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Global Injustice PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Injustice

Global Injustice

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Global Injustice

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  1. Global Injustice Gay people Hendrix Kevin Ace

  2. People use the word “gay” often and they think its funny. example: “If you like the color pink your gay”. • “gay” is not a funny word. The gay people get offended if you use the word gay for no reason or you think its funny.

  3. News 6 Iraqi gay people were killed by machine guns in Sader city in April 2009, after 4 other executions in March in the last few weeks, 25 boys and men are reported to have been killed in Baghdad because they were, or were perceived to be, gay. Three corpses of gay men were found in the Shia area of Sadr City last week – two of which were reported to have had pieces of paper bearing the word “pervert” attached to them.

  4. Information Other gay people wanted to be a girl so they go through a process called “sex-transplant. Others wanted to stay the same. Some places celebrate or make up a parade full of gay people marching in the street and people will laugh at them. In Philippines I watched a pageant called “Miss gay”. What they did there is they asked a bunch of gay people to join and they competed for the money.

  5. Information There are some gay people dating men here and other places. Almost all the gay people are discriminated because of their unusual appearance like this guy.

  6. Information In other places gay people were killed.

  7. How gay people are offended • Other people make fun of them because there different. • Using the word “gay” because you think its funny. • Don’t treat them differently because they like the same gender. • If you act “gay” and making fun of them.

  8. INFORMATION • Gay marriage has been legal since 2005 in Canada . • No one should “butt” into their love life. Let them like who they want to like. • They shouldn’t be treated badly because of there gender and appearance.

  9. Gay people massacred

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  11. TAPOS !!! THE END !!! AH-UHM !!!