Changing Opportunities and Changing Lives by Moving MathForward
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Paula Haney Director of Secondary Mathematics Kristen San Juan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changing Opportunities and Changing Lives by Moving MathForward Richardson Independent School District Richardson, TX. Paula Haney Director of Secondary Mathematics Kristen San Juan MathForward Implementation Specialist. In session we will cover:. Results Genesis of TI MathForward™

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Paula haney director of secondary mathematics kristen san juan

Changing Opportunities and Changing Lives by Moving MathForwardRichardson Independent School DistrictRichardson, TX

Paula Haney

Director of Secondary Mathematics

Kristen San Juan

MathForward Implementation Specialist

In session we will cover
In session we will cover: MathForward

  • Results

  • Genesis of TI MathForward™

  • Components

  • Lessons Learned

Paula haney director of secondary mathematics kristen san juan

46% MathForward




2006: 33% of 7 & 8 grade MathForward studentswho previously failed the state test reached proficiency

2007: 46%of students who failed reached proficiency – a 13% gain over last year



Risd challenges
RISD Challenges MathForward

  • Declining scores in middle grades

  • Achievement gaps

  • Prepare the students for the rigors of high school mathematics and beyond

Genesis of risd initiative
Genesis of RISD Initiative MathForward

Richardson ISD had big goals to:

  • Improve mathematics achievement

  • Address declining scores in middle grades

  • Close the achievement gap – our majority students remained steady or improved while our minority students were declining

    Richardson ISD and TI agreed this new program needed to be scaleable and replicable for the benefit of RISD as well other districts around the nation.

Development of ti mathforward
Development of TI MathForward™ MathForward

We began by analyzing and creating plans to build MathForward by:

  • Reviewing professional development and curriculum audits

  • Reviewing research

  • Creating an advisory board of experts

  • Testing the eight components

Paula haney director of secondary mathematics kristen san juan

What is TI MathForward™? MathForward

  • Is a proven research-based* program to help students succeed in mathematics

  • Creates basis for sustained success over the long term

  • Is unique – acceleration, not remediation – all students’ scores increase



Paula haney director of secondary mathematics kristen san juan

The Eight Components of TI MathForward™ MathForward

Comprehensive approach based on eight research-based* components

  • Increased Instructional Time

  • Enhanced Teacher Content Knowledge

  • Common Aligned Assessments

  • Common Planning Times

  • Coaching & Professional Development

  • Technology to Motivate Students

  • Curriculum Integration

  • Administrator / Parental Support



1 increased instructional time
1. Increased Instructional Time MathForward

  • Daily 100-minute “Power Block” classes

    • 10 min warm-up

    • 60 min district lesson

    • 30 min problem solving

  • Helps students build strong conceptual understanding of mathematics

  • Allows for application of concepts and connections to previous knowledge

2 increased teacher content knowledge
2. Increased Teacher Content Knowledge MathForward

Improve teaching effectiveness and instructional strategies with:

  • On-line mathematics content courses

  • Coaching and training on what the mathematics looks like at grade level

3 common aligned assessments
3. Common, Aligned, Assessments MathForward

  • Data-driven instruction enables teachers to adjust teaching immediately

  • Formative and summative assessments gauges student understanding

  • Benchmarks and diagnostics aligned to state standards

4 common planning times
4. Common Planning Times MathForward

  • Program requires a minimum of three hours per week

  • Collaboration critical to ensure a consistent approach to the program

5 coaching professional development
5. Coaching & Professional Development MathForward

  • In-classroom coaching includes the following:

  • Modeling lessons

  • Co-teaching activities

  • Classroom observations and reflections

  • Professional development enhances understanding of the technology and content

Paula haney director of secondary mathematics kristen san juan

6. Use of technology to motivate students MathForward

Used daily to enhance instruction, assess understanding and provide immediate feedbackAddresses a variety of learning styles

7 curriculum integration
7. Curriculum Integration MathForward

  • Incorporates and extends existing district curriculum

  • Aligns curriculum with state standards

  • Provides rigorous activities that promote high expectations for all students

8 administrator parental support
8. Administrator / Parental Support MathForward

  • Administrators collaborate with TI Implementation Specialists to ensure successful implementation

  • Strategies provided to foster parent involvement

Risd components for success
RISD Components for Success MathForward

School Investments:

  • Personnel

    • Substitutes and/or stipends for training days

    • Block scheduling

    • Common planning times

    • Implementation specialist

  • TI Classroom Technology

    • TI-Navigator™ Classroom

    • Learning System

    • TI graphing calculators

Standard timeline
Standard Timeline MathForward

Initial coaching to establish common planning time goals and curriculum integration

In-class coaching, technology training, benchmark assessments, ongoing online mathematician

In-class coaching, advanced technology training, creating activities. Lesson-content integration

Program begins with professional development 2-4 weeks before school starts

Results for phase i
Results for Phase I MathForward

  • The Lake Highlands Junior High pilot intervention successfully increased mathematics achievement and decreased the achievement gap among at-risk students who participated in the program.

    • One-third (33 percent) of students who participated in the intervention and had failed the 2005 TAKS mathematics exam successfully passed the 2006 TAKS test.

  • Teacher observations:

    • Better understanding

    • Better class discussions

    • Better participation

    • Better motivation

Results from phase ii
Results from Phase II MathForward

  • Expansion from one to five junior highs and one freshman center

  • For 7th and 8th grade, an overall 46% state test pass rate for students who did not pass the state test last year. Up 13% from the previous year.

  • The pilot Algebra I project had a passing rate of 57% for students who failed the state test in 2006.

  • The intervention contributed to RISD keeping the rating of recognized under the Texas accountability rating system for a second year in a row.

Risd phase iii results
RISD Phase III Results MathForward

MathForward is now in all RISD secondary schools

  • 7th and 8th grade classes in all junior highs - 8

  • Algebra I in all high schools – 4

  • Out of 1200 students in the program 49% of the students passed the TAKS

Beyond state assessments
Beyond State Assessments MathForward

  • Key Factors

    • Professional development on content, pedagogy and effectiveness

    • Real-time feedback to help design and/or modify lessons

    • Teachers reported fewer behavioral problems; students spent more time working through problems, and were able to realize corrections more quickly

    • Administrative support

Paula haney director of secondary mathematics kristen san juan

Most Rewarding Outcomes MathForward

  • Students have confidence in their ability to master mathematics

  • Our hope is that this results in greater academic achievement, better preparation for college, work and life

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned MathForward


  • Expand within districts and geographically under conditions that have made program a success


  • Build internal sustainability within education staff


  • 8 Components lead to coherent program that lead to success


  • Research continues to guide the direction

Contact information
Contact Information MathForward

  • Paula Haney –

    • Director of Secondary Mathematics, Richardson ISD

    • Email:

  • Kristen San Juan –

    • MathForward Implementation Specialist, Richardson ISD

    • Email:

  • Texas Instruments –

    • Email:

    • Website: and complete a contact form