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Granville Sports

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Granville Sports
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Granville Sports

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  1. Granville Sports College A Small School with a Big Heart

  2. Year 7 Parents Partnership Evening 2013 High standards High expectations

  3. You will have many questions about your child’s move to Granville. Some of these may be covered in the introduction guide. Now is an opportunity for any further questions to be addressed.

  4. ROLE OF TUTOR • I am the important link between: • - Pupil and home • - Pupil and subject teachers • I am the first point of contact if there are any concerns • I will have a particular personal interest in my pupils and provide guidance about academic, social and behavioural issues • I will be involved in target setting and reviews of their progress • I will monitor their rewards and House Points and attendance

  5. School ethos: attendance • Attend regularly and on time (register at 8.30am and in each lesson) • Late attendance will be recorded • Please telephone the school if your child is going to be late or absent, and let us know the reason • We will call or text you if your child is not in school • Holiday forms must be submitted in advance (available from the school office). We cannot guarantee authorisation of holidays, and would strongly discourage holidays in term time wherever possible

  6. School ethos: uniform and appearance • Strict uniform: white button through shirt, house clip on tie, black blazer with school badge, plain black v-neck jumper (optional), black trousers or skirt, black shoes (not trainers or canvas shoes, or shoes with large logos on them) • No jewellery or piercings except for 2 studs (one in each ear) and a wristwatch. • No make up (years 7-9) • No ‘extreme’ hair styles • Mobile phones are allowed but they must be turned off and kept in your child’s bag for use out of school only. • Mp3 or other electronic devices are not to be brought into school

  7. School ethos: behaviour • Politeness and respect between everyone • Lessons are for learning and we are all responsible for one another’s learning as well as our own • We have a whole school leadership opportunities and across the curriculum. • Prefects and the Pupil Leadership Team are there to help, during tutor time, and around the school.

  8. School ethos: rewards • The main rewards are based on house points or praise cards, which are awarded for a whole variety of things including work, achievement, community contribution, sporting achievements and behaviour • These lead into certificates and other rewards at the end of each term, including enamel badges in the house colours with 50/100/150/200 points on them • Attendance of 97%+ is rewarded through various activities and a weekly prize draw for those who have achieved 100% that week

  9. School ethos: sanctions • As with all schools there are sanctions as well as rewards! • Detention: break, lunch (maximum 30 minutes), after school (10 minutes without notice, or minimum 24 hours notice for up to an hour) • Consequence system - C1, C2, C3 recorded electronically. A C3 leads to a 25 minute after school detention with the class teacher or Head of Faculty. • Repeated C1 and C2s lead to detentions with the House Leader • E.R. (Exclusion Room) – this is used for serious misbehaviour, and is equivalent to a ‘fixed term exclusion’, however rather than a day at home, pupils work in the room supervised all day from 9.40am – 4pm. They have different breaks and lunchtimes to the rest of the school.

  10. Home Learning • Home / extended learning will be set regularly • A short note in the home learning diary should remind pupils that work has been set and when it is due • Further details of home learning will be given on the Learning gateway, on worksheets or in exercise books • Get in to a good routine with home learning: • - don’t leave it to the last minute • if you lose your home learning sheet go and ask for another as soon as possible • ask if you don’t understand (a friend or the teacher or the learning support assistant)

  11. The Home Learning Diary • Timetable and home learning timetable will be given out on the first day in September. • These are to be kept clean and tidy – no graffiti • Parents asked to assist in monitoring and signing it each week • The home learning diary facilitates two-way communication between home and school

  12. Communication • Communication between home and school is important • We value any feedback you may wish to share • You may also have enquiries which can be communicated via home learning diaries, telephone or e-mail • Remember as Form Tutor I am your first point of contact Contact details are provided on both the website and the introduction booklet

  13. FAQs: What if my child… • Complete a form from the medical room • We will deal with it in the medical room and inform you by telephone • Lost property is situated by the medical room • Bring a note for the PE teacher • Contact the form tutor or subject tutor • needs to take medication in school? • * is ill or has an accident in school? • * Loses something? • *Is unable to do PE? • * Is struggling with work or is unhappy in school?

  14. Any further questions?