. Mattey and specialize in diminished value, personal injury, and insurance claim cases in Denver, including Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Aurora, Greenwood Village, & Cherry Hills.


The preceding has been provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. As such, you should not rely on any of the statements made herein.


If you have questions about a pending matter, we urge you to consult counsel. Finally, the time to act is typically limited so we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.


For more information, visit us