universit d avignon et des pays de vaucluse france n.
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Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse France PowerPoint Presentation
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Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse France

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Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse France - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse France. http://www.univ-avignon.fr http://www.lia.univ-avignon.fr. AVIGNON. Avignon. South – East of France 90 000 habs. 2h45 from Paris By TGV (800 Km) 1h00 from Marseille by car 1h15 from Montpellier by car National airport

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universit d avignon et des pays de vaucluse france

Université d’Avignon et des Pays de VaucluseFrance



  • South – East of France
  • 90 000 habs.
  • 2h45 from Paris By TGV (800 Km)
  • 1h00 from Marseille by car
  • 1h15 from Montpellier by car
  • National airport
  • International airport
  • Located in Provence
  • Medieval city
  • Wine region (Côtes du Rhône)
the university of avignon
The University of Avignon
  • Created in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII.
  • Closed after the French Revolution in 1793.
  • Reopened in 1963 as a dependency of the University of Marseille.
  • Independent university since 1984.
the university of avignon1
The University of Avignon
  • About 7600 students
  • About 320 professors
  • 4 faculties: Humanities, Biology, Languages, Law and Sciences.
  • 2 Institutes:
    • Technology
    • Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • 15 research laboratories
the university of avignon2
The University of Avignon
  • Experienced in receiving foreign students as a member of Erasmus and Crepuq networks.
  • Special French lessons for foreigners.
  • International Relations Service.
computer sciences laboratory
Computer Sciences Laboratory
  • Created in 1987
  • 21 permanent researchers
  • 32 Ph.D. students
  • Structured in 5 teams
    • Networks and Multimedia
    • Automatic treatment of written languages
    • Automatic treatment of spoken languages
    • Human-machine Dialogs
    • Operational Research and Optimisation
the o r team
The O.R. Team
  • Created in 1998
  • 3 permanents
    • P. M., C. Artigues, D. Feillet.
  • 2 ATER
    • C. Mancel, M. Palpant.
  • 4 Ph.D. students
    • Tran Thi Hue,
    • A. Linhares,
    • O. Liess,
    • T. Garaix.
methods cp mp cooperation schemes
Methods: CP/MP Cooperation Schemes
  • Constraint Programming is now widely used in O.R.
  • CP and Mathematical Programming are complementary.
  • Cooperative schemes are useful in some cases !
methods cp mp cooperation schemes1
Methods: CP/MP Cooperation Schemes
  • Example of published paper:

Demassey S., Artigues C., Michelon P., “Constraint propagation-based cutting planes: an application to the resource-constrained project scheduling problem” , IJOC, 17, 52-65, 2005.

  • Example of work in progress:
    • Application to the Multi-Knapsack
    • Collaboration with Manoel Campêlo and William Maia (UFC)
methods decomposition
Methods: Decomposition
  • Column Generation:
    • Application to Vehicles Routing Problems.
  • Generalized Bender’s decomposition:
    • Application to coupled problems.
methods decomposition1
Methods: Decomposition
  • Example of published paper:

D. Feillet, P. Dejax, M. Gendreau, “The Profitable Arc Tour Problem: Solution with a Branch and Price algorithm”, to appear, Transportation Science

  • Example of work in progress:
    • Bender’s Decomposition for a coupled Planning/Scheduling Problem.
    • O. Liess’s Ph.D. thesis.
methods metaheuristics
Methods: Metaheuristics
  • Application to several fields.
  • Exploration of the links between metaheuristics and exact methods.
methods metaheuristics1
Methods: Metaheuristics
  • Example of published paper:

E. Danna, E. Rothberg, C. Le Pape, “Exploring relaxation induced neighborhoods to improve MIP solutions” Mathematical Programming, 102, 71-90, 2005.

  • Example of work in progress:
    • Links with Resolution Search
    • M. Palpant’s Ph.D thesis
    • Collaboration with M. Vasquez (EMA)
problems 0 1 quadratic programming
Problems: 0/1 Quadratic Programming
  • Constrained and unconstrained problems.
  • Exact Method.
  • Linearization techniques.
problems 0 1 quadratic programming1
Problems: 0/1 Quadratic Programming
  • Example of published paper:

S. Gueye, P. Michelon, “Miniaturized Linearizations for 0/1 Quadratic Problems”, to appear,A.O.R, special issue on“Integer Programming: State-of-the-Art”.

  • Example of work in progress:
    • Fixation techniques
    • Collaboration with S. Gueye (University of Le Havre)
problems vehicles routing
Problems: Vehicles Routing
  • Exacts and heuristic methods
  • Profitable arcs problems.
  • Preemptive demands problems.
problems vehicle routing
Problems: Vehicle Routing
  • Example of published paper:

D. Feillet, P. Dejax, M. Gendreau, C. Gueguen, “An exact algorithm for the Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Resource Constraints: application to some vehicle routing problems”, Networks, 44(3): 216-229, 2004

  • Example of work in progress
    • Refinement of column generation techniques for vehicle routing
    • Collaboration with L-M Rousseau (CRT, Canada)
problems scheduling
Problems: Scheduling
  • Focus on the Resources Constrained Project Scheduling Problem.
  • Exact and heuristic methods.
  • Extension to other problems.
problem scheduling
Problem: Scheduling
  • Example of published paper:

M. Palpant, C. Artigues, P. Michelon, “Solving the resource-constrained project scheduling problem with large neighbourhood search”, A.O.R, special issue on Metaheuristics, 131, 237-258, 2004.

  • Example of work in progress:
    • Study of a particular Cyclic Scheduling Problem.
    • Collaboration with Marcos Negreiros (UECE)