The diploma programme seminole high school for rising sophomores
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The Diploma Programme Seminole High School for rising sophomores - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Diploma Programme Seminole High School for rising sophomores. Agenda. High school transcripts Program standards The State of Florida High School Diploma PreIB/IB four year plan 2010-2011 course requests Schedule change process Stress and the IB student The IB Diploma Program

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The diploma programme seminole high school for rising sophomores l.jpg

The Diploma ProgrammeSeminole High Schoolfor rising sophomores

Agenda l.jpg

  • High school transcripts

  • Program standards

  • The State of Florida High School Diploma

  • PreIB/IB four year plan

  • 2010-2011 course requests

  • Schedule change process

  • Stress and the IB student

  • The IB Diploma Program

  • Communication

Slide3 l.jpg


  • Cumulative record of achievement

  • Grades recommended to continue IB

  • Colleges use as basis for admission

    • Rigor

    • Grades

    • Test scores

    • Extra-curriculars

    • Recommendations

Slide5 l.jpg


  • By semester

  • Course code

  • H/A

  • Course title

  • Grade

  • Attendance

  • Credit

  • Audit

  • Credit Denial

  • Semester GPA

  • Dist Wt GPA

  • FL St. Unwt GPA

  • Percentile Rank

Slide6 l.jpg

Making up credits

  • Student Incentive Program (SIP)

    • First semester “F”

    • No more than three unexcused absences second semester

    • Pass semester two

    • Pass semester two exam with a “C” or higher

  • Grades of D and F

    • Summer School at SHS

      • Courses for forgiveness, credit denial, drivers education

      • Registration forms were due April 23 (still accepting)

        • Semester 1 June 14 -July 1

        • Semester 2 July 6-22

      • One course per semester

    • Florida Virtual School

      • Courses for acceleration – Florida Virtual School

Slide7 l.jpg

SHS IB Program Standards

  • IB students will maintain the following standards:

    • Minimum cumulative weighted gpa of 3.0 and higher

    • Passing grade in all required PreIB, AP, and IB courses

      • Recommended that students have no grade lower than “C”

    • Adhere to the SHS IB honor code policy

    • Adhere to the SHS Code of Conduct

    • Good attendance

  • One semester probationary period if standards are not maintained.

Slide8 l.jpg

To Proceed to PreIB Grade 10

  • Earn one credit in each of the following:

    • English I PreIB

    • Algebra I Honors

    • Spanish or French I PreIB

    • World History PreIB

    • Biology I PreIB

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative weighted gpa

Slide10 l.jpg

IB Curriculum at SHS

  • IB six subjects

  • SHS six subjects

  • Course selections made from this progression.

Slide11 l.jpg

Summer Opportunities

  • For advancement:

    • Florida Virtual School


      • Create student and parent accounts

      • Add requested course

      • Notify Mrs. Craft

    • Seminole State College

      • 3.0 unweighted cumulative gpa

      • Register by April 23

      • Pass CPT or have minimum SAT/ACT scores

    • University of Central Florida

      • Contact Jeff Knizatko at

Slide12 l.jpg

2010-2011 course requests

  • Please review requested courses

  • Schedule change:

    • For any reason on or before June 9, 2010

      • Email, call, or submit note in writing

    • As of the first day of school, school policy:

      • Courses may be dropped and/or added during the first five days of school ONLY if one of these conditions is met:

        • 1) you have already earned credit in the course

        • 2) you failed the prerequisite for the course

        • 3) you are scheduled for too many or not enough courses

      • You may not change your schedule because you have changed your mind about a course, you took too many hard classes and now your gpa is lower, or you do not like your lunch period.

  • Choices

    • Students may exit IB within first ten days of school, at the end or beginning of a semester.

    • Choices transfer options

Slide13 l.jpg

To IB or not to IB

  • Leaving IB?

    • Submit a signed ‘intent to exit’ letter.

    • This decision should be made prior to June 9

      • Can be made as late as August 20 or 27*

    • When a signed “Intent to Exit” form is submitted:

      • If staying at SHS: students will receive a traditional registration form to be completed and returned to Mrs. Craft.

      • If returning to zoned school:

        • Complete SHS w/d June 9

        • Take w/d paperwork to zoned school for enrollment

Slide14 l.jpg

2010-2011 course requests

  • Making wise decisions

    • Goal is not to take hardest courses

    • Listen to recommendations of teachers

    • Taking seven academic classes is strongly discouraged

      • Depression/anxiety

      • Professional long-term mental health counseling

      • Parent waiver form

      • No schedule change

    • Develop your whole self, not just your academic self

Slide15 l.jpg

Recipe for IB Success

  • Equal parts

    • Ability

    • Desire

    • Work ethic

  • Why IB?

    • Because you want the best preparation available for college success

  • Why not IB?

