annual review meeting of sc activities october 4 2009 toronto n.
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Annual Review Meeting of SC activities October 4, 2009 Toronto

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Annual Review Meeting of SC activities October 4, 2009 Toronto - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual Review Meeting of SC activities October 4, 2009 Toronto. Study Committee C4 System Technical Performance Danielle McNabb, Hydro-Québec -TransÉnergie. C4 System Technical Performance. SC C4 Annual 2009 Meeting: Held in Kuschiro Japan, June 12th, 2009 Revised scope:

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annual review meeting of sc activities october 4 2009 toronto

Annual Review Meeting of SC activitiesOctober 4, 2009Toronto

Study Committee C4 System Technical Performance

Danielle McNabb, Hydro-Québec -TransÉnergie

c4 system technical performance
C4 System Technical Performance
  • SC C4 Annual 2009 Meeting:
    • Held in Kuschiro Japan, June 12th, 2009
  • Revised scope:

SC C4 is responsible for methods and tools for analysis related to power systems, with particular reference to dynamic and transient conditions and to the interaction between the power system and its apparatus/sub-systems, between the power system and external causes of stress and between the power system and other installations. Specific issues related to the design and manufacturing of components and apparatus are not in the scope of SC C4, apart from those cases in which component/apparatus/subsystem behavior depends on, or significantly interacts with, the performance of the nearby power system.

sc subject area
SC Subject Area:
  • Power Quality →PQ contracting; Reliability improvement assessment; Sustainable technical performance – measures and reporting.
  • EMC/EMI → Influence of power installations on other installations; The ELF magnetic fields: characteristics and mitigation methods; EM vulnerability.
  • Insulation coordination → Critical review of existing practice; UHV systems; Oil filled transformers; Fast transients: interaction between system and transformers.
  • Lightning → Critical review of lightning parameter; statistics; attachment process; correlation between lightning and voltage dips; protection of wind generators
  • “Transversal” subjects → Advanced theories/tools for surge propagation studies and for dynamic performance assessment.
  • Power systems dynamic performance models and analysis →Tools for power balancing assessments; Risk-based security assessment .
c4 system technical performance ag s
C4 System Technical Performance :AG’s

Chairman C. A. Nucci (IT)

AG C4.5 "Transversal subjects"M.T. Correia de Barros3WGs

Secr. P. Pourbeik (USA)

  • AG C4.2
  • ____
  • J. Hoeffelman (BE)
  • _____
  • 3 WGs
  • AG C4.1
  • Power Quality
  • ____
  • R. Koch (SA)
  • ________
  • 6 WGs
  • 3 TFs
  • AG C4.3
  • Insulation coordination
  • ____
  • C. Neumann (DE)
  • ____________
  • 4 WGs
  • AG C4.4
  • Lightning
  • ____
  • M. Ishii (JP)
  • __________
  • 5 WGs
  • AG C4.6
  • Power System Security Assessment
  • ____
  • K. Uhlen (NO)
  • ________
  • 2 WG
  • 4 TF
c4 current activities
C4 – Current Activities
  • 26 active Working Bodies:
    • 23 WGs:
      • six on Power Quality,
      • three on EMC/EMI
      • four on Insulation Coordination,
      • five on Lightning,
      • three on "Transversal Subjects",
      • two on Power System Security,
  • 1 is a joint WG with SC A2 on insulation coordination issues (JWG A2/C4.309)
  • In addition to the Six Advisory Groups
ag c4 1 power quality
AG C4.1 Power Quality

Work to start

in 2010


  • - Temporary Over-voltages
  • - Power Quality improvement programs
  • System PQ performance measurement and assessment
  • No new TOR in 2009 to complete work in progress

