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AIDS – prevention & infectious. infectious . Aids doesn’t Spread in a hand shaking, because the virus doesn’t live in air or on skin. Aids doesn’t spread in kiss, because in the spittle they are enzymes that neutralized the virus. infectious .

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Aids prevention infectious

AIDS – prevention & infectious


  • Aids doesn’t Spread in a hand shaking, because the virus doesn’t live in air or on skin.

  • Aids doesn’t spread in kiss, because in the spittle they are enzymes that neutralized the virus.


  • Aids doesn’t spread by drinking from a the same cup, because it can’t live in air or spittle.


  • Aids doesn’t spread by a mosquito bite because mosquito can’t carry the human virus of HIV


  • Aids can’t be spread in a full sexual intercourse with condom because the condom prevents infected body fluids.

How you catch up hiv
How you catch up HIV?

The virus spread from human to human by body fluids : Blood,

Semen, female vagina fluids and mother milk.

Aids do spread in full sexual Intercourse that include penetration to female vagina or the rectum without the use of Condom, and that’s because its lives within the human fluids, as mention above.

Aids also do spread by using common needle, because AIDS lives in the blood, due to that fact, drugs addict are extremely vulnerable for HIV infection.

Aids is spreading by a breast feeding, because it can live within mother milks.

How you know
How you know?

  • You can’t identify a person who carry HIV and in most cases, he/she himself doesn’t know about it. You can found out the virus only in HIV tests. A person can carry the virus for many years, he can be seen, feel and function as usual, but in some point, when his immune system crushed, the HIV carrier might down with diseases.

  • Don’t hope from your partner to tell you, that he/she carry the HIV virus. Because in most case, he doesn’t familiar with, many people are living with denial, because most people living with the virus are feared from rejection and anger, even though you love each other.

  • The responsibility defending your health is only in your hands!

How you watch out
How you watch out?

Using condom every time you are making an intercourse. Aids have not yet come with vaccine or remedies that bring for a recovery.

Condom is the only tool for preventing infection with AIDS during an intercourse. Those are the facts, this is your life, think good and decide how you want to behave.

What is safe sex
What is Safe Sex?

Safe sex is sex with condom, ALWAYS.

The first rule in a safe sex is looking in every partner has a potential virus carry, because you can’t really see on a person, if he carry the virus or not.

And for the girls
And for the girls…

Few words for the girls

Due to your biological structure as a woman, you’re more expose to catch the virus. Therefore make sure, he wears his condom before he penetrates you, or even better, you put the condom to him, it can save the embarrassment and even make the relation more joyful and its use.

Oral sex
Oral Sex

Few words on Oral SexThe chances catching as a results of sucking male sexual organ or sucking woman genitalia is indeed lower than real penetration without a condom, but it still consider as dangerous intercourse. The people who are more at risk are the people who is licking, Oral sex without condom is not safe, and no one tells you others.

Suggested tips
Suggested tips

  • To reduce the risk you have to…

  • Avoiding from ejaculation in your mouth

  • Avoiding sucking woman sexual organ during period.

  • Avoiding from swallowing female secreting

  • Make sure no active herpes wounds or others wounds

    Suggested not to brush your teeth two hours, because of gums sensitivity

Drugs alcohol and aids
Drugs Alcohol and Aids

  • What the connection between Drugs and Alcohol?

  • Alcohol and drugs causing you for misjudgment, so if you drunk you better follow the rules of safe sex, and for drugs injections, of course its dangerous for itself, but using a common needle can transpose the virus.

Using a condom
Using a condom

  • Using CondomRight usage of condom assure you its effectiveness in prevention of infection of AIDS and others sexual orientation diseases, and of course help to prevent unplanned pregnancy, you can also do it together and turning the usage of condom as a pre-play game, instead of making it an element to bother.

  • Pay attention:

    To the expire date of the condom

    Make sure it has quality standard

    Storage the condom in a cold and dry place.

    Important using lubrication material base on water like gel or KY

    Using lubrications materials base on oil like Vaseline or body lotion may torn the condom.

    The condom should be wear during a male erection .

  • Others advantageUsing condom protect both partners from AIDS infections, sex base diseases and preventing unplanned pregnancy

Long time friend
Long time Friend?

  • Long time friends?

  • When you can stop using a condom?

  • If you are within a long relationship for more than three months, that’s the time to start talking about the need to check for HIV, your mutual commitments and a negative results will allowed get rid of condom, however if you decided to stop using it, you better use other means to prevent unwelcome pregnancy

Aids prevention infectious

For your help, in any question, the website – living with AIDS

You’re welcome to address Johny in any question, request or doubts related to AIDS