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MODIS Science Team Meeting. Paula S. Bontempi MODIS Program Scientist Earth-Sun System Division Science Mission Directorate National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 22 March 2005. Science Mission Directorate. Associate Administrator (AA). A. Diaz. Deputy AA. Councils

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Presentation Transcript
Modis science team meeting

MODIS Science Team Meeting

Paula S. Bontempi

MODIS Program Scientist

Earth-Sun System Division

Science Mission Directorate

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

22 March 2005

Science mission directorate
Science Mission Directorate

Associate Administrator (AA)

A. Diaz

Deputy AA

  • Councils

  • Leadership Council

  • Science Management Council

  • Program Management Council

  • Operations Council

G. Asrar

Deputy AA

For Programs

Deputy AA

For Management

AAA/Strategy, Policy & Int’l



AAA/Exploration Mission Int.

Sr. Policy Advisor

A. McNally

O. Figueroa

Education Officer

Mission Support


Management Office

Administrative Processes

R. Parker

C. Sorrels







M. Cleave (act.)

A. Dantzler (act.)

A. Kinney

Mission Enabling



Mission & Systems Management

NASA Centers

R. Maizel

M. Luther




C. Elachi

E. Weiler

S. Hubbard

Earth sun system division
Earth-Sun System Division

Earth-Sun System

Director: Mary Cleave (Act.)

Deputy: Richard Fisher

Flight Programs

Applied Sciences

Research Sciences

Director: Charles Gay

Deputy: Ted Hammer

Director: Jack Kaye

Deputies: Lucia Tsaoussi

& Bill Wagner

Director: Ron Birk

Deputy: Martin Frederick

Proposed new advisory committee structure
Proposed New Advisory Committee Structure

NASA Science Advisory Committee (SAC)

Solar System Subcommittee (SSS)

Universe Subcommittee (US)

Earth-Sun System Subcommittee (ESSS)

SMD and NSAC may wish to establish ad hoc task groups in cross-cutting areas; these will report to NASA via the NSAC

What s new fy05 budget
What’s New/FY05 Budget

  • Earmarks, Exploration Vision

  • Mission Science Team Reductions

  • Originally:

    • Terra, Aqua Science Data Analysis – 5%

    • Terra, Aqua Algorithm Refinement – 7.5%

    • MODIS Team Lead – 12.5%

  • Solution: savings from incremental funding (FY07 installment, ROSES impact)

  • FY06 requested vs. enacted budget

Mission extension senior review process
Mission Extension/Senior Review Process

  • Effort lead by Chuck Holmes at NASA HQ

  • Mimics former Space Science process for extending missions beyond the prime life

  • 2-year cycle

  • Proposal submitted by 16 March 2005

  • Up for review:


  • Review by Panel of Peers – outside NASA

  • 25-26 April 2005

  • Mission Operations and Calibration and Validation

Modis team meeting in july 2004 the challenge
MODIS Team Meeting in July 2004: The Challenge

Reap the full scientific benefits of MODIS, Terra, Aqua, & EOS

  • Make/keep existing data products the best they can be

  • Develop new data products to enable important, new scientific and applied uses

  • Utilize MODIS (and Terra, EOS) data products to create new scientific understanding of planet Earth and how it is changing – and new applications of this knowledge for decision support

Outcome of the challenge
Outcome of the Challenge

The Continuity and Evolution of Earth System Science

  • How does MODIS fit into a changing world?

  • NASA Mission: understand and protect our home planet

  • NASA is in the process of transforming itself to implement the President’s Exploration Vision

  • Strategic Roadmapping Effort taking place

    • SRM-9 – Earth Science

  • Earth Science is changing from mission science teams to measurement-oriented science teams (CDRs)

    • Oceans up and running, land in development, atmosphere status

  • Modeling and Analysis Program (Don Anderson)

  • Development of and Linkage to Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) – land, ocean, atm

  • U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy/National Academy of Sciences – R2O

Issues for modis team
Issues for MODIS Team

  • More interdisciplinary algorithm development approaches; share expertise

  • Certain algorithm developers and validation investigators should address important deficiencies in key data products (e.g., cloud mask, atmospheric correction)

  • Algorithm developers need to represent broader community needs by working with them

  • Algorithm refinement PIs need to provide compelling justification for the importance/utility of the algorithm improvements and/or new data products

  • MODIS Land, Ocean, & Atmosphere Groups work interactions across the team

New eos data review needed
New EOS Data Review Needed

We need:

  • A plan for review of ATBDs for the new and alternative EOS algorithms – after 2-3 years

    • Assess quality and importance of data product suites (and their components)

    • Prioritize EOS data products relative to each other and relative to other needs of the community they serve

    • Recommend changes, improvements, level of service by data systems and archives

    • Must involve community

    • Must take into account NASA (or other) resources / program components required to support the products; involve data system and archive management, NASA HQ Focus Area Leads (program/project managers)

    • Suggestions Welcome

Measurement teams
Measurement Teams

Continuing/evolving measurement streams, there will be one science team, competed periodically, that provides scientific guidance to present and future missions and for the utilization of past data sets

  • Support and focus on Climate Data Records

  • One data system to ensure a “seamless” time series

  • Scientific guidance and priorities must represent broad user community

  • CDR Session tomorrow – L. Tsaoussi (HQ) – Earth Science Data Records

From mission to measurement teams
From Mission to Measurement Teams

  • Ocean Team has already begun this change

  • “Land” (Vegetation?) is poised to begin

    • One or several measurements, what ones

    • Spatial resolutions: moderate (1 km) and high (30 m)

    • Surface hydrological and geological measurements?

  • Atmosphere Team status?

Modis team meeting march 2005
MODIS Team Meeting – March 2005

  • Update on “new” team (PI) progress, integration

    • Algorithm Refinement and Validation

    • Science Data Analysis Results

  • Issues encountered

    • Oceans – data processing, cal/val, annual reviews, meas. team (PI) progress, future planning

    • Land – measurement team spin-up (CDRs, ESDRs), instrument update, prod. distribution/archive, future planning

    • Atmosphere – calibration, cloud radiative properties, future planning, aerosols, DB, interdisc. science, atm. correction

    • MCST – Session Tuesday evening – land/ocean/atm, cal/val, striping, earthshine, cross-sensor calibration