105 Benchmarking PQ Perform. Trans. syst.. (M. McGranaghan)

107 Economic Framework (J.L. Gutierrez Iglesias)


108 Review of Flicker Objectives (M. Halpin) 2nd draft


109 Emission Assessment Meth. (E. De Jaeger) Draft 5


Canadian member

  • Voltage Dip Equip. Immunity (M. Bollen) completed
  • ►Not progressing
  • ►Progressing according to schedule
  • ►Work completed – to be disbanded


ag c4 1 power quality1
AG C4.1 - Power Quality


JWG C4.105: “Guidelines for benchmarking technical performances in transmission systems” WG not progressing

JWG C4.107:“Economic Framework for PQ”

2 CIRED Papers (May 2007) Expected completion date - Dec 2009.

TF C4.108: CIGRE report “Review of flicker objectives in EHV/HV/MV&LV systems” 2st draft completed, meeting held with C4.109 CIRED paper 2009

JTF C4.109: CIGRE report “ Emission Assessment Techniques for Harmonics, Flicker, and Unbalance” Drafts Version 5 of Harmonics and Flicker, Unbalance to be Developed, CIRED paper June 2009

WG C4.110: CIGRE report “Dip immunity of equipment in Installations”

7 conference publications, Work completed, CIGRE report will be available on CIGRE website

ag c4 2 emc emf


TF C4.203

ELF field measurement techniques

(F. Deschamps)


JWG C4.202

EMC with communication circuits, LV systems and metallic structures

(L.E. Juhlin)

TF C4.204

Magnetic Field Mitigation Techniques

(E. Salinas)




WG C4.207 EMC of com. circuits, low voltage

systems and metallic structures in the vicinity of power systems(D. Thomas (UK)

WG C4.206 Protection of Control electronics against intentional Electromagnetic interference (W. Radasky USA)


WG C4.208 EMC requirements and solutions for HV substations (W.H. Siew (UK)

ag c4 2 emc
AG C4.2 - EMC

Deliverables :

WG C4.202 :

Guide for “Measurement of Radio frequency Interference from HV and MV substations” published (2009) WG disbanded

WG C4.203 :

Guide for “Measurement of low frequency electric and magnetic fields near overhead power lines” approved and published (April 2009) WG disbanded

WG C4.204 :

Guide for “Mitigating Techniques of Power Frequency magnetic Fields originating from Electric Power Systems” approved and published (Feb 2009) WG disbanded

ag c4 3 insulation coordination
AG C4.3 Insulation Coordination



WG C4.301

Procedures for station and OHL insulation coordination

(A. Xémard)

WG C4.306

Insulation Coordination for UHV AC Systems

(Eiichi Zaima, JP)


WG C4.302

Insulation Coordination related to internal insulation SF6 & N2/SF6 GIS

(G. Muhr) To be disbanded

New WG A2-C4.307

Resonance and Ferroresonancein Power Networks

and Transformer Energization Studies

Foreseen convener: L. Kocis (CS)


WG C4.303

Pollution and Environmental Influences on Electrical Performance of systems

(C. Engelbretch, Nl)


JWG A2-C4.39

Electrical Transient Interaction between Transformers and the Power System

(A. da Costa oliveira Rocha)

ag c4 3 insulation coordination1
AG C4.3 - Insulation Coordination

Deliverables :

WG C4.301 :

  • Application guide for line arresters, Final version availlable

WG C4.302 :

  • Paper published in 2008: Insulation coordination in SF6 and N2/SF6

WG C4.303 :

  • Brochure “Outdoor Insulation in Polluted Conditions : Guidelines for selection and dimensioning- Part 1 General Principles and AC case“Just published and can be downloaded from CIGRE website
  • Brochure part 2: DC case - Paper in progress

WG C4.307

  • Study of resonance and ferro-resonance. Draft under preparation, started under WG.301. Was transferred to new WG, TOR circulated.
ag c4 4 lightning
AG C4.4 Lightning

TF C4.406

Performance of grounding electrodes for lightning currents

(S. Visacro) Disbanded

WG C4.401


(C.A. Nucci) Disbanded


WG C4.407

Lightning Parameters for Engineering Applications

(V.A. Rakov)

JWG C4.402/Cired 05

Protection of MV and LV networks against lightning

(F. Rachidi) Disbanded


WG C4.408

Lightning Protection of

Low-Voltage Networks

(A.Piantini, Brazil)


