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Let’s Build a Relationship. Grant Proposal Preparation. 5 GOALS 60 MINUTES. Goal 1: Meet Future Collaborators (one sentence) Goal 2: Review Numerous Grant Opportunities Goal 3: Discuss The Think Tank as cool as it sounds

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Let s build a relationship

Let’s Build a Relationship

Grant Proposal Preparation



Goal 1: Meet Future Collaborators (one sentence)

Goal 2: Review Numerous Grant Opportunities

Goal 3: Discuss The Think Tank as cool as it sounds

Goal 4: Review the Grant Process – online, site visit, report

Goal 5: Fundraise on Legacy’s website

How can we help you

The Right Grant at the Right Time


How can we help you1

The Right Grant at the Right Time

Lake County

a home to informed & engaged citizens who thrive in the region where they live, work & play.


Your Nonprofit Mentor and Resource Center

Through the Think Tank, Legacy staff act as mentors and resource providers to assist you with problem solving and to enhance your ability to deliver quality services to our community.

Meeting Required before submitting a grant application to Legacy Foundation

For More Information email [email protected]

Grant application implementation process

March 1, 2013 Application DueApril 15, 2013 Notification of Application Status~ Sept. 1 2013 Questionnaire & Site VisitApril 15, 2014 Final Report DueSept. 1, 2013 Application DueOct. 15, 2013 Notification of Application Status~Mar. 1 2014 Questionnaire & Site VisitOct. 15, 2014 Final Report DueNOTE: Capacity Building and Informed & Engaged Community grants are considered on a rolling basis.

Grant Application &

Implementation Process

Narrative Samples

NEED: Lake County families are struggling to make ends meet.

ACTIVITIES: Our organization provides food to families each week, we need funds to purchase food.

EVALUATE: We will evaluate our program by how many families receive food each week.

FUNDING: We hope to attract new donors as the community hears about what we do.

NEED: Right now, 1 in 4 American children go to sleep hungry, thousands of those children are located in Lake County. In the past two years, our clients have increased from an average of 20 clients per week to 50 clients, this means we have the same amount of money we had for 20 clients but many more clients in need.

ACTIVITIES: At our organization, we help families gain access to nutritious food by providing 20 pounds of groceries each week to 50 families and hosting classes on nutrition taught by IUN nursing students.

EVALUATION: We will evaluate our program by determining how many weeks each family needs food assistance from us and see if the number of weeks decreases over time as we work with them to access government assistance for food stamps, housing, and employment.

FUNDING: We have asked Legacy Foundation, United Way, and the Northwest Indiana Food Bank to work with us to ensure Lake County families have food. We are also sending a letter requesting support from individuals who volunteer with or donate to us.

LOGIC MODEL – Relating Program Activities to Community Impact

Organization Name

Measurable outputs

State the projected amount of activities you will accomplish.

  • Example: 20 SAT prep classes over 4 weeks

  • Example: 40 one on one college counseling sessions – one with each participant

  • Example: students increase practice test scores by 10%

Short-term outcomes

(Years 1-3)

What is going to change for activity participants or clients because you accomplished the planned activities.

  • Example: students increase understand the path to college (ask questions before program begins to see what measure what they know at the start and end of the program)

  • Example: students apply to colleges increase by a certain percentage

  • Example: number of program participants attending college increases by a specific percent .

Long-term outcomes

(Years 4-6)

How is the community going to change because individuals are participating in activities.

  • Example: high school test scores improve as enrollment in program increases

  • Example: high school student enrollment increases as students see their peers succeed


Briefly explain what you will do with the resources to meet your program goals.

  • SAT prep classes

  • one on one college counseling sessions

  • Practice SAT before class begins

  • Practice SAT when classes conclude

Resources (Inputs)

List the human, financial, organizational, and community resources and partnerships needed o operate your program.


  • Example: 1 college exam prep teacher

  • Example: 100 SAT prep books

  • Example: Classroom space

    Partners/ Collaborators:

Program Goals (Impact):

How will the Lake County community change because of this program/project.

Example: Lake County students graduate high school and attend college in record numbers.



Name the organizations and individuals requesting status reports for the project (funders, fiscal agent, board)

Grant Site Visit & Reporting

As important as the grant.

Be honest, not every project is a glowing success but we learn from it and we improve. Just explain that.

Done Well: The best way to build your reputation with the community foundation.

Forgotten or Done Poorly: The best way to jeopardize your next grant.

Grant Site Visit & Reporting

Organization Name

Grant Number

Report Date

Amount Spent – itemized and totaled expenses as outlined in the Grant Implementation Guide.

Logic Model with actual rather than projected outputs and short term outcomes.

Explanation of successes and challenges did you encounter with the implementation of this grant? How did they strengthen your organization?

Quote, testimonial, and/or photo (only if you have a signed waiver for photographed on file) if you would like Legacy Foundation to highlight your organization in our communications.

Please attach samples of publicity or press coverage for the grant, hyperlinks are accepted in lieu of paper copies of coverage.

How does Legacy Foundation do a good job of supporting your organization?

How can Legacy Foundation better support your organization?

Does your organization utilize Legacy Foundation – Give in Lake County online fundraising platform? YES or NO

Next Steps

  • Complete the session evaluation at

  • Create a timeline for writing and submitting the grant so that you do not miss the deadline

  • Reach out to Legacy Foundation staff for assistance at 219-736-1880 or [email protected]