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The Potato

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The Potato. Potato Points: Comes from Native American culture O riginates from the Taíno word, batata , or what we know as the sweet potato The Incas in South America grew more than 3,000 kinds of potatoes and even figured out a way to freeze-dry them

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Potato Points:
  • Comes from Native American culture
  • Originates from the Taíno word, batata, or what we know as the sweet potato
        • The Incas in South America grew more than 3,000 kinds of potatoes and even figured out a way to freeze-dry them
          • The freeze-dried potatoes could be stored up to 5 years.
        • Just one acre of potatoes produces twice as many calories as one acre of wheat, requires less labor to take care of, less prone to damage from storms, and produces less tooth decay.
  • When introduced to Europe it resulted in a population boom
        • In Ireland, during the 1800s, 7 out of every 8 people on the island were poor. Most had little land and as a result the Irish relied on the potato as a cheap and nutritious form of food.
  • However, starting in 1845 they began to notice the arrival of blight. It turned the potatoes black, gooey, and bad smelling. This blight affected only the potatoes and nothing else.
  • A policy by which a nation keeps its control over foreign dependent countries. This is usually done to control a country’s resources – whether that be labor, minerals, agriculture, etc.
  • Extreme scarcity of food, usually resulting in extreme hunger and hunger-related illness and death
  • Plant disease (in this case a potato plant disease) causing the plant to wilt and die.
  • Owner of the land or a housing unit. Usually they lease or rent land to others
tenant farmer
Tenant Farmer
  • One who farms land owned by another and pays in rent or in kind. “In kind” payment means paying with services (like labor) or goods (like a pig or corn)
  • A written statement charging or accusing someone of a wrong doing
defense legal terms
Defense (Legal Terms)
  • Defending a cause or oneself by using a speech and/or argument that states innocence. Often it results in re-directing the blame on someone or something else
  • One who carries out legal action against another, for a crime, in the name of the government
  • The person against whom a lawsuit is filed