Somerset berkley regional high school
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Somerset Berkley Regional High School. Robotics Engineering with LabView. 1. Engineering Design

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Somerset berkley regional high school

Somerset Berkley Regional High School

Robotics Engineering with LabView

  • 1. Engineering Design

  • Central Concepts: Engineering design involves practical problem solving, research, development, and invention/innovation, and requires designing, drawing, building, testing, and redesigning. Students should demonstrate the ability to use the engineering design process to solve a problem or meet a challenge.

Ma.Science and Engineering Framework 2006

Standard 1.1

1.1 Identify and explain the steps of the engineering design process: identify the problem, research the problem, develop possible solutions, select the best possible solution(s), construct prototypes and/or models, test and evaluate, communicate the solutions, and redesign.

Identify the


Research the



Communicate the


Develop solutions

Select the best


Test and


Construct a


Ma.Science and Engineering Framework 2006

Step 2

Research the


Explore other options via the internet

Student: List the internet sites that were


Site 1____Teachers Geares___

Site 2___All About Gears_____

Site 3 ___Labview Tutorial____

What did you learn from your research?

A ___Gearing Stronger_____

B ____How to Program_____

C ___Gear Ratios_________

Ma.Science and Engineering Framework 2006

Step 3

Develop solutions



  • Student : Share your ideas with your design team. List your ideas below.

  • _Make it go faster ___________________________________

  • Good way to knock thinks down _____________________________________

  • Control____________________________________-

Ma.Science and Engineering Framework 2006

Step 4

Select the best

Possible solution(s)

Student: Describe which solution(s) best meet the need or

solve the problem. Describe exactly what idea or mixture of

ideas your design team decided on for the first robot prototype?

Use the next slide for your response.

Ma.Science and Engineering Framework 2006

The Somerset Berkley writing rubric will be used for assessment.

Student : Skillfully and imaginatively describe what your first

prototype will look like.

Our newly designed robot shall look rather’

Plain with 2 wheels in front with motors and two wheels in back.

It will have a bumper sort of system attached to the front of the

Bot to give the bot extra range and more time to move and

Hit cans without stopping and complete it in the least

Amount of time possible.