eucharistic presence n.
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Eucharistic Presence:. Catholic and Reformed. Roman Catholic: Council of Trent. "this is my body ... this is my blood" (Western focus on words of institution). transubstantiation: "that wonderful and singular conversion of the whole substance". Martin Luther.

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eucharistic presence

Eucharistic Presence:

Catholic and Reformed


Roman Catholic: Council of Trent

"this is my body ... this is my blood"

(Western focus on words of institution)


"that wonderful and singular conversion of the whole substance"


Martin Luther

"this is my body ... this is my blood"

presence of Christ "in, with, and under" bread and wine

like fire and iron: "so mingled that every part is both iron and fire"

sometimes called "consubstantiation"(not Luther's terminology)


Ulrich Zwingli

"the word 'IS' is not to be taken literally"

eucharist as memorial and token of belief

Christ's presence localized in heaven



John Calvin

Christ's presence localized in heaven, but reaching to us to become our food

"the Spirit truly unites things separated in space"

spiritual presence of Christ in the meal, not in the elements themselves