Our Quality Improvement Plan
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Our Quality Improvement Plan. Starting a conversation with you. Our Quality Improvement Plan. Our Quality Improvement Plan is one of many tools we use to ensure we provide the highest quality care for our patients and their families. What we aim for.

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Our Quality Improvement Plan

Starting a conversation with you

Our Quality Improvement Plan

Our Quality Improvement Plan is one of many tools we use to ensure we provide the highest quality care for our patients and their families.

What we aim for
What we aim for

  • Each year, Sunnybrook’s Quality Improvement Plan has a number of different objectives that we strive to achieve.

  • For 2014/15, we have prioritized 13 objectives that address safety, efficiency, effectiveness, access and integration (see below). For more information, visit our Quality Improvement Plan:

We would like your input
We would like your input

At Sunnybrook, we believe in listening to patients and families about their experience with the hospital. We want to work together to make improvements.

We are seeking your input and suggestions on three of our quality objectives:

  • Preventing falls

  • Patient mobility

  • Patient satisfaction

We would like your input

Preventing falls
Preventing falls

  • A fall can have serious consequences, in particular for our frailest patients.

  • Sunnybrook is working to reduce the risk of falls and any resulting injuries by:

    • Assessing patients’ falls risk

  • Providing mobility assistance, and

  • Providing patients with information regarding safe mobility practices, ways to improve their mobility, use of mobility aids and medication review when applicable

Your input on p reventing falls
Your input on preventing falls

Do you have other ideas about how we can help to prevent falls in the hospital?

Getting our patients m oving
Getting our patients moving

  • In the hospital, patients who stay active often recover more quickly and are able to return home faster. This is especially important for our older patients.

  • At Sunnybrook, our mobility initiatives include:

    • Sharing information on the importance of staying active

    • Supporting patients to keep moving while in hospital

    • Discussing patients’ mobility on a daily basis

    • Sharing information on a patient’s mobility progress so that staff, patients and families can be informed

Your input on getting our patients m oving
Your input on getting our patients moving

  • What are some ways we can best share information with patients and their families about the importance of staying active while in the hospital?

  • Do you have any other ideas for how we can enable patients to stay active while in the hospital?

Improving patient s atisfaction by enhancing communication
Improving Patient Satisfaction by enhancing communication

  • Patients in the hospital encounter many different care providers. We know that all hospital staff impact a patient’s experience here.

  • The hospital expects all staff to:

    • Introduce themselves

      • Explain their role and how they will work together with the patient

      • Ask each patient what is important to them and

      • Share and act upon that information with the health care team

Your input on enhancing c ommunication
Your input on enhancing communication

  • Do you have any other ideas about how Sunnybrook staff and patients and families can enhance their communication with each other?

Final comments
Final Comments

  • In the future, how can we keep you better informed about our quality improvement work at Sunnybrook?

  • Please feel free to provide any other comments.

  • Submit your comments below or email us directly at [email protected]

  • You can also learn more at www.sunnybrook.ca/quality

    Thank you for your interest in Sunnybrook’s Quality Improvement Plan.