Precision ag technologies on small diversified farms
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Precision Ag Technologies on Small Diversified Farms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Precision Ag Technologies on Small Diversified Farms. Dakota Davis Spring 2013. My Background. Custom Work Wheat Harvest Small Square Baling and Hauling Swathing and Round Baling Commercial Cattle Operations Auctions Livestock Auction Yard Manager Auctioneer. My Current Lifestyle.

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My background
My Background

  • Custom Work

    • Wheat Harvest

    • Small Square Baling and Hauling

    • Swathing and Round Baling

  • Commercial Cattle Operations

  • Auctions

    • Livestock Auction Yard Manager

    • Auctioneer

My current lifestyle
My Current Lifestyle

  • Registered Polled Hereford Seedstock

    • 500 Acres of Native Range Pasture

  • Commercial Beef Production

    • 200 Acres of Native Range Pasture

  • Auctioneer

  • Part-Time Equipment Salesman at Enid New Holland

    • Full-time upon graduation

  • 120 Acres of Alfalfa Production

Uses of precision ag
Uses of Precision Ag

  • Livestock Production

  • Custom/Commercial Haying

  • Spraying

  • Winter Wheat Production

Livestock production
Livestock Production

  • Grow Safe Feeders

    • Measures Residual Feed Intake and Cattle Behavior

    • Useful in determining cattle that are feed efficient

      • Invest in those genetics

    • Once identified, we can produce more beef for consumes with less grain input

Grow safe
Grow Safe

  • How it Works

  • Each Calf in the Pen has an RFID Tag that is read by the feeder

  • System Calculates

    • Duration and intake for every individual feeding event up to one second accurate (feeding event criterion is user defined).

    • Head down and in to out duration during this event up to one second accurate.

    • Feed disappearance during events up to one second accurate.

    • Feeding frequency throughout the day

    • Automatic calculation of feed supply.

    • Feeding rate throughout feeding event.

    • Animals standing at the bunk not consuming feed.

    • Time of the event, one second accurate.

    • Intervals between events.

    • Number of animals feeding simultaneously.

    • Social hierarchy - "who feeds besides who" and "who feeds first".

    • Sends data to Computer for Analysis

  • Cost is $120,000 to feed 125 head

Potential benefits
Potential Benefits

  • Accurate Information to use in developing feed efficient Beef

  • Primarily will be used in Seedstock Industry

  • Saves on Input Costs

  • Decreases Pollution in the Environment

    • Efficient Cattle use less grain, which means they will emit less Methane gas into the environment.

  • Feed the world with less animals and less land use requirements

Livestock production1
Livestock Production

  • Embryo Transfer work in Cattle

    • Allows producers to super ovulate cattle so they produce more eggs for fertilization. Once fertilized the embryos can be flushed from the uterus and placed in recipient females.

    • This means that superior animals who naturally produce one offspring each year can produce multiple offspring creating a faster turnover in genetic improvement.

Embryo transfer
Embryo Transfer

  • Cost for basic In-Vivo ET work is $300-350/cow

  • Cost for In-Vitro ET work is $1000-1100/cow

Livestock production2
Livestock Production

  • Lely Astronaut A4

    • Robotic Milking Machine

    • Requires no human interaction

    • Cows go into he pen by themselves and the milker does the rest

Lely astronaut a4
Lely Astronaut A4

  • Business Week

  • Cost in the United States is $210,000/robot


Hay production
Hay production

  • Custom and Commercial

  • New Holland H8000 Series Self Propelled Windrower

    • Intelliview III Monitor- Comes Standard

    • Autosteer-$7300 Upgrade

    • Total Cost is between $90,000-$100,000 for the machine

Crop production and baling
Crop Production and Baling

  • New Holland T7.235 Tractor

    • These Tractors come with options like:

      • Autosteer

      • WAAS or RTK Guidance

      • Sidewinder Armrest with Intelliview III


      • Tier 4 Emission Compliant

    • Tractor Cost with all these options:

      $197254 RSP

      • Actually cost can get down in to:


Soil sampling
Soil Sampling

  • Allows farmers to better understand their soil nutrient content

    • Therefore they can achieve better use of their fertilizer

  • When to do it?

    • If you acquire a new farm without known history

    • Every Few Years at you discretion

  • Cost in Sumner County, KS:

    Heartland Soil Sampling- $8.25-$9.25/acre

Why use precision ag
Why Use Precision Ag?

  • Improves quality of life

    • More time at home due to increased efficiencies

    • Increases production yields

    • Creates more food with better use of inputs

  • Decreases Fatigue in operations

    • When using guidance or “robot milkers” or any other P.A technology, it generally reduces the amount of physical labor required

  • Increases bottom line

    • By reducing costs and optimizing inputs, you increase profits

Any questions
Any Questions?

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