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  1. European Content for the Global networksINFO 2000 and beyond Milano, 10-4-2000 Yvo Volman

  2. European Content for the Global Networks • Content in the EU: economic and social implications • INFO2000 what impact ? • The year 2000 and beyond Agenda

  3. The EU view on the Information Society The Prodi Commission • “The key to the future of our Continent is in the hands of hi-tech, knowledge-based industries, at the cutting edge of research.” • “Just think of the Internet. It can change the whole organisation of production, reducing stocks and creating virtual products.” • “Modern economies are increasingly knowledge-based, and this is an area where we have a competitive advantage at world level” Romano Prodi, European Parliament, 1999

  4. The emerging Information Society Which would you choose? Cost (US$) Time Air mail 7.40 5 days Courier 26.25 24 hours Fax 28.83 31 minutes E-mail 0.095 2 minutes From “either”… “or” to “and”… “and” Source: Northern River Ventures, quoted in ITU “Challenges to the Network: Telecoms and the Internet”, 1997

  5. Bertelsmann Multimedia Technical infrastructure Content creation and ownership Marketing and service capabilities 1995 2005 Advantages for technology-driven companies Advantages for content-driven companies Bertelsmann Multimedia Shift in Importance of Success Factors in the Multimedia Market

  6. The Economic Challenge What is the economic weight of content ? • Sheer size • €376 billion - or 5% of the EU GDP • 4 million employees • Growth rate • Can be up to 20% per year • Job creation engine: up to 1 million new jobs by 2005 • Indirect effects • driver and tradable good in e-commerce • pushes ICT goods and services demand

  7. The Social Implications Content fulfils important social functions • Skills • New needs for content creation • Improving workers employability • Culture • An underexploited asset • Language diversity • Equal access to the Information Society • Export opportunities • Wider implications • Healthcare, elderly, environment • Enlargement

  8. The marketplace A turbulent marketplace • Demand side: • Internet users • 275 million (February 2000, NUA, IE) • Mobile Telephony • 120 million mobile subscribers in the EU • Supply side, changing structures: • Convergence • Mergers and take-overs

  9. Europe versus US • Infrastructure: Europe’s multimedia structure lags behind, but Europe leads in mobile communication • Telecommunication costs: 5 times higher in EU than in US (source: Forrester Research, quoted by NUA internet services) • Content: Europe leads in professional information, but lags in entertainment • Users: Europe as a whole lags, but some European countries do very well

  10. Europe versus US Opportunities in Content • Rich content base • public sector information • World ranking players • Long publishing tradition • Chances in linguistic and cultural customisation but: • Lagging in electronic publishing

  11. The Content Industries Global market share: print publishing Global market share : Electronic publishing Are we losing this battle ?

  12. MLIS Content INFO2000 Scribe to Screen Media II audiovisual F P 5 1998-2002 TEN Telecom Telematics Applications Advanced Communication Services Information Technology Technology Research Development Validation Implementation Catalysing the transformation Encouraging Experimentation Growing emphasis on content

  13. Multimediacontent & tools Systems & Services for the citizen New methods of working & Electronic Commerce Essential technologies& infrastructure Essential technologies& infrastructure Future & emerging technologies Research networking The IST Programme Independent and interdependent

  14. INFO2000: Operational Impact Job creation • Multimedia Projects: • More than 50% have indicated that they have created jobs as a direct or indirect result of their respective projects • Job creation ranges from 0.5 to 15 persons per project, and up to 45 person years • Public Sector Information projects • Projects under way: 50% of the projects claim they will generate jobs

  15. How is INFO2000 perceived ? Multimedia Projects Survey

  16. INFO2000: from scribe to screen Strategic Impact: • Strategic Studies: • Strategic Developments for the European Publishing Industry towards the Year 2000 (1996) • Content and Commerce Driven Strategies in Global Networks (1998) • Green Paper on Public Sector Information: • Improving access to information throughout Europe • Facilitating exploitation of public sector content resources

  17. Green Paper published 20 January 1999Events throughout EuropeDiscussions with various institutionsNumerous replies

  18. European Content for the Global Networks • CONDRINET Study • INFO2000 Mid-term evaluation • “It is essential to instill a great sense of urgency and to give priority to initiatives that increase the pace of market development and penetration” • Informal consultation round with industry • “Having the content is a huge comparative advantage” • “Who will be able to capture the value of the customer relationships?” • “The window of opportunity is still open for new entrants” A continued dialogue with the real world

  19. Proposal follow-on INFO2000/MLIS Three Action lines • Supporting Europe wide investments: Access to capital for Internet start-ups • Expanding the information supply: Exploitation of Public Sector Information • Tailoring Information Content: Linguistic and Cultural customisation • Support Measures Applying / Tailoring available technology

  20. Access to Capital “Europe’s great weakness in the communications revolution has been a lack of bright young entrepreneurs and of venture capitalists to back them. The best way for Europe to exploit its lead is to start thinking of schools and universities as breeding-grounds not of more jobless youths but of new business start-ups” The Economist, October 23, 1999

  21. Access to capital The problem • Non-mature risk culture in Europe • Assets based • Severed links between industry and university • Problems for start-ups • Great regional differences in the EU • No cross-border fertilisation • For each 1€ of high-tech investment in the EU 14€ are invested in the US

  22. Exploitation of public sector information • Digital content is central to the Information Society development • Public sector information is a prime content resource: huge opportunities • Barriers at European level prevent improved access and better exploitation What’s at stake Government online: a real challenge for Europe

  23. Public Sector Information: extensive potential for exploitation

  24. Linguistic and cultural customisation Background • Towards a Barrier-free Information Society • overcome exclusion factors • Internet is increasingly Multilingual • 50% of online content in languages other than English • bi- and multi-lingual web sites becoming the norm • E-commmerce provides instant access toGlobal Markets • business must speak the language of the customer

  25. Barriers and Losses Perception of the business community Findings of the European Study "ELUCIDATE" (Leonardo programme)

  26. Preparatory actions for the year 2000 • 10 MEUR in 2000 • call for proposals April 2000 • Ensure political continuity • Enable focus on actual problems • Prepare ground for mainstream programme • Keep interest alive in the community Rationale