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Trebisacce Visaginas

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Grundtvig partnership project Me(u) mories. Trebisacce Visaginas. A. planning…the memory book.

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planning the memory book
planning…the memory book
  • The goal of the bilateral visit in the framework of Grundtvig learning partnership project “M(u)mories” -was to establish a common framework for methods of teaching EFL to adult persons and to design “memory book” that will contain testimony of the past times recorded by elderly people.

the dialogue involves two distant and so much different people as the community of Trebisacce, in Italy

and that of Visaginas, in the extreme East of Lithuania, the former USSR.


The Jonio sea


On the first day meeting, the subject was the presentation of the visit’s goal and the exchange of information and first impression on landscape, environment, city setting and the weather conditions.


On the second meeting, the delegation visited the town of Visaginas, the nuclear plant of Ignanina.


Session 1: early in the afternoon, the delegate met a class of adult middle aged students at the lesson of English. A special lesson was prepared in order to get the students know Italian culture, stereotype and ways of life. The visitors were asked about their habits by the trainees.

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Session 2: the teachers of English compared their strategies and methodological approaches to teaching English as a foreign language to adult, they found that methodology is to be suited according the requirement that are inspired by for personal and professional purposes. Where motivation are professional , more importance is given to vocabulary and communicative speech, while in the educational field, more importance to grammar and syntax is given.


Session 3: the second class visited by the partner was the English advanced class, made up of students that were eager to learn and acquire knowledge about Italy and its culture. After an introduction of the partners about the aim of their visit, the students started to ask question on general topics, the history and modern society, importance of IT for communication and for recoding the past.


Session 4 : the Italian writer, Mr.Francesco S. Mangone, was introduced as a special guest being him a contemporary fiction writer, he delivered a speech on his literary works and the historical novel “Schnellboot S.57”. Students asked questions to the author. At the end of the conference there was an informal conversation, students had the opportunity to talk about past and present and manifest their wishes and future plans.


Session 5: the partner had the opportunity to visit an association of elderly people during an art workshop. The class of elderly women were trained in drawing, painting and other art techniques.


Session 6 : Partner had the opportunity to visit the amazing private museum, created and carried out by Mrs. Maria AlexandrovnaTscherbakova who, by the passing of the years, has been collecting photos, tools, piece of crafts, gadgets, costumes and icons to keep memory of the Russian heritage… .The center counts a small IT laboratory. Partners agreed that a more extended use of computer is required in order to overcome the digit divide among elderly people.


On the third day of visit was introduced the social and economic history of the city of Visaginas, its origin, the special urban design, the reason of its foundation, in the 70ies. The participants had the opportunity to compare and exchange information about their two social reality.


In the section dedicated to urbanism and city organization, each partner will be asked to provide the map of each town present in the project, in order to read it on sociological vision and so to find reasons of the cities’ historical origins and social development.





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