the history of logan high school athletics n.
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The History of Logan High School Athletics PowerPoint Presentation
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The History of Logan High School Athletics

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The History of Logan High School Athletics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of Logan High School Athletics.

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The History of Logan High School Athletics

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the history of logan high school athletics
The History of Logan High School Athletics
  • Logan High School went back to the civil war period to find a name for the mascot. Devil Anse Hatfield formed a militia group . As recalled by one of the original soldiers, the men were such ferocious fighters that they were called the fighting Logan Wildcats. Therefore, the school adopted the name "Wildcats".
well known college athletes from logan high school

Randy Atkins

Brandon Chambers

John Ryan Steele

Ryan Star

Lance Haught

Jared Willis

Eric Wooten

Taylor Krause

Lou Green

Pat Robinette

John David Brammer

Chad Akers

Kevin Gertz

Roger Gertz

Jimmy Willis

Alex Perry

Kevin Bates

Greg Keaton

Bill Wooten

Steve Adams

Well known College athletes from Logan high school
Football, Basketball, tennis, Golf, Softball
  • Greg Bartam
  • Ross Scaggs
  • Mike Stone
  • YasperParvey
  • Anthony Perrin
  • Cornelious Godfrey
  • Gary Mullins
  • Micheal Owens
  • Josh Fry
  • Matt Meeks
  • BubGodby
  • Mike Veres
  • Darby Mullen
  • Charlie Small
  • Kim Darby
  • Anitra Kelly
  • Zack Green
  • Vick Herbert
  • Alex Nagy
  • Ron Gaiter
  • Willie Coleman
  • Mark Hatcher
  • James Davis
  • Kenny Ross
  • Kenny Collins
  • Joey Cherico
  • Wes White
state championship history
State Championship History
  • Tennis- 2003
  • Softball-1986,2001,


  • Baseball- 1984,1994,


  • Basketball- 1964,1977,


  • Playoff appearances – 1990, 2005,2007
  • Baseball State Championships - 1984,1994,


  • Two State Championship Runner-ups
  • State Championships - 1964,1977,


  • 56 Sectional wins
  • 28 Regional Wins
  • 6 State Championship Runner-ups
  • One State Championship in 2003
  • Number one seed Doubles runner-up – 2006-2007
town support old to new
Town Support – Old to new
  • Closed down Stores
  • Sold out games
  • Central/East Rivalry
  • Pep rallies
  • In School Games
  • Fan support
  • Injuries
  • School spirit
  • More versatile athletes
  • Faster game speed
  • Bigger Student/athletes
  • Less school enrollment
  • Switching divisions AA-AAA
  • Less injuries
  • Weight Lifting
interview questions and answers

What is the difference in Town support from your high school experience to the present time? “ From my high school experience, it seems as if the students and faculty were banded together and seemed to care about the town as well.”

  • Is there a difference in athletic ability? “ Athletic ability, no, but the skill set and ability to play the game, of course!”
                  • Interview with Mike Stone
Interview Questions and Answers

Is it more difficult to earn a college athletic scholarship? “ Undoubtedly, there are so many talented athletes in today's society, and each of them are fighting for a spot on a high-end college team.”

  • In Your time playing sports at Logan high, were the coaches and staff more focused on academics or athletics? “ To be honest, athletics were our main focus, but it now seems as if it’s been balanced with academics.”
                  • Interview with Mike Stone

How has the coaching style changed? “ In a way, yes and no. The game is more thoroughly studied, and now a days, each player is individually critiqued by a good coach.”

  • What is the difference in old and new athletic Facilities? “ Well in 1970 our gym was just as high-tech as any other playing field , and as long as we keep getting updated, then you can play the game just the same as on a black top court.”
                  • Interview with Mike Stone

Explain the new age definition of a “Student-Athlete”. “ A student athlete should be a role model for all kids these days especially. They show well-rounded skills, if used correctly, and can put the skills that were learned in athletics to the jobs of the real world.”

                  • Interview with Mike Stone