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Custom Engagement Rings PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Rings

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Custom Engagement Rings

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  1. Custom Engagement Rings

  2. San Diego Jewelry Brokers is your premier destination for custom diamond engagement rings, custom diamond wedding bands, and custom diamond jewelry in San Diego.

  3. We provide the service to custom make custom diamond engagement rings with your ideas and visions incorporated, custom diamond wedding bands which may symbolize something meaningful in your life, or even make new diamond jewelry pieces using an heirloom diamond or gemstone. Our designer uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to help bring to life your vision and ideas.

  4. The first step is for you to bring us an idea, sketch, or even pictures of other jewelry designs you would like to incorporate into your new custom diamond engagement rings, custom diamond wedding band, or diamond jewelry piece.

  5. We then make a photo realistic computer rendering based on your specific idea and design to get your approval. Next, we make a wax mold replica of the picture so that you can actually hold the ring in wax format and see it in real life for secondary approval. Once you approve the wax, we send the wax for casting in your specific choice of precious metal.

  6. We then set the necessary precious or semi-precious stones, polish, and size the custom diamond engagement ring exactly to your specifications. If you are not happy with the wax mold, we will make necessary adjustments and carve a new wax mold to meet your expectation.

  7. You will be fully involved in every step of the way. This allows no surprises at the end and everything is straightforward with transparency and up to 100% of your satisfaction. This process is designed to end with your full satisfaction.

  8. Choose from our great selection of loose diamonds or bring in an heirloom diamond or semi-precious stone for us to work on your new custom diamond engagement rings, custom diamond wedding band, or custom diamond jewelry.

  9. If a stone is brought that is not purchased from us, we understand that it could have a great deal of sentimental value to you. Thus, upon inspection we will take the measurement of the stone in front of you that way you never have to leave it overnight or even for days like other jewelry stores policies require.

  10. Once the final product is finished you can bring us the specific diamond or gemstone back and we will set your stone in front of you to allow 100% transparency.

  11. Contact us at (858) 230-7042 to schedule an appointment, or come visit us to browse a wide selection of elegantly handcrafted engagement rings, wedding rings, and jewelry pieces. We are also here to answer your questions by email anytime at In addition, Live Chat is available during most business hours.

  12. For more information, visit us