    • Because you think it will help you get into a highly selective or Ivy League college

    • Because your friends are

    • Because “I’ve been in IB for five years”

    • Grades

    • Stress

Slide16 l.jpg

What works/What doesn’t

  • Lack of organization

    • Failure to submit assignments

    • Failure to study

    • Failure to meet deadlines

    • Failure to follow instructions

  • Lack of study skills

    • Cram and dump

    • Poor test taking skills

    • Spinning your wheels

  • Poor habits

    • Lack of sleep

    • Failure to ask for help

    • Tendency to blame others

    • Failure to attend class regularly

    • Failure to make up assignments

  • Hard work

  • Good attendance

  • Follow instructions

  • Meet deadlines

  • Take advantage of extras

  • Good study skills

  • Good test taking skills

  • Make up work after absence

  • Ask for help when struggling

  • Teacher is a partner, not an opponent

Stress and the ib student l.jpg
Stress and the IB Student

  • Causes of Stress

    • Procrastination

    • Lack of sleep

    • Having it all

    • Perfectionism

    • Taking too rigorous a schedule

  • Remedy

    • Document due dates in planner, make mini-deadlines to stay on track, stick to the planner.

    • No one can have and do everything. Learn to say “no”.

    • No one is perfect, turn in something.

    • Temper your enthusiasm – look within yourself.

The international baccalaureate l.jpg
The International Baccalaureate

  • Internationally recognized, rigorous, pre-university course of study

  • Extensive liberal arts curriculum

  • Prepares student to earn an internationally recognized diploma

  • Honored by colleges and universities through the world

  • Curriculum based on international standards and examinations that are evaluated by international educators

Slide19 l.jpg

Diploma candidates:Complete one course from each subject areaComplete the Theory of Knowledge courseComplete the Creative, Action, Service programComplete an Extended Essay

IB Diploma Programme

Extended essay l.jpg
Extended Essay

  • Compulsory for Diploma candidates

  • Begin junior year, due October of senior year

  • 40 hours

  • Independent research

  • Up to 4,000 words

  • Externally assessed

  • It provides students with an opportunity to engage in personal research in a topic of their own choice, under the guidance of a supervisor (a teacher in the school).

  • Students are expected to:

    • Plan a research project

    • Formulate a precise research question

    • Gather and interpret appropriate material

    • Structure a reasoned argument

    • Use an appropriate format & terminology

    • Apply analytical and evaluative skills

Theory of knowledge l.jpg
Theory of Knowledge

  • Compulsory for Diploma candidates

  • Critical thinking and integration of knowledge

  • What we know in various fields of knowledge and how we know it

  • Make connections among classroom and non-classroom knowledge and experience

  • Examine the ethics, value judgments, and belief systems of the various disciplines

  • Taken senior year

Creative action service l.jpg
Creative, Action, Service

  • 150 hours in three categories

    • Creative (50 hours)

      • Product created, designed, developed

      • Artistic endeavors

      • Problem solving

    • Action (50 hours)

      • Physical exertion

    • Service (50 hours)

      • Traditional concept of community service

      • Organization must be on county approved list

  • CAS fulfills Bright Futures community service requirement

  • Begin junior year and extend through March of senior year

  • One activity extends throughout the 18 month period

  • Satisfy eight learning outcomes

  • Meet with CAS advisor prior to activity to ensure approval

  • May begin August 16

Slide23 l.jpg

Diploma candidates:Complete one course from each disciplineComplete the Theory of Knowledge courseComplete the Creative, Action, Service programComplete an Extended Essay

IB Diploma Programme

Point requirements l.jpg
Point Requirements

  • Minimum points needed for IB Diploma - 24

  • IB score scale 1 - 7

    • Passing score 4, 5, 6, 7

  • Add subject scores together

    • Highest diploma score possible

      • 6 subjects x 7 possible points = 42 points

      • 3 bonus points for TOK & EE

      • Highest diploma score possible = 45

    • SHS Average – 30 to 32

      • World Average – 29.5

      • European schools looking for 32

      • Oxford looking for 39

Slide25 l.jpg

Don’t underestimate the value of EE & TOK

IB Diploma Results – Class of 2009

  • Out of 93 candidates, five did not earn the diploma:

    • Two of those five earned 23 points and earned no bonus points for EE/TOK.

  • Of those 88 who did earn the diploma:

    • Four students earned 23 points and received a bonus point for EE/TOK, raising score to 24.

Slide26 l.jpg

Sample IB Transcript

International Baccalaureate Organization

Results Summary

This is a summary of candidates results in the session May 2007

Personal Details

Candidate: May 2007 001147 299

Name: Sammy Nole

Category: DIPLOMA

Birth Date: 03 APR 1989

Subject Details

Grade Subject

4 May 2007 - English A1 HL in English

6 May 2007 – Spanish B SL in Spanish

C May 2007 – History EE in English

4 May 2007 – Hist.Americas HL in English

4 May 2006 – Psychology SL in English

5 May 2007 - Chemistry HL in English

6 May 2007 – Mathematics SL in English

B May 2007 – Theory Know. TK in English

EE/TOK points: 1

Total Points: 30

Result: Diploma awarded

Slide27 l.jpg


  • Progress Reports and Report Cards every 4 ½ wks

  • P.I.N. – Parent Information Network

  • Email or phone communication with teachers

    • IB Email distribution list

      • Do we have YOUR email address?

  • Parent, student, teacher conferences

Slide28 l.jpg

Contact us:

  • Mindi Craft

    IB Counselor Grades 10-12

    (407) 320-5224

  • Judy Gresham

    IB Secretary

    (407) 320-5295

  • Mary Cragar

    IB Coordinator and Assistant Principal

    (407) 320-5223