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Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology. Message from the President. January 20, 2011. Agenda. Many Thanks for the BoD’s Hard Work in 2010 2010 was a Year of Progress Poised to Achieve Success in 2011.

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Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology

Message from the President

January 20, 2011

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Agenda Technology

  • Many Thanks for theBoD’s Hard Work in 2010

  • 2010 was a Year of Progress

  • Poised to Achieve Success in 2011

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Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology

Many Thanks to the Board of Directors

January 20, 2011

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Many Thanks to the Board Technology

1st VP: Bill Whipple

2nd VP: Shawn Wilson

Secretary: Tracy Swayne

Treasurer: Dale Brown

Executive Assistant: Amy Shelton

Awards/Scholarships Committee: Shawn Wilson

Ways & Means/Finance: Dale Brown, David Phillips

Government Affairs: Ben Lowe, Larry Lewis

  • Industrial Affairs/Opportunity Development: Bill Allen, Eric Folk,

  • Michael Shelton

    Membership/Member Services: Dale Jobes, Steve May

    Programs: Sharon Myers, Jan Eiras

    Public Relations: Tracy Swayne, Bill Whipple

2010 a year of progress l.jpg

Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology

2010 –A Year of Progress

At the heart of hasbat l.jpg
At the Heart of HASBAT Technology

  • The Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology is a non-profit organization formed to serve the needs and represent the interests of its members.

  • We are a dynamic group of business people who work for the development of and promote opportunities for small businesses in advanced technology.

  • We work to promote increased small business prime and subcontracting opportunities for our members as they compete for business at the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, Marshal Space Flight Center, Space and Missile Defense Command, the Corps of Engineers and other Government agencies and organizations.

Committed to delivering increasing value to our members!

Membership growth l.jpg
Membership Growth Technology

  • Technical Member Firms 111

  • Associate Member Firms 32

  • Honorary Member Firms 7

  • Total Member Firms 150

  • Total Employees of Members 7,182

A growing voice for Small Business!

How did we do in 2010 l.jpg
How did we do in 2010? Technology

Our primary focus:

  • HASBAT’s mission is to increase business opportunities for high technology small businesses in the Huntsville area.

  • To fulfill our mission, we must monitor and be vigilant about the government’s attainment of its socio-economic goals

  • Current analysis raises concern over AMCOM’s commitment to 2010 SB/socio-economic goals

  • AMCOM must address the growing disparity between awards to Large and Small Businesses

Quad a strategy l.jpg
“Quad – A” Strategy Technology

  • Acquire, Advocate, Award, and Announce

  • Acquire New Members -- Assisting Dale Jobes and the Membership Committee in achieving membership growth by year end (11 new technical members; 7 new associates).  Your recommendations, referrals, and personal recruitment efforts are key to such an objective!

  • Advocate for our Small Business Interests -- Continuing to build advocacy throughout Government agencies and organizations and Large Business Primes.    On the Government side, HASBAT committed to developing constructive relationships with local leaders:

    • Mr. Ronnie Chronister, Deputy to the Commanding General, AMCOM

    • Ms. Cathy Dickens, Executive Director of AMCOM/SMDC Contracting

    • BG Tim Crosby, PEO Aviation

    • BG GenaroDellarocco, PEO Missiles and Space

    • Mr. Eric Edwards, Director, AMRDEC

    • Mr. David Seitz, Chief, AMCOM Small Business Programs

    • Ms. Nancy Small, Chief, AMC Small Business Programs

Quad a strategy cont l.jpg
“Quad – A” Strategy Technology(cont.)

  • Award HASBAT Scholarships -- Completing our Scholarship Awards Selection Process and scheduling a presentation ceremony.  Shawn Wilson and the Awards/Scholarships Committee nominated winners and an awards ceremony is being coordinated with the recipients and will be conducted at a future luncheon.

  • Announce HASBAT’s activities to the business community and general public -- Continue to increase awareness of HASBAT and its activities through consistent Public Relations efforts and publish a HASBAT feature article in a local periodical.

2011 poised for more success l.jpg

Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology

2011 –Poised for More Success

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Continuing Technology the Mission

  • Mission

    • To increase business opportunities for high technology small businesses in the Huntsville area.

  • Strategies

    • Promote increased small business participation in high technology contracts with local federal agencies

    • Promote increase small business subcontracting plan goals by prime contractors and encourage achievement of those plan goals

    • Provide a means for the exchange of capabilities information among member companies

    • Serve as a point of contact for promoting high technology small business opportunities, issues, legislation, regulations, and communications

    • Improve community awareness of capabilities of the Huntsville area high technology small business

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And TechnologyGrowing, Growing, Growing!

By combining the efforts of many small, high tech firms, the voice of small business will continue to be strong and will be heard!

Small Business = Big Value

In an era of fiscal challenges