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Confoscan Images to Follow

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Confoscan Images to Follow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Confoscan Images to Follow. MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION.

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microscopic examination
  • Two H & E, two PAS, one B & B, one GMS, one Alcian blue, one Masson Trichrome and one Congo red stained slides are examined. Sections through the specimen show a piece of cornea with a variably thickened epithelium. There is subepithelial fibrosis with Bowman’s layer appearing disrupted; fragments of which are seen in the stroma. The stroma also shows red-staining material on Masson’s Trichrome. A few lymphocytes and plasma cells are also noted. Congo red and Alcian blue stains are negative. B & B and GMS stains are negative for any organisms associated with infectious crystalline keratopathy. PAS stain confirms the above findings.

Thickened epithelium

Fragments of Bowman’s





Red-staining material on

Masson’s Trichrome

congo red and alcian blue stains are negative b b and gms stains are negative for any organisms
Congo red and Alcian blue stains are negative. B & B and GMS stains are negative for any organisms.


B & B

Congo red

Alcian blue


1) Subepithelial fibrosis.

2) Red-staining stromal deposits on Masson’s Trichrome.

Corneal epithelium, keratocytes, and endothelium should stain red; however, the most common stromal material which stains this way is hyaline. If a different material is suspected one could consider further studies.