WG C4.404

Lightning Location System Data for Engineering Applications

(G. Diendorfer& H. Torres)


WG C4.409

Lightning Protection of


Turbine Blades

(S. Yokoyama, Japan)

TF C4.405

Lightning interception

(V. Cooray & T. Shindo)

ag c4 4 lightning1
AG C4.4 - Lightning

Deliverables :

WG C4.401: “Lightning-Induced Voltages on Overhead Power Lines – Part IV “Application of theory to distributed lines” completed

WG C4.402: Protection of MV and LV networks against Lightning – Part 2 completed.

WG C4.404: Report: Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Parameters Derived from Detection Systems – The effects of System Performance”. Comprehensive publication with 168 references

WG C4.405: Lightning Interception – Survey on literature - Report under preparation, Document on ESE devices Report under preparation

WG C4.406: Electra paper on “Performance of Transmission Lines Grounding Electrodes for Lightning Currents” in print

WG C4.407: Lightning Parameters for Engineering Applications

WG C4.408: Protection against Lightning of LV networks – Kick off meeting in Curitiba Brazil in Nov. 2009

WG C4.408: Protection against Lightning of Wind Turbine Blades – Kick off in Kushiro June 2009, next meeting in Curitiba Brazil in Nov. 2009

ag c4 5 transversal subjects
AG C4.5 "Transversal subjects"



JWG C4.503

Lightning performance of overhead lines (45 - 700 kV)

Convener: M.T. Correia de Barros (Portugal)

WG C4.501

Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis Method and Its Application to Surge Phenomena(Akihiro Ametani, Jp)



JWG C4.502

Power System Technical Performance issues Related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

(W. Wiechowski, Dk)

JWG C4.504

Numerical techniques for the computation of power systems, from steady-state to switching transients

(J. Mahseradjian, Ca)

TOR for approval

ag c4 5 transversal subjects1
AG C4.5 "Transversal subjects"

Future work of new WG C4.503

  • Lightning performance of overhead lines (45 - 700 kV)
    • Convener: M.T. Correia de Barros (Portugal)
      • Objective: update CIGRÉ Monograph 63 (*) (dated October 1991)


ag c4 6 power systems dynamic performance models and analysis
AG C4.6 Power Systems Dynamic Performance Models and Analysis



WG C4.604

Modeling and aggregation of loads in flexible power networks

(J. V. Milanović, UK)

WG C4.601

Power systems security

assessment (2004-20080




WG C4.603

Analytical Techniques and Tools for Power Balancing Assessments

(K. Ulhen, Nw)

Joint WG B4/C4

Extended use of DCImpact of HVDC Transmission

Embedded in an AC Network. (Convener not decided)

ag c4 6 power system security assess nt
AG C4.6 Power System Security Assessnt.

Deliverables: in the last 2 years

  • "Modeling and Dynamic Performance of Wind Generation as it Relates to Bulk Power System Control and Dynamic Performance”, by WG C4.601.
  • "Wide-Area Monitoring and Control for Transmission Capability Enhancement”, by WG C4.601.
  • "On-Line Power system Security Assessment Tools and Techniques: Application of Intelligent Technologies”, by WG C4.601.
  • "Coordinated Voltage Control in Transmission Networks", by TF C4.602.
  • "Review of potential tools and techniques for risk based and probabilistic planning in power systems”, by WG C4.601 – To be published 2009
sc c4 system technical performance
SC C4 System Technical Performance
  • Preferential Broad Subjects 2010
      • EMC/EMF and Power Quality for future networks – compatibility requirements, assessment techniques/tools and technical performance improvement programs;
      • Advances in Insulation coordination and Lightning knowledge for improved performance of EHV-UHV power systems;
      • Advanced techniques and Tools for Power balancing assessments and Risk-based security assessment
  • Next SC4 meetings:
    • Sept. 2010 in Paris.
    • Prospective for 2011 SC4 meeting - Recife Brazil