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WELCOME!. Why have you chosen to become tutorial reps? On your pieces of paper, please write your reasons down. Your role at Meden School. Make sure everyone is involved in an equal and fair way Actually get things done Do things that really matter to students

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Why have you chosen to become tutorial reps?

On your pieces of paper, please write your reasons down.

Your role at meden school
Your role at Meden School

  • Make sure everyone is involved in an equal and fair way

  • Actually get things done

  • Do things that really matter to students

  • A good school council will enable everyone in your school to contribute to improving the school community.

Your vision for school council
Your vision for school council

  • Please write your vision on the ‘Our constitution’

  • What is the purpose of our council?

  • Why have a school council?

  • How would you like to communicate with everyone in your tutorial and whole school?

  • What roles would you like to have within the school council?

  • How often would you like to meet?

  • How would you like the council to be structured?

  • How would you like the school community to raise issues?

  • Would you like training?

School council structure
School Council Structure



2 reps from each house council elected onto executive council

House Council

House Council

School Council Executive Committee

Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Student Governor, Publicity Officer, Entertainment Officer, Teacher Liaison, House Council Coordinator, Appointment coordinator


Teaching & Learning





Each house will elect a chairperson and secretary

House Council

House Council

1-2 School Executive + member of staff present at Sub-Council Meetings

School executive committee
School Executive Committee

  • 2 reps from each house will be elected onto the committee.

  • You will need to present your manifesto to SLT which will include why you want to be part of this committee, what your hopes are for the school council and which role you would wish to be considered for.

  • Your presentation will be next Tuesday between 3.00pm-4.00pm


  • The chairperson normally runs council meetings. You can't be shy!

  • Draws up an agenda – all members can add to this up to two days before a meeting.

  • Take views of other Council members.

  • Give their views about matters being considered.

Vice chair person
Vice-Chair Person

  • Take the Chairperson’s place if not available

  • Assist the Chairperson in considering views


  • The secretary keeps accurate record of meetings and student activities, programs, and sessions. You should be organized and like to write if you run for this position.

  • Take down the minutes of the meeting (minutes should be available by Monday morning following a Friday meeting)

  • Write any letters/communicate with others within the school.

Publicity officer
Publicity Officer

  • You will be responsible for improving the following and leading a sub group:

  • School Website

  • Establish a school newspaper

  • Establish links with the local newspaper

  • Advertising the school council (posters. Photographs, etc)

  • Organising pupils to attend Primary School Visits to advertise the school.

Entertainment officer
Entertainment Officer

  • Your role would be:

  • Organising charity events

  • Assisting with the Prom

  • School Disco’s

Teacher liaison
Teacher Liaison

  • You would be responsible for developing links with staff:

  • Working on teaching and learning

  • Behaviour

  • Rewards

  • Sanctions

  • Observations of lessons

Student governor
Student Governor

  • Your role would be to liaise with school governors:

  • Review policies

  • Attend meetings on progress of the school

  • Show governors around the school and how the council has made improvements

  • What you feel still needs to be developed within the school community.

Appointment coordinator
Appointment Coordinator

  • You will responsible for organising pupils for:

  • Staff interviews

  • Election onto school council

  • Removal/resignation from school council


  • Managing the school council budget provided by the Headteacher.

  • You will need to provide proposals for spending the money which will benefit the school community.

What now
What now?

  • House reps will take a questionnaire back to their tutorials and ask all pupils to fill in and bring to next Thursdays meeting.

  • Election of School Executive Committee

  • To establish a school council constitution – led by the executive committee. Meeting will take place next Thursday.

  • Once you feel happy with the constitution, then house reps will feedback this constitution to their tutorials for their thoughts on this and teacher liaison officer will email staff.