smog test save the environment n.
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Smog Test Save the Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Smog Test Save the Environment

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Smog Test Save the Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automotive maintenance, lube oil filter change, smog check, wheel repair, tires, brake job, alignments, are just a few of the quality services offered here in the North Hollywood Van Nuys area Just north of the NoHo Arts District

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Smog Test Save the Environment

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    1. Smog Test: Save the Environment

    2. With the significance of its importance, undoubtedly vehicles are doing the mankind a huge favor. But a major of problem vehicles are their adverse effect on the environment. Every day thousands of vehicles run on the streets and emit gas and other chemicals into the atmosphere which is one of the major reasons behind environmental pollution and global warming.

    3. You can easily prevent the pollution by doing a smog test of your vehicle. Smog test is the procedure to find out the amount of pollutants your vehicle emits in the environment. If your vehicle passes a smog test that means your car is in a very good condition and you’re not polluting the environment but if fails to do then it’s time either you repair your vehicle or sell that.

    4. Smog tests have become very easy to complete. Generally, auto repair and maintenance companies run smog test activities. But there are also some companies who only perform the smog tests.

    5. You are an inhabitant of Burbank? Having trouble with your vehicle but can’t find any place to conduct the smog test? Well think again. Because a group of well trained group of well trained mechanics of Dr. Smog N Lube Auto Clinic are waiting at your neighborhood for your call or arrival to do the smog check of your vehicle.

    6. Dr. Smog N Lube Auto Clinic are a star certified station which is they meet the higher performance standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Dr. Smog N Lube’s star station is licensed to perform tests and repairs.

    7. They service most makes and models. The technicians and mechanics of Dr. Smog and Lube can repair almost anything because they tons of experience of handling those vehicles and performing their smog test as they are serving the people for a long time.

    8. Smog Master Test Only Station is always available for the smog test for the people living in Valley Glen. They have efficient smog technician who will greet you in a very friendly manner and are always ready to serve. They will listen to you and serve as par as their demand.

    9. The technicians are so efficient that they perform the smog tests quickly and efficiently. They can perform the smog test of almost any vehicle including cars, truck, vans, limos and even RVs.

    10. If you car can’t pass the smog test that will retest your vehicle for free within 15 days. They perform almost all types of smog test that includes DMV renewal, gross polluter certification, out of state, change of ownership, test only smog check, diesel etc.

    11. As a human being, everyone has responsibilities towards the environment and mother earth. Vehicles emit deadly gasses chemical which mix with the environment and cause environment pollution which eventually causes problem for us.

    12. A simple smog test can help you to understand the present condition of your vehicle and can prevent your vehicle from causing mass pollution of the environment. So if you love the environment and the mother earth and if you don’t want to the environment to get polluted then you better take the smog test.

    13. For further information please visit