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Minecraftology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Minecraftology. By Lauren.

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what is minecraft
Minecraft is a game where your worlds is made entirely out of blocks. You can build anything and create everything. At night monsters come out. Be sure to build a shelter before that happen. The rest is up to you. Minecraft was founded by Notch (Markus Persson) and Carl Manneh on November 18, 2011.

The P.C. version came out then and since then Minecraft has gone to android and apple.

What is Minecraft?
popularity revenue
Why is Minecraft so popular? Minecraft is a “sandbox” game. This means that you need to use your creativity to have any fun. You can go on wild adventures and fight monsters and do many things you would be able to do in the real world. (like going on a cow killing spree!)Popularity & Revenue
popularity revenue1
It costs $26 to buy the full version of Minecraft. And as of 10:45 on April 24,27,178,915 people registered and 5,762,526 bought the game! Also Minecraft has lots of apparel out there. Everything from hoodies to toys. So the estimated amount of money Minecraft has made is $24,138,935 from everybody buying the game and the apparel. Popularity & Revenue
blocks and materials
In Minecraft, there are many things that you can create. But to create all of these things you must have the proper tools. On Minecraft, some tools you need are picks and swords. There is also shovels, axes and hoes. (Hoes are for farming.) But these things must be made out of blocks. You can make these out of stone, wood, gold, iron and even diamonds. But things such as diamonds take a lot of time to collect.
  • I’ll show you what I mean. www.minecraft.net
Blocks and Materials
There are multiple types of mobs on Minecraft. There are the nice mobs, like pigs, cows, chickens and sheep. But then there are mean mobs like creepers, zombies, and skeletons. The mean mobs usually come out at night and burn in daylight. But the nice mobs are out 24:7 and are harmless. When you kill any mob it will most likely drop something. If it’s a cow, it can drop meat, if it’s a skeleton it can drop arrows and bones. Sometimes mobs drop cool things, like weapons and armor! www.minecraft.netMobs
skins mods texture packs
On Minecraft, you start out as a guy named Steve. But you can change your skin to look like something way cooler. You can go to Miner Shoes and create your very own custom skin. Or you can go to Planet Minecraft and browse through thousands of premade skins that you can download and then edit on Miner Shoes. To upload your skin, go to profile in Minecraft and then click the browse button. Find your skin and voilà! You changed your skin!
  • www.minecraft.netwww.planetminecraft.comwww.minershoes.com
Skins, Mods & Texture Packs
skins mods texture packs1
A mod is a downloadable program that actually adds things to the game of Minecraft. It can add monsters and animals, or some mods allow you to create things out of materials you wouldn’t be able to craft with before. One mod for instance, lets you make picks and armor out of obsidian, a rare and almost indestructible gem. Other mods add ogres, wizards, and other animals like goats (woo hoo!), ducks and horses. Downloading these can be difficult, but you could also make your own mod. When you make it, you can program it to do anything you want!Skins, Mods & Texture Packs
skins mods texture packs2
A texture pack makes Minecraft look different. Minecraft usually looks pixelated and blockish, but when you download a texture pack everything gets modified. One texture pack makes everything's kind of cartoonish, and one makes it so there are no pixels and it looks completely real. But when you get these texture packs, your skins appearance doesn’t change. So you stay looking the same, pixels and all. Texture packs are also downloadable, and usually you can get them easily. Skins, Mods & Texture Packs