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The shadows

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The shadows
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The shadows

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  1. The shadows By Jacqueline West Power point by Brandon R Kemp

  2. CHARACTERS • Main character Olive Dunwoody • Minor characters Mr. & Mrs. Dunwoody • Cats Horatio Harvey Leopold • Neighbors Mrs. Nivens Mrs. Dewey

  3. SETTING • DARK FORSET IN A PAINTING • Mr. & Mrs. Dunwoody new house

  4. BEGINNING Mr. & Mrs. Dunwoody move into a new. house but there daughter olive notices something weird about the house the paintings are weird pictures and they wont come off the wall. she find cool things in dresser she finds glasses necklace a fake ring. and that is it when. but she plays dress up with them see looked at the painting with the glasses on the painting comes to life it blinked at her and when she touched the painting with the gasses on her hand went right through the painting .

  5. Middle Olive is in a dark forest in the painting she walks around the air is cold there is a full moon. and she sees a young boy he is small and cold he has a long night shirt his face is as round as a basketball his skin is smooth cold and he is super pale. he said he was scared the bad man. the boys name was Morton .after that she lay in bed when a cat walks in the window. he could talk he said his name was Horatio.

  6. END Olive was told to put the laundry in the dryer as soon as she was down there she knew I t was weird but when she was in the basement she saw another cat twice the size of Horatio he his name was Leopold he was guarding something he did not tell her what he was guarding after that she was hearing a dog bark she thought there was some attic or some thing she looked every where until she found a mystery painting it led her to the attic where she saw another cat not as big as Hornitos but he had a leather eye patch he was orange with splotches of paint all over him his name was Harvey then she saw the painting in the corner of the attic it was a barn when she went in the painting there was a dog it was locked up but it was it hungry o anything Olive let it free and it jumped out of the painting it ran down the stairs then she looked at Harvey then Horatio popped out of no where and looked at Harvey he said how do you do with accent then Horatio said to Olive this is Harvey I know said Olive then they heard a big crash it was Leopold and Annabelle Leopold was on the trapdoor Annabelle tried to push him off but he did not budge then she pushed him off and opened the trapdoor she took out a box of her fathers ashes then she had the necklace and the ashes then she grabbed Olive and brought her to the dark forest and there was Morton he was tied up then she took a knife and cut Morton a drop of blood came out in to the ash then she held it up high and black was everywhere but the they swiped glasses and got out but Olive broke the glasses the whole house was filled with black so they stumbled to the attic but the door was shut behind Olive set mirrors in places so it would reflect round the whole attic when she opened the windows all the shadows were gone and every thing was back to normal.

  7. Problem Mr. mc martin tried to take over the old house by flooding the house with shadows The shadows

  8. solution • Olive let all the light in the house and destroyed the shadows.

  9. My favorite part of the book I like when she met Harvey in the attic

  10. Recommend slide I would recommend this book because ti has animals and fun characters that can go in to paintings.