Developing a practical wearable telemedicine system for emergency and mobile medicine
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Developing a Practical Wearable Telemedicine System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing a Practical Wearable Telemedicine System for Emergency and Mobile Medicine. November 22, 1998. Martin Dudziak, PhD Tamara Koval, MD Medical College of Virginia and Silicon Dominion Computing, Inc. Presentation Outline. Mobile Telemedicine Issues and Motivations

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Developing a practical wearable telemedicine system for emergency and mobile medicine

Developing a Practical Wearable Telemedicine Systemfor Emergency and Mobile Medicine

November 22, 1998

Martin Dudziak, PhD Tamara Koval, MD

Medical College of Virginia


Silicon Dominion Computing, Inc.

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • Mobile Telemedicine

    • Issues and Motivations

  • Requirements and Demands

  • Mobile Wearable PCs

  • TransPAC and MediLink

  • Methods for Testing and Evaluation

Issues and motivations for mobile telemedicine
Issues and Motivations for Mobile Telemedicine

  • Increased mobility of general population

  • Decreased centralization of health services

  • Expansion of electronic medical records

  • Increased use of imaging and video

  • Need for more remote/home health care

  • Increased role of assistant-level staff

Effective mobile medical communications requirements
Effective Mobile Medical Communications: Requirements

  • Convenient

  • Common Standards

  • Interoperability

  • Upgradeable

  • Customizable

  • Interchangeable

  • Secure

Mobile wearable pcs for patient data access and acquisition
Mobile Wearable PCsforPatient Data Access and Acquisition

  • Evolution in Computing Platforms

  • Maturation in Telecommunications

  • Advances in Data Compression

  • Availability and Readiness of Data

  • Advances in Security, Power, and Storage

Pros and cons of the wearable pc
Pros and Cons of the Wearable PC

  • Full PC features, compatibility

  • Lightweight, convenient to carry

  • Speech, pen, keyboard, mouse inputs

  • Internet-capable; large memory, storage capacity

  • Expensive

  • Dangling wires and parts

  • Hardware and speech quirks

  • Not user-friendly for general population

TransPAC Alternative Integrated Approach




Medical Enterprise

Data Systems



Wearable PC

Practical speech,

smart card, video,



TransPAC with MediLink

A systems engineering approach to telemedicine
A Systems Engineering Approach to Telemedicine

  • Mobile network emphasizing seamless communication for data and voice

  • Medical process and flow continuity: Enhance, do NOT disrupt

  • Adapting to institutional data management and “IT” structures, not demanding alternatives

  • RequirementsSpecifications Design RAP / RAD Implementation

TransPAC Mobile Computing Platform

  • Modular and wearable PC (Windows95/98)

  • High-end graphics and video features and extensibility (128MB+, 200MHz+, 2 GB+)

  • Speaker-independent and speaker-custom speech recognition

  • Wireless Internet modem

  • Direct link with image and database servers

  • Smart card for access and transaction registry

CD/DVD/Tape Unit

CRT or LCD Display

Beltpack or Bodypack Carrying Unit


AC Power


Base System Unit


Extension Pack

Kbd / Mouse

Battery Pack



Cell Phone

Parallel Data Acquisition Device(s)

PCMCIA Data Acq Device(s)

RS232 Data Acquisition Device(s)

TransPAC Function and Data Flow

Testing/Engineering/Maintenance System Databases

(typical scenario: ModelServer Discovery with connectivity to Oracle databases)

Field Office/ Lab


Task dataset loaded onto Active Session Card in Base Station PC


(Base Station)

Active Session Card


Card Reader


Active Session Card returned to Base Station PC for upload


Wearable PC with CardReader

built-in or as plug-in (PCMCIA interface)

Active Session Card

Active Session Card


Keyboard/ mouse/pen input



Work completed and Active Session Card time-stamped and ready for upload through BASE station

In-field data collection process; data processed on PC and stored on Active Session Card

Camera or video (MAGVISION)

Internet access

Voice input

MediLink Key Features

  • Patient-oriented application session and auto-managed files and folders

  • Freeform Writing Pad with graphic and video options (cut-and-paste and links)

  • Patient-oriented distributed database access protocol

  • BodyMap graphic interface for patient records

  • Standard internet browser functions

  • Multimedia data acquisition & imaging functions

Enter new patient basic data

newsession folder

jgsmythe-243-67-9631 folder





header file


header file

Download from server, enter notes, drawings, capture video, EKG, other data

Store on server,

session card,

hard drive

jgsmythe-243-67-9631 folder


header file

On board interactive assistance
On-Board Interactive Assistance

  • Speech-to-Text-to-Database

  • Customized speaker-independent vocabularies for command, control, entry

  • Patient record pointers eliminate searching, keystrokes, commands

  • Image comparison and differentiation tool for real-time image analysis

Wavelet based image compression
Wavelet-Based Image Compression

Fetal faceUltrasound 72K 50:1, 7K 125:1, 2K

Huntington’s MRI+SPECT overlay 44K 100:1, 7K 200:1, 4K


  • Slava Vaseken, Silicon Dominion

    • TransPAC Design Team

  • Interactive Solutions, Inc.

  • Bentley Systems, Inc.